How To Remove Mold From Bathtub?

Let’s just face the fact that you don’t clean your bathtub at a regular interval if there is any mold in the bathtub. There is no way of growing mold in a clean and dry bathtub. Modern bathtubs are made that way so that the tub gets cleaned automatically and there is no water left after you are done bathing.

But that’s may not be the case for old bathtubs. There are some areas in the old bathtubs where it does not get drained completely. Besides, the porous grout may suck up excess moisture. Ultimately these two factors lead to the growth of mold, more specifically black mold.

Materials Required

How To Remove Mold From Bathtub?

You will be needing these following materials to apply this trick. So gather them first.

  • Bleach
  • Water
  • Plastic Brush
  • Hand Globes
  • Goggles

How To Remove Mold From Bathtub?

Now that you know why mold grows in the bathtub, the solution to fix the problem is very easy. There is nothing to worry much.

I will give you more than one solution to remove the mold and at the end, you will find an instructional video on how to remove the mold from your bathtub. For now, just follow the step by step guideline.

  1. Of course, we have to use some sort of cleaning agent, but very first you should dry up the mold affected area. So wipe the surface of your tub first.
  2. Now it’s time to decide which cleaning agent to use. If you have black mold in your bathtub (which is common), a simple bleach solution should do the trick. However, for other mold types, you may need other types of cleaning agents. I will talk about it later. But for now, let’s just talk about black mold and how you can remove it.
  3. To protect yourself from the deadly effect of the bleach solution, wear gloves and goggles. Make the bleach solution adding water to the bleach. Instead of adding water, some people recommend using ammonia. To just kill the black mold, will not only be overkill, but it will also be hazardous as well. So never ever mix bleach with ammonia.
  4.  Now start wiping the surface of your bathtub with the bleach solution.
  5. Make sure to wipe thoroughly the bathtub surface so that all the mold gets killed.
  6. Use the plastic brush to scrub the tub. When you are done scrubbing the bathtub, you can use the water to rinse down the tub so that all the bleach solution and mold are removed from the bathtub.
  7. Now visually inspect to check whether all the molds are removed.
  8. Lastly, you need to wait for at least 24 hours. But first, make sure to dry the tub completely and make sure no moisture can reinter. So after 24 hours, you will have a completely mold-free and disinfected bathtub.

Now watch the instructional video to learn some other methods as well:

A pretty nifty trick, huh? But the above method may not work for all depending on how old the mold is. So there is another solution to that. You will still be needing the bleach solution. However, you will apply it differently this time.

Get some cheap cotton coil. You can get it from any beauty supply store. Soak the cotton coil in the bleach and let it sits on the mold infected area for at least overnight. It will then have plenty of time to do the trick.

Next day, when you awake, just pull the cotton coil and you should have a clean bathtub that is completely mold-free.

Safety Precautions While Removing Mold From Tub

As I said earlier to wear gloves and goggles, but why is that? Touching the bleach or mold with your bare hands may get you infected or lead to itching. Wearing the goggle also protect your eyes that way.

While applying the bleach solution, make sure to keep the room open so that you have to inhale less bleach solution. Make sure to wear rubber soled shoes or boots so that you don’t slip or fall.

Also, don’t forget to remove the bathmat, curtains, towels or anything that belongs to your bathroom and you don’t want them to have white stained color. The bleach solution will do that if you don’t remove them first.

Also, be careful about what you wear during the cleaning, because the bleach will do the same to your dress as well. Better you do this wearing any dress you don’t care about. Lots of people reported to have awesome result applying this method when the mold seems impossible to remove.

What To Do After The Mold Is Removed?

Now that you have successfully removed the mold from your bathtub, you need to make sure that your tub remains that way. As I said above, if you don’t keep your tub clean, mold will naturally grow there. So, you have to clean the tub always. Experts recommending bleach cleaning the tub once every 3 months at least. To maintain the schedule.

Damp environment in the bathroom is also responsible. If there is always damp moisture then, you have to face the same problem again and again. So you need to take some preventive steps.

To prevent damp moisture in your bathroom, make sure your bathroom exhaust fan is working properly. If not, then repair it or buy a completely new bathroom fan. Only that way, your bathroom will always be moisture-free.

All the parts of your bathtub need to be perfectly sealed so that no mold can grow on the porous and organic surfaces of it. If there are any cracks or crevices in your tub, it will make a perfect surface for the mold to grow. So consider resealing your tub completely.

Wrapping It Up

Did you find it useful? I hope so. As you have seen above, removing mold from the bathtub is an easy task. But it is really a hard job to prevent them where you should focus really. It will make not just make your tub but for your bathroom as well as always healthy and mold-free.

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