DIY Home Project: How To Make Poo Pourri At Home?

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A new trend that is getting popularity day by day without your attention. Yes, I am talking about poo pourri. A more than perfect way to block the stinking odor of your flushing toilet even before it started.

I believe you already know what poo pourri can do. So, I am not gonna talk about it again. Rather, I will show you an easy way to make the poo pourri at home. I will add a video tutorial on it as well so that you don’t have any confusion about the process.

Items Required To Make Poo Pourri

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The best part about making poo pourri at home is that all the required items are readily available nearby you. So, collect the following items first:

  • A spray bottle.
  • A funnel.
  • Rubbing Alcohol.
  • Essential oil.
  • Distilled water.
  • Vegetable glycerin.

Directions To Make Poo Pourri

The process is simple once you have the required items, but you need to sure you have the right items. Without the right items, the formula won’t work like it should. I will talk more about the right items later. Until then, follow these steps:

  1. Pour the rubbing alcohol (around the ⅓ cup) into the spray bottle using the funnel. The size of the spray bottle should be around 4 oz.
  2. You need to add the vegetable glycerin now. Pour 2 tablespoon of such glycerin into the spray bottle.
  3. Now it’s time to add the main item – the essential oil. I will talk more about the essential oil later to get the best result. Add around 30 to 40 drops of the essential oil.
  4. As for the last part, shake the spray bottle vigorously. And you are done making your very own poo pourri at home.

As I promised before that I will include a video tutorial on it, here it is. Following the video instruction will get the right poo pourri!

Things To Consider Before Making Poo Pourri

As I said, the process is fairly simple. Just mix the essential oil with the rubbing alcohol. But if you want to have the true poo pourri that can actually block the traumatizing toilet odor, you need to learn more about the stuff requirements.

  • For the best result, do not use the tap water as it contains other chemical stuff. Only distilled water (which is so cheap) or bottled water is recommended.
  • If you want to have the original poo pourri scent, use the rubbing alcohol or vodka. It turns the liquid solution to something like milky substance which is the original look of the poo pourri. By the way, rubbing alcohol works as the stabilizer for the solution.
  • Don’t use synthetic blends essential oil produced in the labs. Only use the 100% natural essential oil which is widely available in the market at a very cheap cost. The scent should the choice of yours. Most people prefer lavender or peppermint.
  • The number of alcohol drops and glycerin is not a rocket science requirement. You can change the variation and find out which works best for you.
Last Words On Making Poo Pourri At Home

This is a fun DIY home project. You can buy the actual poo pourri at a very reasonable cost which I recommend personally. But knowing the tricks won’t hurt, right? So, buy it or make it does not matter, just make sure you block the stinky horrible odor!

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