How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

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Nobody likes a small bathroom. Everybody loves to have a big spacious bathroom. If you have a small bathroom don’t feel bad, you still have hopes!

Learning some tricks and implementing them wisely can give your small bathroom a bigger look. Here are the few tricks that you can follow.

How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Following all of them or only a few can make your small bathroom look bigger:

  1. The Same Color Tone: The floor, wall, and the ceiling should have the same color. I would personally recommend you the white color like so many experts in this area. Naturally white color makes any room to look bigger, especially the bathroom. It’s the tricks of our eyes and the color that plays the key role. Try to buy bathroom items like vanity, toilet, etc in white color as well.
  2. A Floating Vanity: If you need a bathroom vanity to store daily required necessary stuff, consider buying a floating one. Underneath the vanity, you can keep a lot of stuff as well. A floating vanity will surely make your small bathroom looks spacious.
  3. Less is More: Don’t keep anything in your small bathroom that you don’t need on a daily basis. Also, try to buy a small vanity so that it does not take much space in the bathroom. A bigger vanity in a small bathroom will look odd as well.
  4. Clear Glass In The Shower: Many people do the mistake of installing textured glass in the shower. The textured glass will look like an extra wall in the bathroom. Instead, you should always go for the clear glass for the shower. It will make your small bathroom looks even more spacious.
  5. Big Mirror: It is recommended by a lot of interior designers. You should install a big mirror that reaches up to the ceiling of the bathroom. Install lights on top of the mirror. The reflective lighting effect can brighten up your bathroom and make your small bathroom look bigger visually.
  6. Hanging Toilet: Toilet takes a significant amount of space in your small bathroom. One way to create the illusion of the larger bathroom is to installing a wall-hung toilet. Literally, you can’t use the underneath space of the flushing toilet, but the blank underneath space showing the floor tiles can make your small bathroom looks like a larger one.
  7. Smart Cabinetry: Your medicine cabinet should be buried in the wall of the bathroom. Don’t place an extra medicine cabinet in the bathroom. A medicine cabinet buried in the wall will give you extra space in the bathroom.
  8. Raised Shower Curtain Bar: You can create the illusion of a larger bathroom simply by raising the shower curtain bar all the way to the ceiling. This will make the ceiling looks taller and your small bathroom will also look like a larger one. You can follow the same trick for your bathroom window treatment.minimalist bathroom
  9. Sliding Door: Installing the swinging doors in the bathroom is a bad idea since it will kill the most precious space of your small bathroom. It can take almost half of your small bathroom. Instead, sliding/wall-pocket door is a better idea to save space.
  10. Hiding Bath Mat: Bath Mats are a must in a bathroom to add beauty and to avoid slip. When you don’t use the bathroom, remove the bath mat. The bath mat will cover the floor tile and create the illusion of smaller looks of your bathroom. Instead, remove it when you don’t use the bathroom.
  11. Say No To Patterned Wallpaper: As per many experts, patterned wallpaper makes your small bathroom even tighter. Instead, you should ditch the idea of installing patterned wallpaper in the bathroom. You can decorate a larger room or a larger wall with pattern wallpaper. But the wall of your small bathroom should be as clean as possible.
  12. Remove The Bathtub: You should not put the bathtub in a small bathroom. Since you already have the standing shower system installed with clear glass, you can ditch the idea of putting a bathtub in the small bathroom. Even a small bathtub can take significant space in a small bathroom.

I could give you a lot more ideas to look your small bathroom bigger visually. But I think whatever I mentioned above is more than enough to apply. If you search on the YouTube or on the Pinterest, you will find a lot of tips. But don’t just read and get ideas, you must proceed to apply it!

I have collected a pretty neat video on how to make your small bathroom look bigger. Here watch the video, then you will understand what I am talking about.

Summing It Up

A small bathroom is a reality for many. But following the above already proven tricks can give your smaller bathroom a bigger visual look. Why not you try it yourself today and have a visually looking bigger bathroom!

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