Expert Guide On How To Install bathroom Faucet Yourself?

Are you experiencing some leakages in your bathroom or kitchen sink? Well, this may be an indication that your faucet requires being changed.

Changing a faucet does not necessarily need a technician since it is easy and you can DIY. It’s easier than installing the bathroom toilet seat on your toilet.

All you need is to buy a good quality faucet for replacement and ensure that you have all the necessary tools required such as screws for unscrewing nuts among others.

There are a variety of faucets to choose from such as oil rubbed bronze bathroom faucet clearance among others. Here are the steps to guide you on how to install a bathroom faucet.

  1. Disconnect water supply.
    First, disconnect the water supply from the water meter. This makes it possible to open the faucet and work on it without any water coming out. after closing the water supply, leave the faucet open for about 5 minutes to ensure that all the water that may have remained in the faucet is released.
  2. Remove the water supply valve. Then using a wrench remove the water valve that supplies water to the faucet. You can use a wrench or any other tool to disconnect if you are unable to reach the pipes using your hands.
  3. Remove the faucet.
    Using a screw, remove the nuts that are connecting the rod and the tap which is found under the sink. Then lift the valve from the top and remove it from the connection.
  4. Remove the P-trap.
    The p-trap is usually installed to trap all the debris and other residuals that are drained in the skin and prevent the pipe from clogging and blocking. Ensure that you put a basin underneath the P-trap so it can trap the dirty water that may be in the device.
  5. Clean all the parts.
    It is important that you clean the parts that you have removed and use a disinfectant as well. This includes all the holes around the sink, and the P-trap as well. Use hot water while cleaning to completely remove the oils that may be trapped on the sink drain.
  6. Install the faucet.
    The other step involves installing the new valve. It is easy and advisable to follow the user’s manual when installing to ensure that you do it correctly and also ensure that it is well done when it comes to slipping the faucet in the sinkholes.
  7. Tighten the nuts.
    Place the nuts in the right position and tighten them. You can use your hands to put the nuts, and for tightening, purposes use a hex wrench.
  8. Replace the drain.
    Rub some silicon or any other product recommended by the manufacturer under the flange. Then position the drainpipe on the sinkhole making sure that the pivot part is placed at the back for easy screwing. Make sure that you have tightened both the top and beneath the sink.
  9. Install other drain parts and connect the water.
    Install other parts that you had disconnected earlier such as the P-trap. Then open the water from the source to check if the faucet is working well. If you wish to install or replace your bathroom faucet, follow the above steps to guide you on how to install a bathroom faucet. But if you find it difficult to so, then it is advisable that you hire a technician plumber to help you with the installment.

If you buy bathroom vanity, the faucet comes installed most of the time. So, you don’t have to do anything.

I believe you have found it useful the guide on how to install the bathroom faucet. It is as important as installing the comfort height toilet. If you need any more to know, just ask the question in the comment box.

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