How To Increase Water Pressure In Shower?

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Nobody really likes a tickle of water in the shower head while they need invigorating spray speed. I know it’s so disappointing for you but luckily there are some solutions.

I am not promising anything, but I will discuss some probable problems and their corresponding solutions on how to increase water pressure in the shower. Most of the time, you will get results!


Because these tips are real-life experiences shared by people like you and me. They faced the same low water pressure problem in their shower and got the solution. Some of them shared their secrets and I will reveal these secrets to you!

The Problem of Low Water Pressure in the Shower

There could be several reasons why there is the low water pressure in your shower. But I have listed most common type of problems.

Basic Problem

You will notice that there is the adequate water pressure in the bath and basin taps. But whenever you install the shower head way higher than other outlets, you get very poor water pressure.

This happens mainly when the shower spray head is too close to the water level in the storage tank. There should be a minimum height of at least 1 meter between the shower head and the water level in the tank to have a decent water pressure. Logically, more height means more water pressure.

So, when you install the shower head, make sure to keep as much height as possible.

Other Reasons of Low Water Pressure in the shower

In addition to the basic problem, there could be several other reasons. You are getting low water pressure in the shower, maybe, because of the following reasons:

  • If you use well water and live at the top of a tall building, the apartment or house itself may have low water pressure.
  • Clogged pipes may be another reason. Pipes get clogged naturally over time due to the water deposits in the mineral. However, if you are sure the pipe is new then make sure the shut-off valve near the water is fully open.
  • You have installed a water-restricting shower head. Almost every shower head comes with that water-restricting device installed. Luckily, they are removable!

How To Increase Water Pressure In Shower?

These following solutions to increase the water pressure in the shower are mutually exclusive. That means you don’t have to do all of them. But following any of them may work for you.

  • Buy low-pressure shower head. It works better than a standard showerhead when the water pressure in your house is low. Because it is designed to give you a better water pressure in such low water pressure situations.
  • Install HomeBoost water-pressure pump. You can get it online or from your nearby local store. It will not only increase the water pressure in the shower but also increase the water pressure for the overall home. It will only operate when the natural water flow drops below the standard water flow (12 liters/min).
  • Remove the water-restricting device installed in your shower head. But before you do so, check your local laws. Many states like California have made it mandatory to use the water-restricting device to save water. If you have no such law restrictions, then you can easily remove it and get extreme water pressure.
  • Clean the clogged shower head. All water contains mineral deposits. So, naturally, your showerhead will get clogged with such deposits over time. Unscrew the shower head and soak it in the vinegar mixed water for several hours. This should solve the problem of the clogged shower head. If not, then buy a new shower head.
  • Some people got incredible results fitting an independent electric shower. From the rising main, the independent shower heater is fed cold water and works almost instantaneously.  You must also install a cold water accumulator with the electric shower so that you always get the extreme pressure.


You are not facing this problem alone. This is a common problem that almost everyone faces. But if you follow the tips I have shared above, I am pretty much sure you will get a decent water pressure in your shower.

Your friends may be suffering from the same problem. So, please don’t forget to share the article!

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