How To Improve Ventilation In Your Home? [9 Effective Methods Explained]

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Adequate ventilation is a non-negotiable issue in any home or building installation. From furnishing you with sufficient amounts of breathable air to warding off unnecessary sicknesses from your flushing toilet, the benefits of ventilating your home are too numerous to comprehensively exhaust.

It is only logical to know about the various ways and means of achieving this noble end. Our goal in the conversations that follow shall be to explore the various ways and means of improving ventilation in your home.

How To Improve Ventilation In Your Home?

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  • Turning on a Ceiling or Desk Fan

Needless to say, you have to acquire and install a ceiling or desk fan in your property. During those moments of extremely high temperatures or when your room has many occupants, it is necessary that you turn them on.

By turning them on, you get to distribute the flow of air evenly in the room. These appliances blow the warm air to the ground level. It also cools the air by scattering the molecules of the warm air. This arrangement makes your room more livable.

  • Dry your laundry outside

Many people are often tempted to dry their laundry indoors especially when it is too cold outside. This is not advisable though. Drying homes in the room compete with the occupants for the same amounts of fresh air.

It also impedes the smooth flow of air which puts much stress on your heating ventilation and air conditioning systems.

This is not to mention that it encourages condensation which also prevents your fans and other appliances from working properly.

You should hence dry your clothes strictly outside. The patios, backyards, fences and dedicated clotheslines are some of the most advisable places to consider utilizing.

  • Open Windows Always

You should always open the windows, especially at the most critical moments. These include while cooking, while bathing or while relaxing in the living room. By opening the windows always, you get to guarantee some constant inflows of air into your room all the time.

Opening windows save on energy costs as it relieves the pressure that is exerted in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning appliances. To make the circulation more effective, you have to complement this step by opening the curtains as well.

  • Open the Internal Doors

In case you are not bathing or cooking, you are highly advised to open all the internal doors to your property. This way, you will prevent the foul smell from accumulating in one portion or room of the house. At the same time, you will also make it possible for the air to circulate smoothly and uninterruptedly.

To further enhance the efficiency of this procedure, you have to close those internal doors that lead to ‘nowhere.’ These include the doors to the wardrobes, pantry, or stores. This shall prevent the air from getting trapped in confined spaces but move freely.

  • Take Care Of Your Winters

Winters are particularly tricky. Due to the excessive levels of cold outside, many people are often tempted to close their doors completely round-the-clock. However, this ought not to be the case. On the contrary, you are strongly advised to open the door at least three times a day.

This is to let out stale air, bring in the fresh air, get rid of pollutants in your room, dispose of excess moisture, and drive out allergens, among others. The accumulation of these things might predispose you to certain health risks.

  • Leave Your Vents Open

Does your window have vents? If they do, keep them open all the time. They do play the role of letting out the stale air from your room. Also, being small, they are less likely to allow too much cold into your room.

Their strategic location high up the ground level also means creeping animals like snakes and rodents cannot slither into your room.

  • Ventilate Your Rooms Overnight

While sleeping in the night, it is also advisable that you leave the window to your rooms open at least partially. This practice does bring in a number of benefits to you. These include eradication of excess moisture, reduction of the risks of mold growth, and bringing down humidity levels.

Also, it ensures that no stale air builds up in the room while a constant supply of fresh air is guaranteed. This practice is absolutely vital in the hot winter months as they are the most vulnerable to these issues.

  • Keep Some Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are not just for beauty purposes. Their importance goes well beyond merely making your interiors beautiful. They too have the attendant benefit of soaking up excess moisture and gas levels in your room.

In particular, they reduce the levels of carbon dioxide which is known to suffocate people. Some kinds of indoor plants can also eliminate harmful airborne toxins which can and indeed do endanger the lives of those who spend much of their time indoors.

  • Install a Home Ventilation System

Lastly, you also want to invest in a home ventilation system. These are appliances that are designed to artificially purify your air and at the same time ensure a fair distribution of fresh air into the entire room. Examples of these include extractor fans, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and compact exhaust fan.

They perform a vast array of chores such as cooling interior air, driving out odor from the toilet, bringing in the fresh air, and eliminate excess heat from the air among others. The end result of all these are interiors that are cooler, less toxic and indeed highly breathable.


As you may already have noted, improving the ventilation of a home is ordinarily a complicated chore. That is due to the many factors that have to be considered. To go about this issue conveniently, you are strongly advised to incorporate the support and co-operation of a trained expert.

When do you plan to make some improvements in your home ventilation system? Who else do you plan to share this information with? Have you truly found the information we have furnished you above insightful?

Kindly let us know in the comment section below. Best of luck in your attempt to ventilate your home…

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