How To Get Rid Of Toilet Odor And Save Yourself From Embarrassment?

Most unpleasant and embarrassing fact for you if you have a bad smell in your toilet. Even if you have a single-flush flushing toilet, it’s natural that there will be a little bit of odor immediately you use the toilet.

But it should dissipate after a while. If it does not, there are some potential reasons to have that toilet odor.

Maybe it’s the right time to check some issues and take some steps to get rid of toilet odor. First I am gonna talk about some easy measures that you can take to get rid of that smell.

Take Advantage Of Ventilation: Even if there is nothing wrong with your toilet, if the bathroom has no ventilation or window there will be some musty odor.

Ventilation can easily cover up the embarrassing toilet odor. Open it up for a while to air it out. Even better if you have an overhead fan. Turn on the fan after each time you use the toilet.

For better result, you should open the ventilation or the window each time after a hot shower as well. Because the moisture from the hot water can also cause mildew to build-up resulting in a musty smelling bathroom.

Use Odor Eliminator: I am not talking about traditional air fresheners that you use inside the home daily. Air freshener and odor eliminator are not the same things.

Air freshener simply covers up the odor whereas the odor eliminator can neutralize the odor. If the toilet odor is too strong, air freshener can’t even cover it.

So next time whenever you go to the market, look for an air freshener that says ‘odor eliminator’. You may have to go through some trial and error experiments to find the best one that works best for you. There is plenty of odor eliminator in the market. You need to read some reviews first. Here are great poo pourri reviews to help you out.

Bathroom Air Purifiers: If there is no ventilation, or window, or any form of airflow, using the odor eliminator can’t solve the problem. In addition to using an odor eliminator, you need to use an air purifier as well.

Any good air purifier dramatically increases the air circulation inside the bathroom and destroys odor-causing bacteria.

The renowned online store is a perfect place to buy the best quality air purifier. There are lots of popular brands like GermGuardian, Levoit, PureZone, Gideon, etc. Price ranges from $30 to $250. As per your budget get the perfect one that best suits you.

The Hard Ways To Get Rid Of Toilet Odor

The above 3 measures are easy to follow and you should see pretty big differences in odor reduction. However, toilet odor may happen due to so many other reasons where the above easy measures won’t work.

As per the problem, the solution will be quite different from one to another. So you need to find the problem first.

When you have everything right, I mean you have a clean toilet bowl, clean your best handheld shower, etc, but if there is still the odor, you should inspect the toilet tank.

If the problem is in the toilet tank, you need to pay attention here. Cleaning the toilet tank is really easy. What most of the people do is that they simply throw some bleaching powder in the tank.

It is not a good idea, why?

There are some rubber components like seals and floats in the toilet tank. Bleaching powder can cause erosion and do more damage than cleaning. Instead, you should use vinegar, liquid detergent, baking soda. These will clean the toilet tank but won’t do any harm at all.

Even after you have fixed your toilet tank or the toilet tank was just fine in the first place, there might be toilet odor. So this time you should inspect the toilet bowl.

Maybe you do everything to keep the toilet bowl clean. Even though you have very little to do about the S-bend. No matter how many times you flush your toilet after each time you use the toilet, some dirt and grime will be trapped in the bend. This can be a very good reason you have a bad odor in the toilet.

The best way to fight against this issue with the S-bend is to remove water as much as you can from the toilet bowl. You can do it by plunging or siphoning. Then using the best toilet stain remover, you should be able to fix the problem.

There are plenty of toilet bowl cleaners like Lysol, Frosch, etc available for sale online. All you have to do is to order one of them after reading some reviews obviously. Then use the cleaner to the bowl and wait for about 30 minutes at least.

Most of the cleaners will tell you only 5 minutes waiting is more than enough but you need to give it at least 30 minutes and then do some brushing or scrubbing. You should be able to fix your toilet bowl issue.

Following the above tips should help you get rid of toilet odor. Always try to keep your bathroom dry and fresh. Taking daily precautions can save you from this embarrassing toilet odor naturally. Whereas most of the job can be done by yourself, you are welcome to hire any plumber if you are not confident.

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