How to Clean Shower Head? [Video Tutorial Inside]

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You need to clean the shower head from time to time. Why? Because, as the time passes, mineral build-ups will grow and clog the shower head. It’s a natural consequence. The result is losing the water-pressure in the shower head.

There is nothing to be frustrated. It happens to all the shower heads. The tiny holes of the shower head get clogged by such white mineral build-ups. The solution to the problem is easy.

How to Clean Shower Head?

From time to time, you have to clean the shower head. In this short article, I will learn how easily you can clean your shower head and get the high water pressure again. You don’t have to be an expert, anyone can clean it.

The Easy Fix To Clean The Shower Head

water pressure on shower head
Look for the water pressure!

All you need is a toothbrush. Most modern shower heads have flexible rubber nozzles that clog up over time with mineral deposits. With the toothbrush scrub the nozzles to get rid of the deposits.

Don’t scrub those rubber nozzles too vigorously, you may damage the nozzles. Also, if you use any strong chemical to clean the nozzles, these can get damaged as well.

Doing the toothbrush trick should clean most of the clogged nozzles and you should have decent water pressure. If not, don’t be frustrated yet. The next step should be cleaning the filter screen of the shower head.

After reading the manufacturer’s instruction of detaching the shower head, extract the filter screen. If you lost the manual you can get it from the manufacturer’s website.

Assuming you have extracted the filter screen from the shower head, run it under the faucet and brush it gently with a toothbrush. If you are satisfied enough it is clean enough, reassemble and reinstall the shower head and give it a try.

The two tricks described above should remove most of the mineral buildup from the nozzles and the filter screen.

You should notice a big difference in the water pressure from now on. But keep in mind that if the overall water pressure in your home is low, the shower head won’t give you vigorous water pressure.

Use Vinegar to Clean the Shower Head

If the easy fix methods mentioned above don’t work for you, you should try to clean it using the vinegar and water solution. The easy fix method may not completely remove the buildup but whatever left will be removed using the vinegar.

For this method to work, you don’t need to detach the showerhead from the arm. All you have to do is just fill a plastic bag with vinegar mixed with water (same amount) and fit the bag over the showerhead. Make sure the nozzles of the shower head are completely soaked in the vinegar solution. Use the zip tie or any binder clip to secure the bag and leave it for at least 8 hours.

Before you start using the showerhead, make sure to run the shower for a minute so that the vinegar gets washed away.  This method should clean the showerhead completely along with the easy fix method. Watch the YouTube instructional video to understand how to do it with vinegar.

Summing Up

Cleaning the shower head is easy. But the good news is the price of such shower heads is not so expensive. If none of the method described above works for you, you should buy a new one. It won’t break your bank account 🙂

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