How To Clean Bidet? [A Step By Step Detailed Process]

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Cleaning bidet can at times seem like a really difficult task especially to first-timers. Most of them will find it quite a challenge to achieve a stainless bidet. This process is, however, a bit demanding but should never be any problems especially for flushing toilets.

This article will take through some important steps to remember that will help you keep your bidet clean and sparkling at all times. Cleaning the bidet and the rest of your toilet can also expose you to a lot of harmful bacteria.

Remember to always have your disposable cleaning gloves on before undertaking this cleaning process. Storing gloves and fresh cloths around the bidet will also help encourage everyone using it to maintain a clean and fresh bidet.

A Step By Step Approach On How To Clean Bidet

Bidet toilet seats are delicate, you must clean it with extra care. You do not want to damage it. If you don’t feel confident enough after reading this article, hire a professional to do the job for you.

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Step 1: Get The Right Washing Products

Before you can start cleaning your bidet, you will need the right washing materials. Since the bidet is normally made out of a different kind of material, you will also need different kinds of washing products for the job.

Therefore, you will first need to know the type of bidet material to understand the best chemical products to use. You do not want to destroy your bidet surface by coloring and causing cracks on it. With such conditions, even a warranty will not help you out.

To avoid all the trouble, make sure you have all the right washing products for cleaning. This way, the process is made a lot easier and more effective. In case you are still not sure about the products to use, your bidet manual will always include some recommended products for you.

Step 2: Turn Off The Bidet

With all your products ready, the next stage would be to start the cleaning. If you are just doing a manual clean up, make sure the bidet is off by unplugging the unit before getting started.

This will be a very important step to remember every time you want to clean a bidet toilet seat. It will ensure you avoid causing any harm to yourself while cleaning.

Otherwise, if you wish to particularly clean the nozzle using the electrical method, you will need the bidet turned on. Therefore, be very careful and proceed with caution.

Step 3: Clean The Nozzle

Having turned on the bidet, you can now go straight to business. In most cases, the bidet comes with a feature that enables self -cleaning. Therefore, you will only be required to twist the knob to “nozzle cleaning” to get started.

Automatically, the cleaning of the bidet nozzle will be initiated. Doing this at least twice in a month is recommended. Also, if you have a second nozzle, you can always extend the cleaning for better results.

In case this feature is not working, chances are the nozzle might have clogged and interfered with the water pressure. You will need to clean it using the manual way. Some water with vinegar and a toothbrush should work just fine.

Press the cleaning button for about three seconds and then use the mixture to clean the nozzle. The vinegar will ensure you get rid of all the tough stains on the nozzle. Do this as often as possible to maintain a clean nozzle.

Step 4: Clean The Outside And Inner Surface

For this step, you will be required to make a solution from some water, preferably warm and your antibacterial soap. Clean the outer surface of the bidet toilet seat using a towel or cloth soaked in the solution.

This area is more likely to accumulate a lot of dust than anywhere else. It would, therefore, be very important to ensure no dust or bacteria piles up on your bidet toilet seat. This should be done consistently for the best results. With the outside surface clean, you will also need to ensure the inside part is also cleaned.

To get access to the underside you will have to lift your bidet toilet seat. Expect this area to be very dirty and dull. Using a separate cloth to clean the area will, therefore, be the best option for you.

Make sure all the dirt and dust is gone and ensure the area looks good. With a clean underside, you might need to wipe your bidet toilet seat again before placing the bidet back on. Use warm water to ensure any remaining washing solution is wiped off.

These remains can cause you more harm than good and therefore you will not want any lying around.

Step 5: Clean The Rest Of Your Toilet Area

Having attained a very clean and strain-free bidet, you must always ensure the inside and other toilet areas are also clean. Otherwise, having a clean bidet inside a really dirty toilet will only defeat the whole purpose of this article.

Thus, ensure the rest of your toilet area is also wiped and on a regular basis. Do not forget to also wipe your bidet wireless remote if any. Use a cloth soaked in an antibacterial solution or antiseptic sprays to ensure any bacteria or dust build up is eradicated. Having a flushing toilet will make all this a lot easier for you.

Also, remember to put the bidet plugin back in if you had previously unplugged it. Your bidet will now be safe and ready for use.

To conclude, this article should be a clear indication of how easy and regular your cleaning must occur. Make sure to handle each of the clearly outlined steps and make them as thorough as possible.

This way, you will ensure all the bacteria is exposed and wiped out completely. Also, avoid using any alcohol or bleach to clean your bidet toilet seats. Remember to check your bidet material first to avoid any surface concerns later on.

Vinegar works quite okay especially to get rid of any rough strain on your toilet bowl. You can also always seek advice on other stronger strain removal materials if this is not working for you. Lastly, remember to always thoroughly clean your hands after undertaking the cleaning process. If not, this entire cleaning process will not be of any help.


Bidets are really expensive bathroom gadget. The whole point of having a bidet is to ensure cleanliness. So, keep your bidet clean always applying the above-mentioned method.

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  1. Angel-Care

    October 30, 2019 at 9:42 am

    To use a bidet, first go to the bathroom on the toilet. Once you’ve done your business, straddle the bidet. If you choose to face the water controls, take your pants off, first. For toilets with a built-in bidet, stay on the toilet and hit the “wash” button. To get the desired water temperature, adjust the “hot” and “cold” controls on the bidet. When the water starts coming out of the spout, position yourself over the stream so that it rinses whichever part of yourself you want to clean. While many bidets have a water jet that does most of the work for you, you might need to use your hands or a little toilet paper to get extra clean if your bidet doesn’t have a strong stream. After you’re done, turn off the water. For more tips, including how to clean up after using a bidet, keep reading!


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