How Does Poo Pourri Work?

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I will try to explain it in real simple words. When you spray some poo pourri scents on the water surface of the toilet bowl, it creates a protective barrier on the water level.

Hence, nothing can come out of the toilet bowl. Actually, it blocks the horrible odor to come out by creating a protective barrier. But, how can it really do it?

Pretty awesome job it does, right? I mean can you really imagine how it is saving us from a headache-causing odor and lots of embarrassment?

What would be the feelings of your guest when they face it? Well, I am not here to intimidate you. In this mini blog post, I will try to explain how it does it what it does.

From their official site, you can see that a toilet odor hating girl named ‘Suzy Batiz’ invented this awesome scent living in Dallas, Texas. Its main ingredient is essential oils and natural compounds.

I believe you already know that oil does not get mixed with water, right? Well, that’s how the floating well creates a barrier.

And all the natural compounds leave a beautiful smell. And the most beautiful thing is that poo pourri never does any harm to your toilet because it uses only natural ingredients.

It’s more like using shampoo in the bathroom. Does shampoo do any harm to bathroom gadgets? Absolutely not!

Now, I believe you have understood how does poo pourri work. Now, let’s see which of their scent you should use. For feminine smell, you should try the original and Hush Flush. For manly smell, you should try Bass Ackwards and Royal Flush.

Should you flush the toilet with poo pourri? Sure! Even it’s better if you spray the scent after you have finished using the toilet, so that the next one coming to use it, does not have to face the horrible smell. F

ind this blog useful? And the good news is you can apply this to any kind of toilet like Saniflo macerating toilet. Please share with your friends!

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