How Does An Attic Exhaust Fan Work?

attic fan

An attic fan is primarily used for regulating the heat level of a room. It also can be used to remove moisturized air and bring in fresh air by working as a bathroom fan. So, now let us have a look at what it entails and how it works.

Types of attic fans

Before addressing this recurring question it is vital to first tell apart the three types of attic fans. There are three common types, the whole-house, powered attic ventilator and residential ventilation fan. The whole-house fan is used to lower the indoor temperature and is set to cool the house during the night.

A powered attic ventilator has a different function altogether which is to simply replace the indoor air with outdoor air. Lastly we have the residential fan which is essentially for providing fresh air to the occupants of a building.

So, there you have it, those are the most common types of fans. Let us now have a look at how they work.

How does the attic fan work?

Most people use this fan to cool their houses especially during the hot seasons, spring and summer. In their operation they use a portion of their energy which makes them more advantageous than an AC.

Now let’s reveal how they work. They work on the theory of pushing out hot air and replacing it with fresh cool air.

The system comprises small vents which are used to draw in cool air and a primary fan whose function is to move the hot air outside.

Turning it on or off can be done either manually through a switch or via a thermostat which automatically turns it on or off. The next important thing to note is the right location to place your fan.

  • Location and placing the attic fan

For the fan to work at its best you need to have large openings which allow the hot air to move out. You require a square foot of net free area for every 750 cm of fan capacity.

The vent area normally contains key things like the soffit, gable, and ridge vents. Keep in mind that it is far much better to have more vent area rather than having less.

If you aim to remove at least fifteen ach in an hour this means that you will have to divide your home into four to achieve the cfm rating of your fan. To help you understand more in gauging whether you have met the cfm rating of your fan here is what you should do.

If your house is 8-9 feet tall multiply your floor area by 3 in order to get the cfm rating. Also you can place it in your washrooms as it is a great way to remove toilet odor.

Maintenance after placing the fan

You definitely had an opening on your roof, now it is important to seal it up. One of the solutions is to build an insulated box on top of the fan though you will have to install and remove twice a year.

You can as well make a site-built cover or you could also decide to buy a whole-house fan from your local dealer. Either of these ways depends on whether you are comfortable with the half-yearly procedures or you want to be done with the business of your attic fan once you have installed it.

Benefits of an attic fan

It will not be prudent if I did not let you in on the benefits of using the fan. Most home roofing experts agree that attic fans are a great way to save on energy costs as they draw less than 300 watts. Additionally, it also prolongs the service life of most roofing elements like the trusses and electrical wires.

It is fast in its operation as it is proven to reduce temperatures by up to ten degrees on a hot day. During the winter it can remove the moisture in the house especially when it comes with the added feature, the optional humidistat, which efficiently reduces moisture.

To sum up, the attic fan is the best way to regulating temperature, reducing moisture and it can also remove toilet odor. Well, there you go now you have an idea of how it works the best way to fix it up and its advantages.

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