Flush Bushing Vs. Reducer: In-depth Differences With Features

The only difference between a flush bushing and a reducer is their construction, but they have the same purpose. Usually, a flush bushing accepts a pipe of a larger diameter and reduces its flow through the smaller diameter.

One can also find the flush bushing attaching the same pipes to increase their length.

However, the reducer is usually made in a shape that accepts a larger diameter pipe from one side and reduces the flow of water by connecting it with a smaller diameter pipe.

Besides, these have a lot of similarities in pricing, durability, and other considerable factors.

A Quick Comparison Table

Specific Comparison FactorsFlush BushingReducer/expander
PurposeTo decrease or reduce the flow of water or liquid from a larger pipe to a smaller one and vice versaTo decrease or reduce the flow of water from a larger pipe to a smaller pipe and vice versa
ConstructionUsually, these have extra sections added to reduce or increase the diameter of the pipesThese reducers or expanders are made in shape as one accepting the larger or smaller pipe
Available inStainless Steel Heavy Duty plasticStainless Steel Heavy Duty Plastic
Made ForVarious types of pipes with various cone sizesA wide variety of pipes with multiple cone sizes
UsageIn a lot of plumbing applications or where applicable and usually fit able at compact placesIn a lot of plumbing applications or where applicable and usually fit able at vast places
PricingFrom $5 to $10 for both plastic and stainless-steel fittingsFrom $5 to $15 for both plastic and stainless-steel fittings
Available atMultiple websites, stores, and brandsMultiple websites, stores, and brands

Key Differences Between Flush Bushing And Reducer

  • Purpose
Reducer Bushing
Reducer Bushing

We can say that the flush bushing and a reducer are designed for the same purpose, to reduce or increase the flow of something.

Besides, these tools can also be used to divert flow direction from one angle to another.

On the contrary, you will always find the flush bushing coming in a shape that connects a pipe of a larger diameter with a smaller diameter.

In this way, you decrease the flow of water. A flush bushing may not help you in increasing the flow of water.

But it can help attach two pipes if you need to increase the length of a complete connection.

However, the reducer only attaches a male pipe to the female pipe.

It is designed to accept a larger opening pipe and connect it with the smaller one.

The alternative to a reducer is an expander which can be used to connect a smaller diameter pipe with a larger diameter to increase the flow.

Also, these are used to divert the direction of flow in plumbing, gas, electricity, and other applications.

  • Construction

In order to judge which one is a reducer and which is a flush bushing, you must look at their construction.

We usually find an extra layer of plastic or blockage in a flush bushing that helps complete the connection and achieve the purposed flow.

Moreover, these bushings are also available in the same shape to connect similar-diameter pipes.

Compared to that, you will find the reducer made in a shape that will be small from one side and larger from the other.

The larger accepts a broader diameter pipe, whereas the smaller accepts the smaller diameter pipe.

Only the design helps you identify the most significant difference between these two.

  • Available In

The best similarity between these two joints is they are both made with heavy-duty plastic.

Or one can find them stainless steel made. Therefore, you can choose any depending on your best requirements.

  • Made For

We can always find the flush bushings and the reducers or expanders accepting various pipe sizes.

You can believe that the sizes of these joints will match the sizes of all types of pipes available in the market.

  • Usage
PVC Pipe Reducer

As mentioned earlier, the flush bushes will be best to use at most compact places.

Because these plumbing tools do not cover much area.

On the other hand, you can use the Reducers or Expanders at plumbing places with more space.

Plus, you can fix them quickly, depending on the space requirement.

  • Pricing

Both tools do not have any significant differences in their prices. However, the reducers might cost you a few bucks more than flush bushings.

Because more material is used in the construction of reducers than bushings.

  • Available At

Nothing is concerned regarding the durability or quality of these jointers. You can find them at multiple online or physical stores.

Besides, they are also being sold by multiple brands in the market.

Which Is Better To Use?

In my case, I would always recommend using Bushings over reducers. Because these tools cover less space and are still applicable for the same tasks.

On the other hand, if you are easy to go with the reducers or expanders, there will not be any problems. So, It depends on you which suits best to your plumbing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Difference Between A Bushing And A Reducer?

The only difference you will find between these two is in their design and way of construction. For usage purposes, they are similar.

What Is A Flush Bushing Used For?

A Flush bushing is used to connect a larger diameter pipe with a smaller diameter and vice versa to reduce or increase the flow of water.

Is A Bushing A Reducer?

Yes, it is similar because it comes with a minor female thread on the internal side and a male thread on the outer side. It is also used to reduce the diameter of pipes.

What Is The Difference Between A Reducer And A Coupling?

A reducer usually accepts pipe on either end to increase or decrease the water flow. A coupling could be a reducer and a tool designed to attach two pipes.

Final Wording

If you have come this far, you probably know the fundamental differences between the flush bushing and the reducer. To name a few, they are the same things to use in plumbing.

The differences come in the sizes, design, and thread sizes on the internal and external sides of a bushing.

But one can use either a reducer or a flush bushing to achieve that plumbing task. You will not find yourself in hassles while using any of these tools.

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