Eljer Diplomat Toilet Reviews (And Why I Don’t Recommend This One)

If you have a higher expectation about this toilet, you are about to be disappointed. I hate to throw any brand under the bus, but I don’t want you to regret it either.

When there are so many high-quality flushing toilet brands are available in the market, I personally don’t recommend this toilet to anyone. 

But to be fair, not everyone has a terrible experience with this one and I will give you in-depth Eljer Diplomat toilet reviews mentioning all of its eye-catching features to make up your own mind. 

Stay with me for a while and I will explain all the problems with the Eljer Diplomat toilet.

Eljer Diplomat Tall Elongated Toilet Reviews

No doubt, it has the most aesthetically pleasing look and its flushing capacity is awesome. But many people have bitter experiences with Eljer Diplomat.

Eljer Diplomat toilet

So, I am gonna share some experiences of the real users. That way you will get a better picture of this toilet and its common problems.

  • Takes Multiple Flush

The water-saving technology is good but it takes more than one flush to clear the content of the bowl. 

I am not exaggerating even a little. Because of the multiple flush requirement, many pissed-off people call it a piece of junk!

  • Leaking Problems

Probably the most disappointing side of this toilet. Within just days of installation, it started to develop a leak between the bowl and tank side. It happened for plenty of people and pissed them off badly!

This is what usually happens.

It appears to be leaking from the tank bolt no matter how much you tighten it.

Because some of the people received the Diplomat with uneven large porcelain lips on the bottom part of the toilet bowl hole. 

That uneven lip usually causes leaks. Some people were even informed to have a tiny seal leak as well between the toilet bowl inlet and tank outlet. 

Apparently, this is a manufacturing error. Because years after informing these issues, they still did not fix this problem.

Very frustrating experience for lots of people.

If your Eljer has the same leaking problem but you don’t have the option to return it, use silicon sealant to seal all the bolts and seals. It helped many people to deal with the leaks.

  • Cracking Incidents

You don’t have to do anything but you may notice a hairline crack somewhere inside or outside the toilet sooner or later. Some people have already faced this cracking issue.

Yes, Ejjer will replace the toilet as soon as you find any leaks or cracks, but the hassle is too much. Replacing a toilet is a painful experience!

  • Seat Quality Lacking

The molded plastic seat included with the Diplomat feels cheap and may break easily. Many owners replace it with a sturdier aftermarket seat.

  • Tank Condensation

Some users experience dripping and sweating on the tank exterior. This indicates poor insulation that allows interior moisture to penetrate the walls.

  • Noise Complaints

Some consumers say the flush and refill mechanisms generate excessive noise when operating, an annoyance, especially at night.

  • Bowl Stains Easily

While fairly easy to clean when new, over time hard water deposits and mineral buildup can stain the Diplomat bowl yellowish if not promptly removed.

  • Weak Manufacturer Support

The Eljer company was taken over and Diplomat production was stopped, so replacement parts can be hard to source. The warranty is useless.

  • Basic Design

With few standout features or innovations, the Diplomat’s barebones design doesn’t wow. It gets the job done but offers little to justify choosing it over competitors.

  • Cleaning Issue
Eljer Diplomat Toilet

The water level in the toilet bowl is very low and it’s big problem when it needs a good cleaning. It’s definitely a design flaw because the pedestal where the flapper sits is too small that does not allow the bowl to fill to a decent level.

Even if you change the valve, it won’t make a difference. 

Now, you may think the leaks and cracks mainly happen when not installed by a professional, right? Well, you are wrong.

The same problems are faced by multiple people even when installed by a professional contractor. Those leaks appear to be very persistent!

Features of Eljer Diplomat Toilet

It would not be fair if I don’t mention some of its good features. Let’s talk about its features now and try to understand why some people still love this toilet.

  • Technical Details of Eljer Diplomat Toilet
  1. Available in white color.
  2. 12” rough-in for easy installation.
  3. 16-1/8 inches’ height. ADA compliant comfort height. 
  4. Oversized base cover.

Easy installation is a good side for Eljer Diplomat toilets. But let’s check out its features in more detail (as claimed by the brand).

  • Powerful Flushing System
Eljer Diplomat flushing toilet

Every toilet has its own patented flushing mechanism. Eljer has a ProOne™ flushing system where it can expel all the waste from the toilet bowl with just one flush!

As its flushing mechanism has a 3-inch category 7 flush valve, it can deliver high-velocity flush water to the bowl through dual jet water feed to expel everything in there. You don’t need more than one flush!

And the flush valve features a chlorine-resistant flapper to add more durability to the toilet itself. Nothing bad in this regard.

  • Low Water Consumption

With 1.6 GPF, it consumes relatively less amount of water. However, it can still deliver a powerful flush with that low amount of water. Thanks to its ProOne™ Flushing System!

Despite using less water, that powerful flush can expel all the waste from the toilet bowl. So, it’s environment-friendly no doubt.

  • Easy Installation

With a straightforward 2-piece design and standard 12” rough-in size, the Diplomat doesn’t require any tricky modifications for installation. The wax ring seal fits most drains and the included bolts mate with standard floor mounts.

  • Comfortable Ergonomics

The elongated bowl and comfort height seating make the Diplomat wheelchair accessible and more comfortable for most users compared to lower toilets. The bowl shape also provides ample legroom.

  • Durable and Reliable Construction

Made from vitreous china clay and kiln-fired at intense temperatures, the Diplomat is highly durable and resistant to chips, scratches, and staining. The sealed trapway prevents leaks into the subfloor.

  • Matches Most Decor

With a simple, streamlined look and white only color, the Diplomat toilet blends seamlessly into many bathroom designs and color schemes. The rounded or elongated bowls fit a range of decor styles.

  • Reasonable Price Point

While not the absolute cheapest model, the Eljer Diplomat provides notable value given its performance capabilities and durable build. Cost is on par with other mid-range toilets.

  • Easy Cleaning

Another good feature for Eljer Diplomat. Cleaning your toilet can be troublesome and take a toll. But being fully glazed, Eljer Diplomat resists stains and does not let any buildup accumulate. 

Its powerful flush alone will take care of almost all the cleaning. 

Its trap way has also a fully-glazed finish. So, with a simple scrub, you can completely make it free of any dirt or stains.  For years, it will maintain its shiny look.

Alternatives to Consider

Given the decent but imperfect performance of the Eljer Diplomat, you may want to consider one of these toilets as an alternative option before deciding on your purchase:

Toto Drake II – This popular model earns top marks for flushing power, bowl clearing, and reliability. Quiet operation, sturdy construction, and elegant styling provide added appeal. The Drake II fetches a somewhat higher price but delivers superior performance.

American Standard Champion 4 – Featuring the largest flush valve and trapway size on the market, the Champion 4 maximizes bulk waste flushing efficiency while maintaining quiet operation. An EverClean antimicrobial finish inhibits odor, stains, and buildup.

Kohler Highline Classic – For a comparable price to the Diplomat, the Kohler Highline Classic may represent a better value with innovative improvements like a canister flush valve that allows more water flow and reduced clogging risk compared to outdated flapper flush systems.

Woodbridge T-0001 – This highly rated dual flush EPA WaterSense toilet combines robust siphonic flushing power with water-saving light flushes for liquid waste. The stylish contemporary design and soft closing seat add appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Eljer diplomat a good toilet?

Yes, it has a powerful flush and its EverClean® feature keeps it clean always. But I don’t recommend this toilet because it has many faults like leaking from nowhere and so on.

Is Eljer made by American Standard?

In short, yes. Like Fiat, Sanymetal, Crane, Showerite, etc. American Standard is a part of big American Standard Brands. In 2008, Eljer and Crane merged into one company namely ‘American Standard Brands’.

Who makes Eljer toilet?

American Standard Brands make the Eljer toilet which was emerged from the merger of Eljer and Crane plumbing in 2008.

When did American Standard Buy Eljer?

In 2008.

What are the best toilet brands?

Some of the top toilet brands based on quality, performance, reliability, and owner satisfaction include Toto, Kohler, American Standard, WoodBridge, and Niagara.

Are Eljer toilets still made?

No, Eljer stopped manufacturing toilets after the company was purchased by American Standard in 2013. Replacement parts can be hard to find as a result.

Closing Remarks

Despite having so many good features, it’s turned out to be a negative Eljer Diplomat toilet reviews, right? 

Well, lots of people are really pissed off about the issues I just mentioned above. And yes, Eljer will send you replacement parts or even make the refund. But why should you bear the hassle? 

Again, not everyone is having those issues. Good for them!

And there are plenty of flushing toilet brands with high reputations. When you have so many good options available to you, you don’t want to test your luck!

Clyde Mitchell

I run a hardware store nearby Court Anaheim, CA. Over the last 7 years, I have been blogging about home improvement and yes, I own ReliefInBath.com From me and this website, you can expect some useful tips on great ideas for a modern bathroom.

8 thoughts on “Eljer Diplomat Toilet Reviews (And Why I Don’t Recommend This One)

  1. So in the beginning of the review you say it is a terrible flusher and needs multiple flushes, but further down says it has a powerful flush and just takes one. Which is it?

    1. The bad experiences shared at the beginning are the experiences of the users. It happened to a lot of users.

      But NOT everyone has a terrible experience like that. When it works, it works great!

      If you still decide to have this and face a bad experience, just contact the seller and they will send a replacement.

  2. I have had three Eljers for 15 years. Self installed, was able to fix all the leaking issues. One bowl fills low, one fills high, one fills normal. All three flush normal and have a half flush feature never mentioned anywhere. Press the lever down and release immediately, you get the half flush. Have never found another toilet that flushes as well. Maybe those with flush problems are inadvertantly using the half flush feature.

  3. I just bought an Eljer Diplomat. Like you described, there seemed to be a leak under the tank through the bolt hole no matter how tight the bolt got. I sealed the bolt with silicone and got the same leak. I disassembled the toilet and inspected the underside of the tank. There was a flaw in the porcelain right next to the bolt. I wiped the area dry, then wiped my thumb over the flaw. Sure enough more water came out.

    Now I need to decide if I want to schlep the thing back to the store, or try fixing the flaw with silicone. The toilet had what I was looking for: 2-1/8″ trapway and 1000 gm flush rating. The toilet replaced a 6-year-old American Standard (advertised by flushing a bucket of golf balls) that slowly lost its flushing power. Replacement parts for that toilet were discontinued.

  4. This was installed by a professional plumber. But they keep the paper work on the toilet. Can I get a copy of the paper work, since I didn’t pick it out for the replacement. The plumber did.

  5. Had an Eljer Diplomat installed since 2016 and have had no problem. Just this week, I had noticed a crack in the tank, so it is now rendered useless until the tank can be replaced. Will Eljer/American Standard warrant the tank for this long?

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