DuraBath SSP Vs. Acrylic (2023): In-depth Comparison With Features

When choosing reliable bathtub and shower bases, we often feel puzzled. Numerous options are there. Durabath is a famous brand and a top favorite for bathroom remodeling projects.

However, homeowners often feel confused about selecting between DuraBath SSP vs. Acrylic.

DuraBath SSP has a luxurious appearance and is available in various standard and customized sizes and shapes. Contrastly, Durabath Acrylic is lightweight and simple to clean.

But, Durabath SSP is more durable than DuraBath Acrylic.

A Quick Comparison Table

Learning some primary details of both flooring bases will give a quick idea. If you are more interested, then you can go further.

SpecificationDuraBath SSPDurabath Acrylic
MaterialsGround minerals and polymer resinsHeat-fitting acrylic
AppearanceLuxurious lookGood look
VersatilityHuge design options with custom or standard sizes and shapesA limited number of designs, sizes, and colors
Resale valueDecent resale valueLower resale value
Cleaners’ enduranceResistant to different cleanersProne to get damaged from caustic cleaners
DurabilityNot prone toLess durable
PriceA little bit more pricey than  Durabath SSPLess Costly Option

Comprehensive Differences Between DuraBath SSP And Acrylic

So you got a brief idea, right? Doesn’t it seem interesting to know more about both bathroom flooring options?

Surely, it does! Let’s learn in-depth details about them.

  • Materials
DuraBath SSP
DuraBath SSP

Let’s first talk about the materials. Durabath SSP is made of a combination of Ground minerals and polymer resins.

The inclusion of polymer resins makes the product water-resistant and fade-proof. Also, it helps to create a durable, thick, and highly glossy coating.

On the contrary, Durabath Acrylic is made of Heat-fitting acrylic materials.

They have an impressive melting point. This type of bathtub base is tough and durable too. 

  • Appearance

An enchanting look of shower bases grabs immediate attention. Hence, giving importance to the appearance of bathtub and shower bases is necessary.

You can expect to have a luxurious look from Durabath SSP. Its advanced design and eye-catch glossy finish can give your first impression.

Contrastly, Durabath Acrylic is a traditional based product. It adds a simple appearance. People who want a plain look will love this type of bathroom solution.

  • Weight

Weight is an essential factor for installation. Durabath SSP is heavier than Durabath Acrylic. Hence, installing Durabath Acrylic is more easygoing.

You may need a helping hand to install the unit on the second floor or above. Be cautious while carrying them. After all, the heavier loads have a chance to break.

  • Versatility

Durabath SSP comes with huge designs and color options. You can get them in standard and customized shapes. This gives you a lot of versatility to add the best matching option.

In contrast, Durabath Acrylic is available in a limited number of designs, sizes, and colors. But, they are ideal for any regular bathrooms and tubs. It won’t be a concerning point.

  • Resale Value
DuraBath Acrylic
DuraBath Acrylic

Durabath SSP is made with advanced high-quality, and thicker materials.

Its innovative design ensures a great resale value. Plus, this surface base creates a safer showering environment.

You won’t have to worry about an expensive leak in your flooring.

After all, it is an excellent waterproof solution. You can easily install Durabath SSP for any high-end luxury spa bathroom.

So, Durabath SSP will have a higher resale value than Durabath Acrylic. After all, it adds great functionality to your bathroom floor.  

  • Cleaners’ Endurance

the aesthetics of your bathroom can fade away over time due to stains and spots. Regular cleaning is mandatory. Otherwise, harmful bacteria and germs may develop 

Dirt and dust may become super hard. It will then be complicated to remove. Using an effective bathroom floor cleaning solution is essential. House owners often use too harsh products.

These solutions are good at keeping the bathroom floor super clean. But not all floor surfaces can endure the chemical reaction of these cleaners.

Durabath SSP has a tough protective coating. It is resistant to various cleaning solutions. Contrastly, Durabath Acrylic is prone to get damaged by caustic cleaners.

  • Durability

Bathroom and shower floors can last for several decades. Durabath SSP is more durable than Durabath Acrylic. The advanced one is made from heavier, thicker, and tougher materials.

It is not prone to have cracks and other damaging issues soon. But correctly installing the flooring solution is necessary. Otherwise, they won’t last too long.

  • Price

Advanced and high-quality bathroom floor bases have a higher price. After all, they are made with many innovative compounds to offer better functionality. 

Durabath SSP has an expensive option than Durabath Acrylic. You will have a decent budget to install Durabath SSP for larger bathrooms.

Durabath Acrylic is a perfect option. It comes at an affordable price. You won’t have to spend too much on bulky showers and bathroom bases.

What Will Be The Suitable Choice For Your Bathroom?

Choosing a particular bathroom flooring option requires you first consider a few aspects. Consider what functionalities you want from it. Also, taking into account its durability, pricing, installation, maintenance, and other things are vital.

Durabath SSP is an ideal choice if you want a highly advanced option. It will add beauty to your bathroom. Plus, the flooring solution has extreme durability. You can choose from ample colors, sizes, and shapes.

Durabath Acrylic is a good pick when you prefer a more affordable option. It can give your bathroom floor a simple look. But don’t expect it to be highly durable and functional.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Durabath Acrylic?

What is DuraBath acrylic is a simple and porous-free bathroom and shower flooring base. It is effortless to clean and can improve the bathroom look.

Is Acrylic The Best For Shower?

Acrylic is an excellent solution to protect the bathroom floor and wall from water damage. This product doesn’t prone to leaking issues gradually.

Who Makes Durabath?

Re-Bath manufactures all products of DuraBath SSP. They have a limited lifetime warranty. You can expect them to last for several decades easily.

How Long Do Tiled Showers Last?

Tiled showers generally can last 60 to 80 years. But yearly maintenance and regular cleaning are crucial. Resealing the tiles on an annual basis is a good rule of thumb. Also, you may need to change the grouting once every decade. This is especially necessary for too busy bathrooms.

Final Thought

Here we come to our conclusion part on Durabath SSP vs. Acrylic. Choosing either option is okay if it fulfills your bathroom requirements.You should aim at having the best value from the investment.

 If you want a luxurious feel and extreme durability, Durabath SSP seems a perfect pick. But when affordability and simple design attract you more, Durabath Acrylic is a better choice.

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