How To Clean Exhaust Fan In Your Bathroom?

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cleaning the exhaust fan

If you have an exhaust fan in your bathroom and yet the mirror still gets foggy after you that a bath, there is a big chance that you have not cleaned the fan in ages and it is time for you to get it done. The fan also acts as your stinky toilet odor remover like POO Pourri as it sucks up the odor, but if it has been neglected for a while, even the toilet will be smelly.

Getting this fixed is very easy and you can have it done in 10 minutes or less. You even will not need so many tools.

What you will need to clean the exhaust fan:

  1. Vacuum cleaner (recommend a handheld vacuum with a flexible hose)
  2. Brush and soap.
  3. Soft dry cloth.
  4. Screwdriver- just in case
  5. Ladder or something similar to help you reach the ceiling


  • Step 1: Get up onto the ladder with the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the cover of the bathroom exhaust fan to make sure you do not have any loose dust falling onto you and onto the floor. About 2 to 3 minutes of vacuuming should be enough to get most of the loose dust and the vacuum will either suck up or chase away any creepy crawlers that may scare you and lead to you falling off the ladder.
  • Step 2: You need to remove the fan cover. In most cases you do not need any tools, though do not be surprised if it is held by screws, in which case you will need to use the screwdriver. Under normal circumstances, however, you simply need to press opposite edges towards each other and then pull down and the cover should come off. Place the cover somewhere safe.
  • Step 3: There are usually wires that you will see once the cover is off. Ensure that the power is off either from the switch or the main circuit breaker. You could even disconnect the wires if they seem easy too. Get the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the area around the fun and any other dusty potions that you can reach, try and get every bit of dust because dirt is able to clog the system.
  • Step 4: Gain access to the vent, if it is on the roof, then you will need to go up there. You will also need to vacuum the vent. The vents trap dust both from outside as well as dust that the fan may have sucked up. Give the vent a good cleaning with the vacuum.
  • Step 5: Fill a wash basin with water and add soap to it. Soak the fan cover in the soapy water for about a minute as you inspect the fan to ensure there is no dust left over. You can use the dry soft cloth to wipe the fan blades just in case there may be moisture. After a minute, use the scrubbing brush to clean the cover, do not scrub too hard that it causes scratches on the cover but do it just enough to get it clean and looking good. You can then let it dry in the air or use a dry soft cloth to dry it.
  • Step 6: If you had disconnected the wires, reconnect them and then replace the fan cover with a similar procedure as the one you used to remove it only this time you will be pushing it back into place instead of pulling it down. Makes sure it sits perfectly in place and you should be done.
  • Step 7: Turn the switch on and run the fan to see if it is working well. You can get a paper and place it in front of the fan and see if it is able to suck the paper onto the cover, that will show you that it is working well.


Do not wait for your fan to stop working well for you to give it a good clean. It is advisable to clean the fan regularly. Once every 3 or 6 months would be a good periodic cleaning. Fans suck up the equivalent of air in 1000 houses every year and this air usually has dirt in it so imagine the amount of dust that can get stuck in there if you do not clean it regularly.

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