Can You Get Pregnant From A Toilet Seat?

I got a lot of questions about the topic. A lot of women are concerned about getting pregnant from a toilet seat. Look, a toilet seat may contain (in some cases of course do) several germs and bacteria, but you can’t get pregnant from it. Not only this, you can’t get any sexually transmitted diseases like HPV, Herpes, and Chlamydia.

Why Not You Can’t Get Pregnant From A Toilet Seat?

can you get pregnant from a toilet seat?

In an open-air environment, the sperm of a male dries within seconds. When the sperm dries, it means they are dead. Dead sperm can’t make you pregnant for sure. Let’s say your boyfriend or husband ejaculated on the toilet seat. After that, you entered the bathroom and sat on the toilet seat directly. It is very unlikely that the sperm would be active till then.

Let’s talk about how women get pregnant. Each month, every mature woman ovulates producing an egg, probably in the middle of the month. This egg keeps waiting to be fertilized by a sperm within 24 hours period.

Unless there is vagina-penis sex, it is very very unlikely that the egg will be fertilized. After the 24 hours period, if no sperm can fertilize the egg, the egg disintegrates and within the next 2 weeks, the period will happen.

Even if you have more doubt on that, talk to the specialist doctor about pregnancy.

How The Semen & Egg Work?

Now, let’s talk about how the sperm can fertilize the egg. Each sperm has a small tail with which it can swim. If the active sperm can reach the vagina or near the vaginal canal, it will travel through the cervix and uterus to reach the egg.

As you notice, the sperm has to be at least near the vaginal canal. Now, what if you immediately sit on the toilet seat where someone just ejaculated touching your vagina? Will you get pregnant? I would say, this is not impossible but very very unlikely that something like pregnancy will happen.

Instead of direct intercourse, there is a small chance of getting you pregnant, but for that, you should not blame the toilet seat. The toilet seat is the least likely place where the semen can survive for more than a few seconds.

Semen needs a warm and wet environment to survive. If your boyfriend ejaculated on the bathtub, the semen will live longer than the toilet seat.

Again, let’s say there is already some semen on the finger of your male partner and he fingers you, then there is a higher chance that the sperm can swim all the way to the fallopian tubes to fertilize the egg. No matter how you got pregnant, you can’t blame the toilet seat for that.

Some couple likes the ‘stop and pull’ technique during intercourse. Remember, pre-ejaculation may also get you pregnant. How? If your boyfriend doesn’t urinate after ejaculation or don’t wash the penis head clearly.

What Should You Do?

For your mental peace only, you can follow the following tips. Let me tell you again, you can’t get pregnant from a toilet seat in any situation!

  1. Before sitting on the toilet seat, make sure it is dry. No matter whether it is a public toilet or the toilet in your bathroom, always make sure the seat is dry and clean.
  2. If you notice the toilet seat is wet, use the toilet paper to dry it.
  3. Keep your toilet always dry and clean. Make sure the exhaust fan is working perfectly.
  4. Talk to your boyfriend in an open mind and tell him your concern. Maybe he will laugh, but still, tell him not to ejaculate on the toilet seat.

Following the above tips won’t prevent the pregnancy because there is no scientific background of it, but will surely give you some mental peace that at least there is no germ on the toilet seat.

Summing Up

As you can see, there are many ways that may get you pregnant but you can’t get pregnant or other sexually transmitted diseases from a toilet seat. Just make sure your toilet is always clean and dry. That will at least give you the mental satisfaction of not being pregnant from a toilet seat.

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