Briggs Glenwood Toilet Reviews 2024: Is It Worth It?

An elegant toilet or commode enhances the beauty of your washroom. Briggs is renowned for providing authentic, glossy, and long-lasting toilet products that ensure complete comfort and a delicate touch.

Washrooms add sophistication to your apartment. Briggs Glenwood toilets offer unique toilet models that provide comfort and give a dazzling outlook to your bathrooms.

Here is an elaborate discussion on the pros and cons of the Briggs Glenwood toilet to prove whether it is worth your money.

Features of Briggs Glenwood Toilet

You got a brief idea about the Briggs Glenwood toilet from the introduction. Now let’s head towards a detailed discussion on the features and benefits of Briggs Glenwood toilet. 

  • Materials

One of the fanciest aspects of Briggs Glenwood toilets is their materials and design.

Plastic is the primary material of Briggs’ toiletries. 

Easy-fit and sustainable components of Briggs Glenwood toilet ensure long-lasting service.

You can rely on the product’s materials for exceptional qualities and offerings. 

  • Durability

Briggs Glenwood toilets are famous for their durability. The framework and material of the toilet accessories ensure the product can endure heavy stress and last long. 

Users have showered heavy praises regarding Brigg Glenwood toilet’s durability and enduring capacity. The product will satisfy your demand and exceed expectations with this specific feature.  

  • Easy Installation

You must purchase the best commodes that are easy to install and endures heavy weights. Briggs Glenwood toilets feature an easy installation process that will take about one hour or so. 

You can save enough money due to the simple installation of Briggs toilet accessories. The process requires less hassle and professional help. 

You will also get an installation instruction catalog with the product. 

  • High Pressure for Effective Flushing

A flawed flushing system can leave a negative impression on your washroom. Therefore, you must purchase the best toilet with an effective and clean flushing system.

Briggs Glenwood toilets have scored 500 grams on the maximum pressure test. The result proves that Briggs Glenwood toilets feature a smooth flushing system.

Moreover, Briggs Glenwood toilets feature a thoroughly gazed 2-inch trapway that doesn’t allow the waste to clog in the middle of the pipe.

The trapway also ensures a smooth flow of water through the pipelines.

You can drive away all the waste in a single push and ensure a hygienic toilet experience.

  • Bowl Design and Shape

Bowl design and shape dictate the comfort of a commode. Generally, commodes with oval-shaped bowls and plastic materials provide sheer ease to the users.

Briggs Glenwood toilet models feature oval and elongated bowl design that offers comfortable sitting. The bowl’s shape and design are suitable for elders and other people suffering from physical challenges.

If you are searching for the proper toilet setup that provides equal comfort to all generations, you should select the Briggs Glenwood toilet.

  • Elegant and Sophisticated Design
Briggs Glenwood 2-Piece White Tall Elongated Toilet

A sophisticated toilet enhances the beauty of your washroom.

You want to give your bathroom an attractive and stunning outlook to impress everyone.

Briggs Glenwood toilets each model features a lucrative design and an elegant finish.

The products will attract you immediately and add a new dimension to your bathroom’s outlook.

Moreover, the stylish color grading of Briggs Glenwood toilets will modernize your bathroom and appeal to visitors.

Therefore, the stylish and elegant design of Briggs Glenwood makes the product worth all your money.

  • Universal Fitting 

Briggs Glenwood toilets are universally fit. That means you can use Briggs products in any corner of the globe. You don’t need any specific cement or concrete to hold the toilet accessories.

Moreover, the Briggs Glenwood toilets feature a 12-inch rigid inner system by which you can install the product in most places.

  • Warranty Service 

Briggs Glenwood offers various warranty services based on customer levels. You can enjoy a 12 months warranty service as a new customer.

For premium customers, Briggs Glenwood toilets offer a 5-year warranty service that includes mechanical help. 

Besides, Briggs Glenwood provides 24 hours service for their customers. Hence, you can rely on their first-class customer service whenever you want. 

What Could’ve Been Better For Briggs Glenwood Toilet?

Consumers have complained about a few drawbacks of the Briggs Glenwood toilet. Even though the problems are pretty minimal, a brief essay is provided below for your convenience. 

  • Flushing Problems

Despite featuring excellent materials, users have complained about the flushing efficiency of Briggs Glenwood toilets. 

Some models have shown signs of flushing problems and wastage of water. However, Briggs has been working on this drawback and adding new product features. 

  • Pricing and Cost 

Briggs Glenwood toilet accessories are comparatively more expensive than other brands. The price of Briggs Glenwood toilet models ranges from $800 to $1000. 

In addition, there are other extra costs as well. You need to bear the expenses of delivery charges and installation costs alongside the cost of the product. 

However, don’t let the high price overshadow the benefits and service you will receive from Briggs Glenwood toilets. The exclusive features and specifications will be worth every single penny.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Menards sell Briggs toilets?

Yes, Menards sell Briggs toilets at their outlets. The Briggs Glenwood standard-height toilets are the most popular products in that area. 

How do you install a Briggs Glenwood toilet?

Before installing a Briggs Glenwood toilet, check the toilet flange and install a new toilet seal. Afterward, place the commode on the flange and ensure the bathroom fits appropriately to the floor.

Does Briggs make toilets?

Briggs offers a wide range of toilet accessories, including commodes, plumbing, urinal, and lavatories supply. You can also get 24 hours customer service from Briggs. 

Where is the model number on a Briggs toilet?

You will find the Briggs toilet’s model number and manufacturing date on the back of the tank’s wall.  


Despite a few drawbacks, Briggs Glenwood holds a phenomenal position in the market for its top-notch service and elegant qualities. 

Briggs Glenwood combines aesthetics and a solid framework to produce first-class toilet accessories. Hope this Brigg Glenwood toilet review will help you buy the right product to fulfill your dream washroom. 

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