What Brands Are Compatible With Moen Valves?

Having a shower or tub in a bathroom or washroom is as important as having a sink in the kitchen. To fix that shower or tub in its position, you need to have a valve in the water supply line.

Because it is the most critical component to any shower application or for supplying water to the tub.

In that case, considering Moen Valves to apply it with the showers of your bathroom is highly worth it. However, let’s figure out which shower brands are most compatible with the Moen Valves.

Some Most Compatible Brands With The Moen Valves

Moen Valves
Moen Valves

Of course, when we find the most compatible brands with Moen Valves, we discuss the shower brands.

In that case, I have listed some of the most reputable shower brands compatible with the Moen Valves.

  • Danco Plumbing Parts and DIY Repair Expert
  • Delta
  • Pfister
  • Amstrad
  • Kohler

Although Moen has products for all kitchen and bathroom needs, including the sink faucet, showers, tubs, etc., sometimes, you might have to interchange these products and apply the fixing.

You can consider buying any product from these brands, either tub, shower, or else. The most compatible brands with Moen Valves are explained as follows.

  • Danco Plumbing Parts

One of the highly compatible and most recommended tub or shower kit replacements with Moen values is from Danco. This brand has a range of showers, tubs, faucets, and other equipment.

At Danco, they are only concerned about how to make things more innovative and better than yesterday.

You can find any replacement plumbing product at this brand and fix it with your installed Moen Valves.

Moreover, it would be easier to work with tubs, showers, and other replacement parts from Danco because of the easy DIY project management.

  • Delta
Delta Valve
Delta Valve

If you have a pre-installed Moen valve, Delta Universal kitchen and bathroom appliances are best to work with this brand.

Delta Plumbing gives you a wide variety of Kitchen Faucets, Bathroom Sink Faucets, Bating, and several Showring options.

These products are compatible with the values, so no plumbing is required.

You can plug out your old Faucet or shower and install a new Delta Shower.

Delta has been in this line of business for years and has built excellent quality products for all kitchen and bathroom needs.

It determines that Moen Valves are also universal because these valves don’t only fit with the Moen products. Still, they also work with plenty of other brands.

  • Pfister

The third most compatible brand products with the Moen valves are from Pfister. Whether you buy a specific product for your kitchen or bathroom from Pfister, these will also work best with those pre-installed Moen Valves.

At Pfister, they help you save money and time by installing their universal Tubs and Shower systems.

These products can easily be adapted to most brands of plumbing. Pfister claims that it is compatible with your existing Moen, Delta, and its Valves already installed.

No need to hire a professional to complete the replacement and fixing job because Pfister will do it.

Besides, the brand is of high quality, offering astonishing designs and various finishes to upgrade your kitchen and bath equipment.

What could be better than a lifetime guarantee with this Moen Valves-compatible brand?

  • Amstrad

American Standards is another official brand working in America to provide top-quality products for kitchens and bathrooms.

This brand’s products are also compatible with Moen valves, and you can install them without indulging in the tough job of plumbing.

Change accessories, faucets, Sinks, Bathtubs, and more with easy DIY utility. Find something new in your kitchen and bathroom with these products.

  • Kohler
Kohler Valve
Kohler Valve

Consider Kohler if you are thinking of installing something more extraordinary, refined, and uniquely designed in the form of faucets, sinks, and tubs.

It is one of those highly known brands that produce unique products for baths and kitchens with a unique profile.

You can say that even the modern innovation of baths and kitchens is compatible with your Old Moen Valves.

However, before installing any product from Kohler on your already installed Valve, ensure it provides the correct fixing. Otherwise, you will have to go for a little plumbing job.

Hence, these are some worth choosing brands that can be used as replacement products on those Moen Valves.

But if a specific brand doesn’t stay compatible with a specific product, consider changing the Valve with the exact specification the product offers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Moen Valves Universal?

Moen Valves can be used in your plumbing to provide a joint for the shower and tub in the bathroom. They are Universal Valves because these valves are compatible with most kitchen and bathroom equipment selling brands in the market.

Is Pfister Compatible with Moen?

Yes, Pfister is highly compatible with Moen. They state that their products can be installed on existing Delta and Moen Valves without any problems.

Can I Use a Different Brand of Shower Valve?

If you are using a different brand shower valve, consider buying the same shower for it because that Valve might not be suitable to work with all types of kitchen and bathroom products.

Are All Moen Valves Compatible?

These Moen Valves come in different shapes and sizes. So, saying that all these valves are compatible will be wrong. Customers should always analyze the Valve with the replacement product for perfect installation.


So, what brands are compatible with Moen Valves? You know about all those brands if you have read this article. However, there could be more out there if you do a little more research.

But I think using the Pfister equipment with Moen Valve would be highly Compatible.

Even if it’s true that Moen Valves are universal, always check your replacement product to find out whether it is installable with your existing Valve or not. Only if you are sure, make your purchase.

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