Difference Between Bathroom And Window Caulk You Need To Know!

Caulks are a handy and flexible item to create a waterproof seal between two materials. For example, you can use it for making a great connection between a tile and tub or frame and window. 

Bathroom caulk and window caulk are the two most commonly used. 

But are you aware of the difference between bathroom and window caulk? We often use window caulks in bathrooms or bathroom caulks on windows. 

Let’s see how they are different from each other.

A Quick Comparison Table

In a hurry? Want to know a brief overview of bathroom caulk and window caulk? 

Read through this comparison table to have a primary idea between these two caulks. 

SpecificationsBathroom CaulkWindow Caulk
Type of chalk to choosesiliconized acrylic or polymer caulkSilicone polymer, paintable silicone,  polymer, butyl rubber
PriceMore priceyLess pricey
DurabilityDurableMore durable
Alternative useEasily possibleNot always possible
PreparationPreparation requiredSmall preparation required

By going through this table, you may already get a primary hint about top factors that set both caulks apart.

Though we often use them for the same purposes, you can’t use each bathroom caulk or window caulk for all purposes. After all, they are made for a specific reason, so you should only use them only for that purpose.

Main Difference Between Bathroom And Window Caulk

window caulk
Window Caulk

Bathrooms and windows may have many common things, but they are not fully similar apart from their name. Check out these in-depth details to learn more important things about them.

  • Type of Chalk To Choose

Bathroom caulks and window caulks are available in various types, but you can’t use all of them for alternative purposes.

Siliconized acrylic and polymer caulk are the best option for a bathroom because they are not prone to break down due to excessive temperature or moisture. Also, mold and mildew won’t easily develop since they have water-resistant properties.

On the other hand, window caulks are available in many options such as silicone polymer, paintable silicone, polymer, butyl rubber, etc.

Since windows are mostly made of wood or steel, these types of window caulk are not prone to crack and become loose easily. 

  • Durability 
bathroom caulk

If you compare the durability between bathroom caulk and window caulk, window caulks are more durable since they come into less contact with water, which would make the substance weaker over time otherwise.

However, window caulks still have limited durability since they contact the outside environment.

Dust, dirt, hot weather, and other things will affect the durability since most windows are located close to outside walls.

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  • Alternative Use

Though window caulks are available in more types than bathroom caulks, you can use most window caulks for bathrooms unless they are water-resistant.

However, you can use many bathrooms caulks for windows since they are highly compatible with adjusting to the external environment.

For example, GE Sealants & Adhesives M90007 is an excellent bathroom caulks that you can use 100% waterproof and has 7x stronger adhesion.

This type of bathroom caulk is easily suitable to use for windows apart from the bathroom and kitchen. It is shrink-proof and crack-proof, is not prone to discolor any object, and won’t cause any stain.

  • Preparation 

When working on a bathroom, you have to prepare to properly clean the area, make it moisture-free apart, and then use long tape strips to keep the surrounding area harmless.

 On the other hand, using window caulk doesn’t require much preparation since they don’t have any moisture. All they have some dust or grimes which you can properly clean using a fresh rag.

  • Different Price
caulking bathroom

Compared to window caulks, bathroom caulks are a little bit pricey.

The reason is that tougher and high-quality ingredients need to be used to make bathroom caulk as they will contact water, heat, and pressure.

You can take an example of the GE Supreme White Supreme Silicone Kitchen and Bath Caulk, which will cost around the US $11.57 on the official eBay website.

On the other hand, you consider the GE Silicone GE012 Clear Window & Door Silicone Rubber Caulk, which costs US $9.80 on the official eBay website.

Which One Appears The Better Choice?

When it comes to choosing a caulk, you have to consider several things such as water-resistant, flexibility, adhesion power, drying time, curing time, durability, price, impact on different surfaces, shrink & crack-proof, etc.

It is not appropriate to say which one is the best because you are not using them for the same purpose. Their specific usage purposes set them apart from other options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can You Use Bathroom Caulk On Windows?

You can use many bathrooms caulks on windows since they are highly flexible and weather-proof. Also, they have better adhesion power to ensure a firm attachment between two objects. But it is always better to double-check if your window is made of unique materials.

Can I Use Exterior Caulk In The Bathroom?

If you want to use any exterior caulk in the bathroom, make sure it is waterproof and mold-resistant. Otherwise, its seal won’t be effective and will deteriorate over time.
Since the bathroom atmosphere is closely related to higher humidity levels, you need to choose an exterior caulk with strong adhesion power.

What Kind Of Caulking Do You Use For Windows?

Regardless of the caulk you use, it should be highly durable to ensure no cracking or wearing issues soon. Though a wide range of caulks is available for windows, silicone and polyurethane are the two best options since they are flexible and can last more than 20 years.

How Do I Know If My Windows Need Caulking?

You can figure out the perfect caulking time by inspecting the window condition. Its windows may have damaged frames; its pane may become loose, or there is moisture at the below or upper part of the window.

Where Should You Not Caulk Around Windows?

Sometimes, we may think caulking all around the windows will give it greater protection. However, it is wrong. You should avoid using caulk places like the ledge above the window frame, the drip edge area, and other movable parts of the windows.


So, you are aware of the differences between bathroom and window caulk? Many household owners think both are the same, though they are not. 

Knowing their in-depth details allows you to choose better a particular one based on your personal requirements.

Hopefully, you have learned some important details about bathroom and window caulk from this post. I recommend using both caulk for their individual purposes so that you don’t have to mix up things and compromise the quality.

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