Safety Tips To Have The Safest Bathroom Always

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Most People often underestimate the accidents occurred with the slippery floors or hot water in bathroom particularly when seniors or small babies reside in a home.

Handling hot water in a bathtub or basin, slippery floor caused by unwanted rug pieces, soaps, or shampoos can cause unwanted fatal accidents.

These accidents can be avoided easily by some simple practice. Using any best non slip tub mat can save you from fatal accidents.

In addition to that, I am here to discuss some bathroom safety tips, carrying out these rules in everyday life can be useful to have a safe and sound bathroom and accidents will be reduced significantly:

  1. In case of washing and bathing in warm water or whenever you are finished using your flushing toilet, always open the tap of cold water first then the hot water tab. It will allow you to mix the hot water with the cold one without having accidents occurred by burning or scalds. It is a common accident in the bathroom caused by hot water tab when you wish to take a warm shower after hectic workdays.
  2. Wherever in the bathroom, there is probation to use cold water and hot water both, please make sure to indicate the hot and cold line clearly. Residents of a particular house might know which one is the hot line and which one is cold but the outsiders or relatives visiting in a new house will face trouble. Hot tab to the color red and cold tab to color blue are a general t
  3. Most of the accidents occur in the bathroom caused by a slippery floor. A bathroom may get slippery from water falling out of the vanity sink and other sources. Your bathroom tiles, walls, and floor must be out of mold or fungus which will make your bathroom floor slippery. A slippery bathroom is very dangerous to babies and elders even sometimes for the youth. There are several ways to remove floor mold and fungus. Your bathroom floor should not be wet for a long period by clogged water which will invite the floor fungus. Rub your bathroom floor with a floor washer regularly. Different types of floor cleaning reagents are present in the market to wash out fungus. Choose abrasive floor tiles for your bathroom floor to reduce slipperiness.
  4. Soaps, shampoo bottles, shaving gels, shower gels, cleaning agents, and any other liquid things in the bathroom must be placed on the men’s height. You can even buy a small vanity to keep them organized. If the rack of these items is at a lower height then there is a possibility to fall down. Overlooking the soaps and gels on the floor can bring serious accidents. Elders with low eyesight often overlook the falling objects on the floor and they become the main victim of it.
  5. If your bathroom equipped with a water heater or geyser, always try to install it all above the wall. If your geyser is well insulated then there will be no trouble for burning and scalding. In the case of the non-insulated water heater, you must put the setting of the thermostat between 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Installing the geyser out of the bathroom is a more appreciable option. The water heater must be leakage-free because dropped hot water out of the heater will also a reason for fatal accidents.
  6. All electrical connection points must be installed far enough distance from showers or tabs. Above all, it must be out of the water. Water entering the electrical points will cause a shortening of the electricity line. Bulbs and lightings should be on the top. There must be a proper lighting facility in the bathroom. A dark room is a place where accidents reside.
  7. Putting a non-slip, abrasive bathroom rug in front of your bathtub will give you balance and prevent falling. After taking bath in a bathtub especially with liquid soaps will make your feet a bit oily or slippery. If you put an abrasive rug beside your bathtub it will give you a nice balance when you place your feet on it. For more safety one can install grab bars or handle around the bathtub or toilets. There is plenty of bathroom handle and rails are available in the market. Never use a towel holder or soap case a handle or a rail because they are very weak in strength and whenever you try to raise your body by grabbing these, can break and cause you to fall. If you do not wish to use a safety rail or handle, there are also several ways to overcome accidents. Take your time in the bath and gently leave the place and never rush. Ruthless people often fall.
  8. If you have babies in your house, you must take extra care of them to avoid bathroom accidents. They can drown in a few drinks of water in a bathtub. So proper supervision is necessary during bathing them. Never ever leave a baby in a tub alone. For more safety, bathe them with bath seats and rings. The water taps and faucets must be covered with cushioned elements. It will prevent him or her from a head injury in case of rising. The babies can’t withstand the warm temperature of the water. So make sure the mixture of hot and cold water is adjustable to them. Keep the soaps, shampoos, shower gels, shaving foam out of their reach. Don’t let them walk on the floor of the bathroom. Try to install a handle or rail for their safety. Using a step stool for the bathroom is a good idea as well.
  9. Seniors always find trouble when using a bathroom. They don’t have a proper balance in their body weight and their legs become very weak. Grab bars around the toilets, showers, and bathtubs are highly necessary for them. If the grab bar is unavailable, then put a rug, mats, or uneven, abrasive surface can be used. Wet and slippery floor are the main enemies for them. For the beloved elderly person, the height of the rack containing soap and others might be placed within their reach easily. A shower stool or chair placing under the shower will be more appropriate. Their toilet height should also be adjusted. These safety precautions can also be applied to pregnant women. Because they also need to have properly cared for in the time of maternity.
  10. To reduce accidents in the bathroom, we need proper awareness. We need to follow the safety instructions. Clean our bathroom regularly will make it healthy and odor-free. A clean healthy bathroom will not only prevent accidents but also keep us disease-free. So we should always try to teach the safety tips to our Youngers, elders, and others and try to aware them. Try to take extra care of seniors and babies to use the bathroom properly.
  11. Make cleaning a regular task. Clean all the bathroom stuff like the faucet, sink, toilet at regular intervals. Use the best toilet bowl stain remover to clean the toilet as you need to use it regularly.

January is declared as National Bath safety month. Every year there are some agendas to take the proper safety in our bathroom as every one of three elders above sixty are at risk of bathroom accidents.

Proper care should also be taken for newborn babies and pregnant women. Have a safe and healthy bathroom is an asset of your lovely home. Try to follow the safety instruction to eliminate any unpleasant moments. Thank you. Stay safe.      

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