Bath Fitter Vs. West Shore Home Bath Remodelers

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom without going through a full gut renovation, replacing the tub and shower enclosure is often the most effective upgrade. Two popular bathroom remodelers that specialize in bath tub and shower replacements are Bath Fitter and West Shore Home.

Both companies have been around for decades and have installed hundreds of thousands of bathrooms across North America. They offer similar services for a similar price point, so how do you choose between them?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll go through the key differences between Bath Fitter and West Shore Home when it comes to products, services, prices, and reputation. We’ll provide pros and cons for each company so you can determine which is the better fit for your bathroom remodel.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureBath FitterWest Shore Home
Years in business39 years, founded 198417 years, founded 2006
Number of locations200+ locations20+ states
Services offeredTub-to-shower conversions, tub and shower replacements, resurfacingSame services as Bath Fitter
Tub-to-shower design options1 basic shower configuration, 4 color optionsMore size and layout options, 15+ color options
Tub and shower materialsAcrylic, enameled steel, cultured marbleSame materials
Cost for tub-to-shower conversion$3,500+$2,100+
Cost for tub replacement$3,000+$1,800+
Cost for shower replacement$5,000+$3,000+
Cost for resurfacing$2,500+$1,500+
WarrantyLifetime warranty on materials and laborSame lifetime warranty
Customer satisfaction3 out of 5 stars average4 out of 5 stars average

Overview of Bath Fitter

Bath Fitter

Founded in 1984, Bath Fitter is one of the OGs of the bath remodeling industry.

They specialize in tub-to-shower conversions, tub and shower replacements, and tub and shower resurfacing.

Bath Fitter operates in the US and Canada with over 200 locations.

Their installers have over 30 years of experience replacing and resurfacing baths.


  • Very established company with extensive experience
  • Large network of installers across North America
  • Good reputation for quality of materials
  • Seamless walls for easy cleaning
  • Lifetime warranty on materials and installation


  • More expensive than competitors
  • Pushy sales tactics reported by some customers
  • Limited design options – only 4 colors available

Overview of West Shore Home

Founded in 2006, West Shore Home is a newer player in the bath remodeling space but has quickly grown to become one of the largest bath remodelers in North America.

They provide the same services as Bath Fitter – tub-to-shower conversions, tub and shower replacements, and resurfacing existing tubs and showers. West Shore Home operates in over 20 states and has done over 200,000 bathroom remodels.


  • Significantly lower prices than Bath Fitter
  • More design options – over 15 different colors
  • Good reputation for quality of materials
  • Lifetime warranty on installations
  • Seamless walls for easy cleaning


  • Not as established as Bath Fitter
  • Smaller installer network than Bath Fitter
  • Some complaints about damage during installs

Key Differences Between Bath Fitter And West Shore Home Bath Remodelers

Now that we’ve provided an overview of both companies, let’s do a detailed feature-by-feature comparison.

  • Tub-to-Shower Conversions

One of the most popular bathroom remodels is converting a standard bathtub into a walk-in shower. Both Bath Fitter and West Shore Home offer tub-to-shower conversions.

They will remove your existing tub and replace it with a spacious shower enclosure featuring seamless walls.

West Shore Home
West Shore Home

Bath Fitter and West Shore Home use similar methods for the conversion – retaining the existing tub frame and water lines to install the new shower pan and walls directly over the old tub.

This avoids the need for messy demolition or altering plumbing lines.

The main difference between the two companies for tub-to-shower conversions is cost and design options.

Bath Fitter offers only one basic shower configuration and four color options.

West Shore Home has more size and layout options for the shower area and over 15 different color options. West Shore Home’s conversions are also approximately 40% less expensive.

  • Bathtub and Shower Replacements

If you want to replace your tub or shower enclosure entirely, both Bath Fitter and West Shore Home offer complete bathtub and shower replacements. This involves removing your old tub or shower walls down to the studs and installing a brand new tub or shower system.

For bathtub replacements, both companies claim to be able to install the new tub in one day without any demolition required of existing tile or walls. Each company offers acrylic, enameled steel and cultured marble tubs.

For shower replacements, they provide complete shower modules with seamless one-piece walls and a base. Bath Fitter offers a few different shower sizes while West Shore Home has a wider selection of shower sizes and layouts.

The materials used are very comparable between the two companies. The main differences are cost and design options. Again, West Shore Home offers many more colors, patterns, and configuration options but for a significantly lower price.

  • Tub and Shower Resurfacing

You can save thousands of dollars by resurfacing your existing tub or shower walls and floor rather than replacing them. Bath Fitter and West Shore Home provide professional resurfacing services.

The process involves cleaning and prep of your existing tub/shower, applying an acrylic bonding layer, then spraying on layers of acrylic finish. This resurfacing will fix chips and cracks, conceal stains and discoloration, and provide a fresh new look.

The companies use very similar resurfacing processes and materials. As with their other services, the main differences come down to cost and customization. Bath Fitter offers only four basic colors starting at about $2,500. West Shore Home has over 15 color options starting at around $1,500.

  • Installation Process

The installation process is another area where West Shore Home and Bath Fitter differ.

Bath Fitter Installation

Bath Fitter
Bath Fitter

True to their name, Bath Fitter touts a quicker, simpler install than West Shore. Here’s how their process works:

  1. Take exact measurements of your existing tub and walls.
  2. Custom mold an acrylic or plastic surround to fit over your tub and walls seamlessly.
  3. Schedule your installation appointment, usually within 2-3 weeks of order.
  4. Complete the installation in one day by fitting the surround over the old tub.

No demolition is required. Installers simply clean the existing tub well, attach the surround, and silicone around edges for waterproofing.

West Shore Home Installation

West Shore Home’s installation process is not quite as seamless, since their surrounds use a multi-piece modular design rather than a molded custom fit. Their typical installation goes as follows:

  1. Visit your home to get precise measurements.
  2. Order the closest size of shower kit or tub liner to your dimensions.
  3. Schedule the installation appointment, within about 3 weeks of order.
  4. Arrive and complete the installation over 1-3 days.

The installers must cut and assemble the pieces to fit your tub and walls. Some minor demolition may be required to remove old tiles or fixtures in the way.

Overall, West Shore’s installation seems to require more work and time from installers versus the quicker tub fits from Bath Fitter.

  • Customization Options

Both companies offer some options to customize your new tub or shower to your preferences.

Bath Fitter Customizations

With Bath Fitter, you can select from 10 basic bathtub colors and 20 shower colors. Thermoformed surrounds come in white or biscuit.

You can upgrade to add a slip-resistant floor, LED lighting, or glass shower doors. Grab bars and seats are also available add-ons.

But overall, Bath Fitter offers fewer possibilities to customize than West Shore. Access panel designs are limited, and you get no choice over the style of your tub or shower base – it will match what you currently have.

West Shore Home Customizations

West Shore Home
West Shore Home

West Shore provides more design flexibility with multiple lengths and shapes of shower pans, over a dozen wall surround colors, and optional tile patterns.

You can select from some different access panel looks, shower bases in alcove or neo angle styles, and choose to add a seat or shower head upgrades.

So if a wide range of custom shower features is important to you, West Shore likely offers more possibilities.

  • Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

When looking at the reputation of Bath Fitter vs West Shore Home, both score relatively well but West Shore Home appears to edge out Bath Fitter when it comes to customer satisfaction.

On the Better Business Bureau, Bath Fitter has an A+ rating but also over 500 complaints filed over the past 3 years. Many complaints cite issues with the quality of workmanship, customer service, and pushy sales tactics.

West Shore Home has an A rating on the BBB with less than 100 complaints over the past 3 years. They appear to have fewer issues with installation problems and customer service.

Third party review sites like Trustpilot tell a similar story. Bath Fitter has around a 3 out of 5 star average from over 1500 reviews. West Shore Home has a 4 out of 5 star average from over 5000 reviews. Customers commonly cite the quality of work and pricing as positives for West Shore Home.

  • Warranties

The warranties offered by both Bath Fitter and West Shore Home are excellent. Both companies provide lifetime warranties on both materials and labor. So if anything goes wrong with the installation or the quality of the materials down the road, they will repair or replace it for free.

The warranties are fully transferable to future homeowners as well. Ultimately there is not much difference between the two when it comes to the warranty coverage.

  • Pricing and Costs

Here is a pricing overview for some common tub and shower remodels:

  1. Tub-to-shower conversion: $3,500+ for Bath Fitter, $2,100+ for West Shore Home
  2. Acrylic tub replacement: $3,000+ for Bath Fitter, $1,800+ for West Shore Home
  3. Shower replacement: $5,000+ for Bath Fitter, $3,000+ for West Shore Home
  4. Tub resurfacing: $2,500+ for Bath Fitter, $1,500+ for West Shore Home

As you can see, West Shore Home’s pricing is significantly lower across the board. In general, you can save 30-50% by going with them over Bath Fitter.

Keep in mind that pricing for any remodeling project is affected by factors like your location, the size of the bathroom, and customization options chosen. Be sure to get detailed quotes from each company for your specific project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions when comparing Bath Fitter vs West Shore Home:

Who are West Shore Home competitors?

West Shore Home’s main competitors are Bath Fitter, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, Re-Bath, The Home Depot, and Lowe’s.

What is the difference between Bath Fitter and ReBath?

Bath Fitter and ReBath offer very similar services and products though ReBath provides full bathroom remodels while Bath Fitter focuses only on tubs and showers. ReBath is owned by the Home Depot and is a smaller company with fewer locations than Bath Fitter.

Who owns West Shore Bath?

West Shore Home is owned by the private equity firm Littlejohn & Co.

How long has West Shore Home been in business?

West Shore Home has been in business since 2006, giving them over 15 years of experience with bath remodeling. However, they are younger than competitor Bath Fitter, which has been around since 1984.

Are one day shower remodels worth it?

The convenience of getting your outdated shower replaced in just one day is appealing. But are these fast bath remodels really worth the cost?
The Pros of One-Day Shower Remodels:
1. Little disruption to your home since it’s completed in one quick appointment
2. Avoid costs of moving out or staying in a hotel during renovations
-Skip demolition and construction messes
Potential Downsides:
1. Limited customization options compared to full remodels
2. Higher cost per square foot than a standard bathroom remodel
3. Risk of trim not fitting perfectly or gaps in caulking over time
4. Not as durable or high quality as tile, fiberglass, or other shower materials

Bottom Line

Overall, West Shore Home beats out Bath Fitter for price, design options, and customer satisfaction. Unless you specifically want a company with a longer history like Bath Fitter, we recommend choosing West Shore Home for your bath remodeling needs.

Just be sure to get multiple quotes before making your final decision. With either company, make sure you understand all costs, construction methods, timelines, and warranties before signing a contract.

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