Are Dual Flush Toilets Any Good?

dual flash toilet

Toilets are a necessity in every home or building, and there is a need to install toilet systems that guarantee comfort and convenience for users.

Single flush toilet systems are the conventional toilets in most homes and buildings, but the introduction of dual flush toilets has made some people realize some of the shortcomings associated with single flush toilets.

There have always been debates on whether dual flush toilets are better than single flush toilet systems or not. Some of the major areas of divergence include; operational efficiency, maintenance, cost, and convenience.

The operation of dual flush toilets is based on a dual setting mechanism that allows a user to select a high volume flush or a low volume flush.

On the other hand, the single flush toilet has a single setting mechanism that only allows a high volume flush. The following are some of the advantages of a dual flush toilet that makes it better than a single flush toilet;

  • It Saves Water

 There has been a chronic water shortage in recent years, and most countries and states are coming up with better water management policies to increase water conservation.

As a result, dual system toilets have been identified as one of the solutions to water wastage when it comes to toilets. Dual flush toilets have a low volume flush that promotes water conservation. TOTO toilets are examples of high-tech toilets that one can select when it comes to replacing their single flush toilets with dual flush toilets. In addition, the toilet seat is easy to clean.

However, some critics of the dual flush toilets argue that the low volume flush does not guarantee satisfactory flushing action, but their ability to conserve water cannot be questioned.

Also, the toilets have a high volume flush option that can always be used when a high volume flush is required. In fact, the low volume flush is meant for the liquid waste while the high volume flush is meant for solid waste.

On the other hand, conventional toilets have a high volume flush for both solid and liquid waste, and this ends up wasting a lot of water.

For every flush, a single flush toilet uses and an average of six liters of water as compared to an average of three liters of water used by the dual flush model for the low volume flush option.

Therefore, each household can save up to 25,000 liters of water every year by simply replacing conventional toilets with dual flush toilets.

  • Lower Cost

Households that have dual flush toilets have lower operating costs as compared to those with single flush toilets. The low operating costs are linked to a significant reduction in water consumption.

A recent study revealed that it is possible for households with dual flush toilets to save up to 25, 000 liters of water every year, and this leads to a significant reduction in utility bills.

The significant reduction in water consumption is attributed to the liquid waste setting on dual flush toilets. Most households continue to replace conventional toilets with dual flush toilets in order to reduce their monthly spending on water bills.

  • Low Maintenance

dual flash toilet open lookConventional toilets use the water siphoning system when it comes to flushing and such as a system requires regular maintenance. The siphoning system is outdated and in most cases leads to clogging.

In addition, the water siphoning model that is normally applied in single flush toilets can lead to excessive use of the plunger leading to system damages. As a result, one always ends up with a damaged plunger and increased operational challenges.

On the other hand, dual flush toilets use gravity to flush waste after the user selects the low volume flush option or the high volume flush option.

It is important to point out the toilet seat of a dual flush toilet is comfortable and one does not need to use a lot of energy when flushing waste.

The dual flush toilet has a trap door that opens to flush away waste after the flushing system has been activated.

Therefore, the gravity model that is used in dual flush toilets requires less maintenance due to reduced plunger use and clog-free operation.

Moreover, dual flush toilets have large trapway for disposing of waste, and this tends to reduce instances of clogging. An efficient flushing system means less plunging headaches and reduced plumbing service calls.

  • Toilet Cost Rebates  

There are some countries and local authorities that offer rebates for households that install dual flush toilets. Eligibility for rebates varies from one jurisdiction to another but most states do not offer rebates for installation in a new home.

Therefore households with single flush toilets are more likely to benefit from toilet cost rebates when they replace the single flush models with the dual flush models.

Offering rebates on the cost of dual flush toilets are one of the strategies that are normally used by governments and water management authorities to promote water conservation.

  • They Have an Interactive Design

The fact that the users can decide whether to use the low volume flush option or the high volume flush option makes the dual flush design more interactive.

In fact, the user has direct control over the amount of water they use in their household. In this case, the setting makes it possible for one to estimate the amount of water they use on daily basis for proper financial planning.

Suitable For Areas with Overtaxed Waste Facilities or Older Waste Treatment Facilities

Dual flush toilets use water and this means that the amount of waste released to treatment facilities is also reduced. A reduction in the amount of waste leads to reduced treatment costs, and this contributes to overall environmental conservation. And if you install macerating toilet like Saniflo, the waste management is really easy!

It is quite evident from this discussion that dual flush toilets are better than single flush toilets. Some of the benefits associated with dual flush toilets include; less consumption of water, lower operating costs, less maintenance, eligibility for rebates, an interactive design, and suitability for ears with overtaxed waste facilities.

Therefore, households should replace single flush toilets with dual flush systems to enjoy the benefits associated with the model.

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