AcrylPro Vs. Mapei Type 1: In-depth Differences And Features

A detail comparison between AcrylPro and Mapei Type 1 ceramic tile mastic, you will understand which will best suit your needs. This article will discuss the key differences between these two professional tiles adhesive.

Stay with me for a while and let’s find other key differences:

A Quick Comparison Table

Here is a quick comparison table between AcrylPro and Mapei Type 1 tiles adhesive:

AspectsAcrylProMapei Type 1
Product TypePro-Grade Tile AdhesivePremium-Grade Tile Adhesive
Material CompositionCopolymers, Calcium Carbonate, And Inorganic MaterialsPetroleum Hydrocarbons, Sepiolite Clay, and Silica Sand
Key FeatureSuperior FeaturesSuperior Features
BenefitsComes As Ready To UseVery  Low Odor
UsagesInterior & Exterior Tiles SettingInterior Tiles Setting
Coverage10 To 60 Sq. Ft.25 To 70 Sq. Ft.

In-Depth Comparisons Between AcrylPro And Mapei Type 1

Now it’s time to explore all the comparisons between these two products in detail. So, here are some key differences between these two tiles adhesive:

  • Product Type
AcrylPro Ceramic Tile Adhesive

AcrylPro from Custom Building Product is a professional-grade adhesive for tiles and stone.

It is designed to isolate any water exposure you will find around your shower walls and bathtubs.

With a sag-resistant formula, this adhesive is an excellent installation accessory for small size tiles, stone, and pavers on various places like floors, walls, and countertops.

You can easily apply and spread this adhesive.

On the contrary, Type 1 from Mapei Home is a professional-grade and premium level adhesive with traditional and non-flammable formula.

Using this robust adhesive, you can set glazed and unglazed porcelain and ceramic tiles on your floor, wall, and countertops.

This acrylic-based adhesive can only be used to install small tiles on various interior applications.

  • Material Composition

Both AcrylPro and Mapei Type 1 are acrylic-based professional-grade adhesives for installing small tiles. AcrylPro is made with a proprietary blend of acrylic copolymers, calcium carbonate, and inorganic materials.

In contrast, Mapei type 1 is premium-grade tiles and stone adhesive with Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Sepiolite Clay, and Silica Sand. With its strong formula, you can efficiently install various small tiles.

  • Key Features

You can use AcrylPro for installing standard wall and floor tiles. It is an excellent adhesive for small size tiles applications. This liquid adhesive offers superior performance to water-based solutions with its acrylic-based formula.

You can also set large tiles, but it will require a longer dry time.

On the other hand, Mapei Type 1 offers superior performance than any other water-based formula. You will get an excellent adhesion of up to 12×2 inches tiles. Besides, this liquid-based formula offers an extended open time.

On top of that, both adhesives meet ANSI requirements and certification. AcrylPro has TCNA approval, and Type 1 has ISO 13007 certification.

  • Benefits
Mapei Type 1 Adhesive

With excellent features, you will get several benefits from the two of them.

AcrylPro comes ready to use. You will have to spread and set it with a trowel.

You will receive a high-bond strength for 8×8 inches tiles. Besides, it is pretty easy to apply.

A good thing about AcrylPro is that you can apply it to both interior and exterior residential and commercial applications.

On the contrary, Mapei Type 1 produces a very low odor. Although you’ll have to mix it with water before use, it’s still pretty smooth and spreads quickly. Most importantly, you will get the highest adhesion up to 12×12 inches tiles.

  • Usages

According to the manufacturer’s information and my own experience, AcrylPro ceramic tile adhesive can be used to set porcelain and ceramic tiles and stones. Besides, it can also set mosaic, quarry tiles, slate, and natural stones.

I have seen professionals using this adhesive on various substrates like concrete, mortar beds, masonry, vinyl flooring, plastic laminates, gypsum wallboards, etc.

In contrast, most professionals use Mapei Type 1 to install various interior floor and wall tiles, including glazed and unglazed ceramic and porcelain tiles, mosaic, tub surrounds, shower surrounds, etc.

Besides, it works excellently on concrete, masonry block, cement mortars, gypsum wallboards, etc. Follow this guide if your Mapei Type 1 does not dry.

  • Coverage

AcrylPro is designed for 8×8 inches to 15×15 inches tiles, whereas Mapei Type 1 is compatible with 6×6 inches to 12×12 inches tiles.

On the other hand, with a 6x6x6 mm trowel, the AcrylPro can cover 15 to 25 sq. ft., but with the same trowel, Mapei Type 1 can cover 25 to 35 sq. ft.

Depending on various trowel sizes, a 1-gallon AcrylPro adhesive can cover between 10 sq. ft. and 60 sq. ft. By contrast, a similar amount of Mapei Type 1 can cover 25 sq. ft. to 70 sq. ft., depending on the trowel size.

Which Tile Adhesive Is Best For You?

AcrylPro Tile Adhesive

According to my own experience and many other professionals’ opinion, AcrylPro offers superior adhesion to Mapei Type 1 in the long run.

Initially, it will take up to 72 hours to dry, but you can directly set it over painted drywall.

Besides, it is a ready-to-use formula that you can spread smoothly and efficiently with a trowel.

So, you should go for AcrylPro for a small-size tiles installation project.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is AcrylPro used for?                                                              

AcrylPro is a premium-grade adhesive used to install various tiles and stones. You can set ceramic and porcelain tiles, natural stones, mosaic, etc.

Is Mapei Type 1 thinset or mastic?

Mapei Type 1 is a ceramic and porcelain tile mastic used for various other applications. So, it’s not a thin-set.

Is Mapei Type 1 waterproof?

What is Mapei Type 1 tile adhesive used for?

Mapei Type 1 is used for setting glazed and unglazed ceramic and porcelain tiles, natural stones, tubs surround, etc.


If you do not use a suitable adhesive, tiles from your floor and wall will pop up in no time. That’s why you must choose the best adhesive available.

After reading my AcrylPro vs. Mapei Type 1 review, now you know which one is the best product. In conclusion, I once again suggest you use AcrylPro. You won’t regret it in the future.

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