A.O. Smith ProLine Vs. Signature: In-depth Differences

Don’t you hate it when the water heater in your house doesn’t work properly just the moment you need it the most?

Imagine waiting for a hot bath before bed, but your water heater won’t let you. Maybe it’s time to replace it with a new heater.

But you need to know the best water heater available out there. I have brought two water heaters for you to choose from. I will show you the features and differences between these heaters, which will help you find the best one.

So, let’s get right in.

A Quick Comparison Table

Here is a quick comparison table between A.O. Smith ProLine and Signature water heaters:

Water Heater TypeCommercial Grade Water HeaterNew Generation Water Heater
Special FeatureComes With DynaClean DiffuserComes With Leak Watch smart feature
BenefitsOffers Fewer BenefitsOffers Fewer Benefits
Power OptionElectricityGas and Electricity
Product Line3 Product Lines4 Product Lines
Warranty6,8 and 10 Years6, 9, 10, 12 Years
Price$770 to $4015$300 and $2100

In-Depth Comparisons Between A.O. Smith ProLine And Signature

Now we’ll dive in for more details about these two water heaters. It’ll give you a complete picture of them.

So, here are some key differences between these two water heaters:

  • Water Heater Type
A.O. Smith ProLine Water Heater

A.O. Smith ProLine water heater is a commercial grade electric water heater from A.O.  Smith.

The entire series is based on electric-powered water heaters built with commercial-grade components.

That’s why they are durable and reliable.

You will get maximum hot water output from these heaters. Because of the thick, non-CFC insulating foam, these water heaters reduce standby heat loss.

On top of that, they are entirely environmentally friendly.

On the other hand, the A.O.  Smith Signature series offers a full line of various water heaters, including electric, gas, tankless, and heat pump. These heaters are designed for efficiency without losing or sacrificing value or quality.

With the new technology, these heaters will provide reliable performance for years to come. These new generation water heaters come with many smart features and benefits.

So, you will get efficient and maximum performance.

  • Different Features

ProLine water heaters come with thick tanks. Because of the stainless steel body and dual 4500-watt motor, you will get enhanced heating performance. It will recover fast, and you will get reliable operation every time.

The DynaClean diffuser dip tube is made of PEX cross-linked polymer.

It helps reduce sediment and lime buildup and offers maximum hot water output.

A specially designed combustion chamber, heat traps, and non-CFC foam insulation provide 0.92 Uniform Energy Factor, which is pretty high. Besides, the CoreGard anode rod has a stainless steel core that offers superior protection.

On the contrary, the Signature series water heaters come with dual 5500-watt premium Incoloy stainless steel heating elements. Because of the Leak Watch smart feature, these water heaters can monitor and detect any leakage and will alert if it happens.

The leak Shield feature will automatically shut off the heater and stop supplying water if any leakage is detected. You can monitor and operate your water heater through an app because of the ICOMM Smart Connectivity.

All in all, these are smart water heaters that cover all the bases.

  • Benefits
A. O. Smith Signature Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

The ProLine series water heaters have non-CFC foam insulation. As a result, you will get hot water even after a long time.

Besides, the tanks are durable and have a tamper-resistant drain valve made of brass. They have a high energy efficiency rating.

In contrast to Proline, Signature series water heaters have dual 5500-watt heating elements. So, you will get hot water even faster.

These water heaters come with LCD displays. The screen shows you the water temperature, amount, etc., info.

Apart from these, these haters have many smart features that make them unique. For example, you can operate the heater from your phone using an app.

  • Power Option

The energy option is vital for water heaters because it tells you what energy you will need to run the heater. A.O.  Smith ProLine series water heaters come with only one energy option: electricity.

So, you can run these heaters with electricity only.

However, there are two energy options for Signature series water heaters. You can choose between Electricity and Gas. So, this series gives you more options to choose from than Proline.

  • Available Product Line

Under each series, there are multiple product lines for the water heaters. All these product lines offer various models of heaters. A.O.  Smith ProLine series has three product lines, Proline, ProLine Master, and ProLine XE.

On the other hand, the A.O.  Smith Signature series comes with four product lines. They are 100 Series, 300 Series, 500 Series, and 900 Series product lines. The features and prices will vary based on the product line.

  • Warranty

Although both series of water heaters belong to the same manufacturer, their warranty depends on the product line. Under the ProLine series, you will get 6 years warranty for ProLine lines, 8 years warranty for ProLine Master, and a 6-10 years warranty for ProLine XE heaters.

In contrast, Signature 100 series water heaters come with 6 years limited warranty, 300 series comes with 9 years limited warranty, 500 series comes with 12 years limited warranty, and 900 series comes with 10 years limited warranty.

  • Price

Price will vary for both water heater series. But you must know the price before making any decision. You will have to spend around $770 to $4015 for ProLine water heaters based on their size, features, and product line.

On the other hand, the A.O.  Signature series will cost between $300 and $2100 based on their size, features, product line, and which energy is used.

Which Water Heater Will Be The Best For You?

Here comes the part where you decide which product to choose. Both water heater series offers some unique features and benefits.

You must remember that they are pretty good at what they do. But I suggest you go with Signature series water heaters. Watch this video why.

These heaters have multiple energy options so you can choose one at your convenience. On top of that, they have many smart features, and you can operate them using a phone app.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Are A.O. Smith ProLine water heaters good?

The ProLine series water heaters from A.O.  Smith are pretty good. They offer a reliable and long-lasting heating performance. The insulation in the tanks is very thick. As a result, you will get maximum hot water for a long time.

Is A.O. Smith ProLine commercial grade?

Yes, the water heaters of this series are commercial-grade. They are made of very robust materials that are known as commercial grade. Because of these materials, the water heaters are very sturdy and durable.

Is A.O. Smith signature a good water heater?

It is an excellent series of water heaters from A.O.  Smith. They come with powerful dual motors, thick insulation, and many smart features.

Which model is best in A.O. Smith geyser?

The new generation Signature series water heaters are the best from A.O.  Smith. They have many smart features, and you can operate them with a mobile app.

Final Thoughts

A water heater is pretty essential for our house. No wonder you have to be a little critical while choosing one. A.O.  Smith has been providing water heater solutions for over a century.

So, using the Signature series heater from this manufacturer will be the right thing to do.

After learning all the differences between A.O. Smith ProLine and Signature, I’m sure you will agree that the latter is the best option. So, good luck and let me know.

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