Why Is My Bathroom Exhaust Fan Dripping Water And How To Solve It?

It’s really frustrating when it does happen. I mean you installed the exhaust fan there to remove the moisture in the first place, right? But now it starts to drip water and messing your clean rug!

Unfortunately, no matter how do you feel about it, it’s a reality that happens to a lot of people.

In this article, I will try to explain why your bathroom exhaust fan is dripping water and how to fix it. You may think there is something wrong with the exhaust fan, but this is not always true. So, don’t get angry with your expensive bathroom fan yet. To find the problem and fix it – you must keep your head cool.

Reasons For Bathroom Exhaust Fan Is Dripping Water

As I said, there could be multiple reasons behind it. So we have to think about a lot of possibilities and examine a lot. But mainly I will talk about three(3) possible reasons.

Because in my experience, you will find your solution examining the 3. But before doing so, let’s see the problem in this video:


You can easily get a plumber to find the problem and fix it but I strongly suggest you follow this guide. Because it may happen again any time soon. So, learning the fix can save you some dollars in the future.

  1. The Condensation Issue

This is the first thing you have to check. The problem might be the condensation in the cold duct. In most of the dripping water from the bathroom fan cases, this is the main culprit that you have to consider first.

You may notice water dripping during or shortly after taking a shower. There is a good chance that there is condensation inside the duct. It has nothing to do with the season. You will notice the same problem during the winter and summer.

The tubing or the ducting of the exhaust fan should be insulated and vented to the outside. Pay close attention to check whether there is insulation around the duct. If not, this is the problem and you can solve it by insulating around the duct.

  1. Check The Damper At The Fan

When the exhaust fan is on, the damper should on and vice versa. But it won’t do so if it gets stuck in the open position. This will allow hot air to flow into the cool duct which will ultimately create condensation.

Along with the fan operation, the damper should open and close. If you notice something different, this is the problem you need to fix.

  1. Ice On The Roof!

If the previous two reasons are not applicable to your problem and it is winter there, there is ice buildup on the rooftop. If you take a hot shower in the bathroom or for any reason the hot air from the bathroom may lead to melting down the ice.

If there is poor insulation around vapor barrier that you have installed on the roof, there is a strong possibility that the barrier is developing condensation. Because of the poor insulation, you will notice the water is pooling.

Ways To Fix The Water Dripping Problem

leaking exhaust fan

A bathroom as a sacred place should always be clean and completely moisture-free. A problematic exhaust fan means a constant dirty bathroom.

I believe you have just learned the most common causes and some tips on how to fix it. There are some other fixes that you may consider if nothing mentioned above works for you.

  1. Replace The Exhaust Fan

If everything seems okay but the water is dripping still – you should pay attention to the exhaust fan itself. The fan may not have the capacity to extract all those moisture.

The capacity may be too lower in compassion with the size of the bathroom. Or if you have a large number of family members who like to have hot showers more often, you will need a powerful exhaust fan to do the job effectively.

  1. Change The Position Of The Fan

We often do this mistake by installing the fan right over the shower or the tub. If you do so, it will get the air at its warmest point. This will ultimately lead to the condensation of the air quickly in the ventilation pipe.

If your bathroom architecture allows, you should reposition the fan as far as possible from the shower or the tub so that the warm water gets some time to cool down.

  1. Run The Fan Regularly

We all know how annoying the sound of a running exhaust fan can be. Even though, you should keep running the fan while you take a hot shower. Keep it running for at least 10 to 15 minutes when you finish your shower as well.

This will make sure all the moisture gets out of your bathroom ASAP. That way no condensation can be build up and cause future dripping.

If the annoying sound of your fan is really unbearable, consider changing it. You should have a Panasonic exhaust fan. They are highly recommended as totally sound free!

  1. Install A Dehumidifier

Now that you have learned why your bathroom exhaust fan is dripping water, it’s time to learn how to make your life more comfortable. Apart from fixing the exhaust fan, you need dehumidifiers as well.

Not just from your bathroom, you may face the moisture problem coming out of your room due to several reasons. Even if there is no problem at all, the place you currently live in may be responsible.

To lead a comfortable life even during the humidest days of the year, you should install as many dehumidifiers as possible around the house. A single dehumidifier covers only a limited space, so you want to install a couple of them to increase the coverage of your home.


Along with all those problems, a dripping extractor fan makes your beautiful bathroom dirty. With a faulty exhaust fan, you can’t have a clean bathroom no matter how hard you try. Again, if you think you can’t fix it yourself, it is wise to call a handyman.

Clyde Mitchell

I run a hardware store nearby Court Anaheim, CA. Over the last 7 years, I have been blogging about home improvement and yes, I own ReliefInBath.com From me and this website, you can expect some useful tips on great ideas for a modern bathroom.

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  1. Because it dehumidifies faster, a 70 pint dehumidifier needs to run for a much shorter period of time than smaller capacity dehumidifiers to dehumidify any size space under any conditions.

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