Water Leaking Through Ceiling After Shower: Reasons And Solutions

Water leaking through the ceiling after a shower should be a serious cause for concern. That’s because houses get damaged that way.

If you suspect this and are wondering why water is leaking through ceiling after shower, you’re at the right place.

If you’re facing such an issue, you need to fix it as soon as possible because it could have consequences for your house. So how do you go about fixing the problem?

Read on as we explain more about how to deal with it.

Why Is Water Leaking Through the Ceiling After Showering?

water leaking through ceiling after shower

The prevailing issue when water leaks through the ceiling is a plumbing problem that will need you to fix as soon as possible.

But it can be because of the below things:

  1. A Clogged Drain
  2. A Damaged Shower Faucet
  3. Damaged Tiles
  4. A Leaking Pipe
  5. A Leaking Drain Gasket

Let’s talk about them in detail.

  • A Clogged Drain

Shower drains can get clogged with many things, from hair to accumulated dirt. All these can make the bathtub overflow and the water leak.

That is made worse by holes in the tub or pan or a weak floor.

  • A Damaged Shower Faucet

If the o-rings inside your shower faucet sustain any damage, it will lead to a faucet that keeps on leaking water.

Besides it costing you lots of money in wasted water, it could also cause water to trickle down the ceiling after a shower.

  • Damaged Tiles

Bathroom tiles aren’t only meant to make the bathroom beautiful; they are also supposed to hold the water in the bathroom when you shower.

So, if any of the tiles sustains damage, then water will inevitably leak through the ceiling.

This is a common occurrence in old houses or houses that haven’t undergone renovation in a long time.

  • A leaking Pipe

This is one of the most common culprits when you see water leaking through the ceiling from the upstairs bathroom.

Damage to the water valve between walls will lead to constant water leaks that could seep through the walls and drip down the ceiling.

Sometimes, the connecting pipes have a severed connection that makes water seep through when it flows by.

That makes leaking water pipes a significant reason you will see water leaking through the ceiling after a shower.

  • A Leakey Drain Gasket

The drain gasket works to seal a junction of pipe or shower drain. Therefore, if it cracks or dries up, there will be leas as the water passes inside the pipes.

Now that we know the causes let’s look at how you can solve the issue.

What To Do When Water Leaking Through Ceiling From Upstairs Bathroom?

fixing leaky ceiling

For all the above problems, you will need to call a plumber to solve them. Plumbers have the requisite knowledge to carry out the required repairs to your plumbing system or bathroom to eliminate water leakage.

There are some, however, that you can fix yourself.

  • Fix The Leaking Pipe

You’ll first need to test for one to fix a leaking pipe. There might be leakage, but it might not be from the pipes.

To do that, turn off the primary water supply, then check the water meter.

If you detect any changes in the meter with the mains supply off, you’ll say a leaking pipe.

Fixing a building’s piping system isn’t possible unless you have the requisite experience. Therefore, the best option will be to call a plumber to help fix the issue.

  • Damaged Tiles

The only solution for damaged tiles is to replace them. If you’ve had the tiles in your bathroom for a long time, then it only makes sense to replace them.

Even the most waterproof tiles will absorb water over time and start causing water to leak through the ceiling after a shower.

  • Fix The Damaged Shower Faucet

You can solve this problem by buying and installing a new faucet. You can get the faucet at a departmental store. If you can’t do it yourself, call a plumber or specialist to help.

Alternatively, if you can fix your leaky faucet too!

  • Unclog The Clogged Drain

It isn’t a must for you to call a specialist to help you unclog your shower drain. The common culprits in clogging up a shower drain are soap, hair, and dirt.

You’ll only need to pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda down the drain to solve this problem.

If you can see the hair and dirt in the drain, you can remove it manually. Alternatively, you can also pour hot water down the drain.

  • Fix The Leakey Drain Gasket

This could prove complicated to solve yourself, which is why you’ll leave it for a professional plumber to do it for you. However, you will need to buy a new gasket for the repair to be easy.

Lastly, watch this video to see what to do in such situations.

Can A Small Shower Leak Cause Much Damage?

Small bathroom leaks might be easy to ignore, but that shouldn’t be the case. That’s because they can cause considerable home damage that can cost you a lot of money to repair.

What damage can a leaking shower do?

A leaking shower will damage the drywall and damage the painting and make the wall structure weak.

That could lead to significant issues with your home and have you needing renovations within a short time after moving in.

That’s why you need to fix the issue as soon as possible.

How Can You Know Your Shower is Leaking?

Leaks in a shower can be challenging to detect. That’s because leaking showers won’t give you too many signs, unlike taps that will always be an irritant with the drip-drip noise that serves as a constant reminder.

However, there is one obvious sign you wouldn’t fail to recognize.

  • Spots On Your Ceiling

If you see brown spots or marks on your ceiling, then that’s a sure sign your shower is leaking.

It might not be the shower leaking and might even be only a minor water spill upstairs that seeps through the cracks. But that should make you be on high alert to check it out and solve the issue.

  • High Water Bills

Another telltale sign for a leaking shower is unnecessarily high water bills that come out of the blues.

If you’re used to paying a specific amount in water bills, you will tell whenever there’s a sharp increase in the bills.

That should have you wondering where all the water is going if you’re sure you have maintained the level of use at a specific level. That could only be because the shower was leaking.

  • Musty Smells in the Bathroom

Water leaks are usually slow burners. That means you won’t often recognize them as they happen.

However, any room with a water leak will have a musty smell that makes you curious.

  • Peeling off of Paint

This is another less obvious sign you need to take seriously. The peeling of paint on the ceiling or bathroom walls should make you investigate if there’s a water leak.

Of course, it will be hard for you to do it yourself, which is why you need to call a plumber.

The above reasons should make you investigate and see what the issue is.

Final Thoughts

We hope we have helped you solve your water leaking from upstairs bathroom to downstairs ceiling issue. It is a severe issue you shouldn’t take lightly since it can ruin your house and lower its value.

Look out for the signs of leakages and solve them as soon as you spot them.

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