How To Vent A Bathroom Without A Window? [11 Ways Explained]

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A bathroom that lacks a window is ordinarily very stuffy, potentially suffocating, and smells ghastly. Add these to the high humidity levels and the end result is a dirty, moldy and grossly unhygienic environment.

All is not lost though because this issue can be effectively handled and mitigated. We have dedicated the entire scope of this article to discuss those steps and procedures which might reverse the negative impacts of windowless bathrooms. Read on to find out how…

How To Vent A Bathroom Without A Window?

  1. Partition The Bathroom Into Wet And Dry Compartments

For a start, you might want to partition your bathroom into the wet and the dry compartments. Partitioning minimizes the humidity levels.

The wet compartment is to house the bathtub and the shower while the dry compartment is to serve as a place for changing or brushing the teeth.

The frosted glass is by far the most suitable material for this kind of application. It is, however, applicable mostly to those larger bathrooms. If yours is a small bathroom, consider using a high-density polythene curtain to do the partitioning.

  1. Install A Bathroom Exhaust System

A exhaust fan works in the exact opposite manner as the air conditioning unit. Rather than drawing in the air, it drives out air from the bathroom.

When installed in the bathroom, it ‘sucks’ out the stale air from the bathroom such as odor from the toilet and ‘throws’ them outside.

Though not a must, you might also want to complement this exhaust system with a dedicated duct system. This is to take care of those incidences which might involve too high moisture levels which the exhaust system alone cannot handle.

  1. Fix A Ventilation Fan

You should also fix a ventilation fan in the bathroom. While it cannot get rid of stale air from the bathroom as the exhauster fan, it helps in stabilizing air levels. It rotates to mix the cool air at the base of the bathroom with the warm air at the ceiling.

Further to this, it also helps in reducing the humidity levels of the moisture in the bathroom air. This makes the air breathable and the environment generally comfortable to stay in.

  1. Choose A Light/Bright Color Scheme

Lighter or brighter colors generally ‘decongest’ the otherwise stuffy bathrooms. They create an illusion of openness and space.

This is not to mention that they also make the bathrooms appear great and elegant especially in moments of limited illumination.

Closely related to this is the fact that they easily expose the molds, mildews and other messes. This way, you will easily notice the dirt and keep your bathroom cleaner than you would.

  1. ‘Enlarge’ The Bathroom Using Mirrors

Other than the bright colors, the mirrors also play the same role as ‘enlarging’ the bathrooms. A bathroom that is fitted with mirrors appears larger than their true dimensions. They also induce some sense or feeling of space.

Further to these, the mirrors also expedite the grooming process by enabling you to easily monitor the pace and progress of your grooming. This is not to mention that they reflect light to amplify their impacts.

  1. Attach a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers play the role of minimizing the condensation of moisture on the interior surfaces of the bathroom. They do so mostly by sucking out excess humidity in the room and keeping the entire humidity at safe and stable levels.

With reduced levels of humidity in your room, the growth of bacteria and molds are heavily suppressed. This, in turn, boosts the levels of hygiene of your room and makes your bathroom highly livable.

  1. Squeeze In Some Air-Purifying Plants

In case your bathroom is large enough, you may also consider squeezing in some air-purifying plants. Plants suck in carbon dioxide and exude oxygen.

This arrangement helps in cleansing the air and in so doing, make the bathroom appropriately ventilated.

Some of the plants you might think of are dracaena, bromeliads, maidenhair fern, parlor palm, umbrella papyrus, mother-in-law’s tongue, creeping fig, and philodendron.

They require less sunlight and will hence do well in a bathroom without a window.

  1. Mount A Small Grill

If possible, you might also consider mounting a small grill especially in the lower parts of your bathroom door. The small grill allows the bathroom to ‘breathe.’

It so mainly by allowing for some unconstrained flow or exchange of air into and out of the bathroom.

Before you consider installing this small grill, be sure that the door is adjacent to a natural source of fresh air such as the external ambiance.

  1. Declutter Your Bathroom

To reduce the stuffiness of your bathroom and also allow for the smooth flow of air, do declutter your bathroom.

This simply entails ridding your bathroom of excess pieces of furniture, clothing, footwear, and other appliances which might take up plenty of spaces.

Stick only to the bare minimum set of appliances that are absolutely vital to your wellbeing. If you use your bathroom to wash your laundry, resist the temptation of placing dirty clothes in the same room.

  1. Use Only Porous Materials

Porous materials by their nature allow for the free exchange of air into and out of the bathroom. It is hence in your best interest to only use such kinds of materials to construct your bathroom.

This is a strategy that is best applied during the construction process.

The underlying reason here is that it may not normally be possible to obtain a retrofit. Bricks and porcelain are two of the most outstanding materials of these kinds.

  1. Use Some Scented Candles

No matter how clean you keep your flushing toilet, there will always be some odor each time you use it. So lastly, you also want to make use of scented candles. While these may not really cleanse your bathroom air by ridding it if any impurities, they do make the air smell pretty nice. Choose the scent of your liking for best outcomes.

Take care to use these candles moderately. Excess or prolonged use may, in fact, yield the exact opposite outcome.


We have done our part to let you know how to vent your bathroom that lacks a window. The ball is now squarely on your court.

It is now up to you to find out the approach or a set of approaches that are more likely to yield you the desired ends.

Please note that we are constantly researching and finding new ways of achieving this end. Consider visiting this page in the future again to find out whether we have any tips for you.

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