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Using Kitchen Cabinets In Bathroom [Pros & Cons In Detail]

Using Kitchen Cabinets In Bathroom [Pros & Cons In Detail]

For anyone thinking of using kitchen cabinet in their bathroom vanity, it’s more common than you think. It sounds like a silly thought but a lot of people have tried it and they seem to be satisfied with the result.

For instance, if a kitchen cabinet meets your needs and looks good it’s okay to give it a try. Bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinet are not in any way mutually exclusive, they can really bring a good result if they are done well.

If you are looking to add space to your bathroom vanity while also improving its current appearance getting a kitchen cabinet will help solve that. It works with any kind of budget as the process involves recycling and remodeling only.

Kitchen cabinets are a perfect height for a double- sink vanity so doesn’t dare limit your use for a kitchen cabinet to cooking space. They come with shelves which in turn provide an additional storage space thus offering a handy spot to show items that you often use for instance a toothbrush or perfume.

Pros Of Using Kitchen Cabinets In Bathroom

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Kitchen cabinets are known to create space, they as well create extra counter space in case where you have a lot of items to display.

  • Make Small Space Appear Bigger

There are some kitchen cabinets that have mirrors such cabinets are better for putting in your bathroom vanity in case where you have a small bathroom. In case your bathroom vanity looks smaller and cramped this is the best solution.

The light in your bathroom upon reflecting on the mirrored cabinet will make the bathroom space appear larger and longer.

  • Keep The Bathroom Clean

Having your kitchen cabinet in the bathroom vanity isn’t so bad after all, as it means clearing up the counter space thus making it easy during cleaning.

With the extra space and shelves, your toiletries and towels with have a place to be thus making the place look tidy and smart. Smart and tidy bathroom somehow looks clean even when it’s not.

  • Help Save Space

Kitchen cabinets are known to be taller and with deeper measurements, thus it offers storage for things like towels, toothbrush, shampoos and other toiletries.

Although they are bigger than normal bathroom cabinet, kitchen cabinets help make the most of available space without necessarily crowding the place or making it seem smaller than it actually is.

  • Keep Essentials Within Reach

In case your bathroom vanity doesn’t have a shelf a good kitchen cabinet can solve that. Kitchen cabinet with different designated materials will help you keep access to the things you need daily like towels, hair gel, toothbrush, drier.

In the absence of such things, you would have otherwise kept them in storage thus experiencing difficulties when you want to access them.

Cons Of Using Kitchen Cabinets In Bathroom

Using Kitchen cabinets in the bathroom vanity can also have disadvantages. The bathroom may not be able to occupy drawers under the sink as you need space for plumbing.

One may also be required to take apart another element of the kitchen cabinets so as to be able to perform the necessary reinforcements.

One will be required to seal the wood before using any kitchen cabinet in the bathroom, this may be compulsory. Kitchen cabinets have added height and depth thus one need to make sure that it hasn’t blocked any doors or walkways.

  • Costs

A lot of costs is required when using a kitchen cabinet in bathrooms as kitchen cabinet need to be taken apart so as to perform some changes. The installation also requires a professional so as to make sure that it is properly fastened to the wall.

At the same time, strong frames or steel is required to support the frame so as to create a safe space for everyone. Installation of kitchen cabinets in the bathroom vanity will also require the bathroom floor to be finished up to the cabinets toe kick and sides.

  • May Fail To Match.

Some kitchen cabinets design is totally different from the bathroom design and style. Bathroom depicts one’s personal preference and living style, kitchen cabinets that fail to match or blend with this can tarnish the whole place.

Summing Up

In the case where you are looking to remodel your bathroom or trying to recycle your old kitchen cabinet, using your kitchen cabinet in the bathroom may just be your answer. Many people find it hard finding a bathroom vanity that they actually like and they end up using kitchen cabinets.

The thought of it may seem odd and bizarre but it’s actually a possibility. All you need to consider is that the kitchen cabinet shouldn’t be too big to actually use up the whole space.

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