TOTO Toilets Reviews 2020 Based On Customer Testimonials

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Just like you, most people like their toilets for their superior designs, unique features, and outstanding long time performance. So you need a dual flush or single flush toilet, they got it for you.

Like to have an elongated or rounded bowl toilet? they have it for you. A single piece or 2 pieces toilet? Yes, they have it too. There are a lot of them for sale on various online store.

But you need factual information to make the right decision. You are gonna get best TOTO toilets reviews in one article from here.

Recommended Best TOTO Toilets Comparison Table

Yes, I have covered all the most popular models in this extensive article. But before you start reading it, take a look at the following comparison table of the 3 most popular models.

  • Most popular.
  • Economic price.
  • SanaGloss Technology.
  • Elongated shaped.
  • Dual flush.
  • Double cyclone technology.
  • Multiple colors.
  • Great water saver.
  • 1 piece toilet.
  • Double cyclone.
  • WaterSense approved.
  • Universal height.

They continually produce the most innovative toilets, which satisfies people’s needs of any taste. The brand has toilets for everybody. Whether you are looking for the most expensive or the cheapest toilet, you are sure of getting whatever model you want from this company.

Because they have different kinds of toilets, it may not be easy if you are new to buy toilets. To narrow down the choice for you, only the best TOTO toilets are discussed here, so that they can easily make their choice. Just keep reading.

Best TOTO Toilets Reviews

Take some time, have a cup of coffee. At the end of reading the whole feedbacks, it will be much easier for you to pick the right one. Just remember, all of the below-discussed toilets are the most popular and best selling. Just pick the best toilet that best suits your need.

Model: CST744SG#01 Drake 2-Piece

TOTO Drake 2 piece elongated toilet
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Among all models, you will find this model online everywhere as it is so far the best. If you are looking for a high performing toilet in all the way, CST744SG#01 is the best choice for you. It is not just best in terms of appearance, but when it comes to performance or a workhorse toilet, no other toilet can compare with it. The model is not that cheap, but it offers everything you want from a toilet.

The toilet does not clog and it is always clean after use (it is verified by experienced users). With its commercial grade flushing, it flushes very well; you can hardly discover any trace of waste after each flush.

This model is powerful when it comes to waste disposal. It is well designed and that is why it is going to last for several years. The model has several interesting features that set it apart.

Technical Facts: The toilet has a dimension of 28 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches with a weight of 103 pounds. Very sturdy elongated toilet. It has 12 inches rough-in.

Flushing: The flushing ability is one thing that makes the toilet great. It features a computer designed as well as perfect trap-way. Because of that, flush moves through the bowl through the three flush valves in place. No matter how large poop you got, it will flush them easily.

These components are designed in such a way that they work seamlessly. It does not consume more than 1.6 gallons of water for every flush.

It is fitted with three inches flush valves. This enhances the flushing by ensuring that water pushes through the tank. This equally makes for an efficient flush.

Furthermore, it features SanaGloss Glaze as well as a large water surface. These facilitate the flushing system. Moreover, it features a non-porous surface. Because of this, wastes would clog to the bowl. The porous surface makes for great cleaning and flushing.

In the same way, the large surface area is to prevent odor and prevents odor stubborn waste from clogging to the bowl surface.

The Map rating is 1000 and this means that it flushes very well. You are not going to flush the system twice because the first flushing would do most of the work for you.

This model is recommended for that using the 3.5-GPF toilet. When you use this model, you can save as much as forty-five percent of water use.

Installation: Another thing you are going to like here is the standard installation. It has a user manual, which can guide you in the installation process, especially for first-time users. You can even study the YouTube video to learn how to install it.

For installation, it has all the tools you need and some of the tools included are hacksaw, adjustable wrench, pliers, tape measure, carpenter’s level, as well as screwdrivers and so on.


  • If not installed properly, you will have clogging issue.

This is a great toilet. You can see the features that it has everything you want. The model is strongly recommended.

Drake II: Model No. CST454CEFG#01

Drake II: Model No. CST454CEFG#01
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From TOTO Drake toilet feedbacks, just after the Drake I, I like to give a small discussion on its updated version Drake II or otherwise it won’t be a complete discussion. Drake II is another most popular elongated model with double cyclone technology. With its quiet but powerful flush, all you need is ONE single flush to clean everything!

The model enables you to have a commercial grade toilet in your sweet home, and it comes in two pieces. Meaning the tank and the toilet are packaged separately. Drake II is a great water saver. Since it’s a 1.28 GPF toilet, it can save at least 20% water over most traditional 1.6 GPF toilets.

With its double cyclone flushing i.e., it has two outlets to create swirling water and clean everything very quickly. Not some old-fashioned rim holes that get clogged very easily. Here is video feedback on it short it’s 4 years performance.

Dimensions & Tech Details: The toilet dimension is 28.8 x 16.5 x 29.4 inches with a weight of 94 thousand. It has 12 inches rough-in.

Colors: Comes in 4 different beautiful colors like Bone, Colonial White, Cotton White, and Sedona Beige.

Latest Flushing Technology: When you are looking for any modern toilet, one of the key features to consider is the flushing ability. It flushes very well, and this is because of its SanaGloss glazed surface and double cyclone action.

It equally uses two side outlets and not small rim holes as used by other toilets. Because of this, the bowl would not be filled easily. This ensures efficient flushing. In addition to that, it features a double vortex and this ensures that wastes are properly rinsed and removed out of the system.

Furthermore, the availability of SanaGloss finishing makes for complete bowl cleaning. If there were sticky wastes, they would be removed from the bowl surface. This means that you get clean flushing anytime you use that toilet.

Moreover, when the system is working, you can hardly know it is working because it makes little or no noise. This is another great attribute of a good toilet flushing system.

ADA compliant: As you already know, the product is CeFIONtect and SanaGloss enriched toilet. This means that you can use this model anywhere in the United States of America.

The product meets all the latest toilet standards. Moreover, you enjoy comfortable sitting, because the seat height is ADA compliant. The seat height is seventeen to nineteen inches high. This height is good and it is considered as a comfortable height. This is the universally endorsed height for standard toilets.

Easy installation: The product is not difficult to install. Even a novice can have it installed by simply watching the installation and studying the installation manual.

If you engage a professional plumber to do the installation for you (which you can hire directly when you order the product with extra charge), he can easily do that with eye folded.

Moreover, some of the installation materials needed are available while there are some of them that you need to purchase separately to conclude the installation. The tank cover & lever are included.

Less Maintenance: Another great attribute of the product is easy maintenance. The model is not difficult to maintain and it does not even require constant cleaning or maintenance because it flushes completely.

It ensures that no waste clogs on the bowl. When you want to maintain it, it does not require harsh chemicals to clean or to maintain it. Truly this model is user-friendly.

Pros In Short

  • It features a very powerful and double cyclone and this makes for efficient cleaning
  • If you like, you can replace the tank and the bowl
  • The product is easy and simple to install
  • It does not require constant cleaning and maintenance


These reviews are based on real and true customer testimonials. Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the model, and I like to share it with my readers.

  • It’s one of ADA compliant toilets, means if you are short, it won’t be suitable for you.
  • The toilet seat is not included.

It is obvious from the features described above that this is a great toilet. If you are looking for the best, you have to opt for it.

Ultramax II (Model No. MS604114CEFG#01)

Ultramax II (Model No. MS604114CEFG#01)
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So far in this discussion of their toilets, the above two analyses are on their 2 pieces of toilet, meaning the tank and the bowl are separate. A lot of people like one-piece toilet and the brand has the best one-piece toilet for them as well.

One piece toilets are great for so many reasons like they have a clean, solid, streamlined look compare to two pieces toilets. Among all their one-piece toilet, Ultramax II is highly appreciated and popular.

The WaterSense approved toilet is highly efficient in saving precious water. It consumes only 1.28 GPF/4.8 LPF to completely clean the bowl in every flush.

The brand surely does know what people want and they keep delivering the best always. Ultramax II is a true example. Everything about it meets the required standard.

The model Ultramax II is known for its efficiency, cleanliness, size, and performance. It is the best you can lay your hands on the market today. The model has many features that set it apart and here are some of the features:

Ultramax II Dimension: The comfort height elongated toilet has a dimension of 28.3 x 16.6 x 28.8 inches with a weight of 99 pounds. The height is universal comfort height. The rim height of the toilet is 16 ⅛ inches. The height from the floor to the seat height is 17 ¼ inches.

Ultimate Flushing: It’s a gravity flow toilet with 3” flush valve. This allows 1.28-gallon water to be flashed so quickly to the bowl.

The water goes through the 3 inches flush valve in 3 directions to completely clean the bowl. Instead of using numerous holes, it uses 2 nozzles under the rim of the bowls to make the flush more efficient.

SanaGloss Coating: The Ultramax II is SanaGloss coated that creates an ion-based barrier to prevents any molds, wastes, and bacteria.

This means that flushing and cleaning are at the ultimate level. There is nothing annoying like seeing wastes clog on the bowl. The toilet clearly deals with the case by ensuring that there is complete flushing after each use.

The model is pretty easier to handle because it does not demand a lot from its users. The bowl is completely covered with SanaGloss.

The coating is helpful in preserving the toilet because it ensures that wastes do not stick to the bowl, and it makes for easy cleaning as well. Learn more about SanaGloss from the official video.

SoftClose Seat: While most other brands on the market do not have seats at all, Ultramax II comes with a SoftClose seat. Just give it a quick tape downward and watch the magic. The seat and the cover has a hinge mechanism so that the seat close quietly and slowly.

Pros Ultramax II

  • Sturdy construction.
  • Lots of satisfied customers and their recommendations.
  • Quiet flush every time. Won’t wake up your neighbor 🙂
  • Features a very powerful double cyclone flushing system.
  • The toilet is easy and simple to clean after use.
  • Modern comfortable elongated bowl.


  • ADA compliant toilet. So, if you are short in height, it won’t be comfortable for you.
  • Little bit costly, but if you are looking for an inexpensive toilet, check out their Entrada series.

In short, you will love the design and flush system and it will continue to serve you for a pretty long time. Lots of recommendation from experienced people.

Model CST744SL#01 Drake 2

Model CST744SL#01 Drake 2
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You have already read 3 in-depth discussions of their popular models and in case you did not notice they are not cheap. Among all of their ADA compliant toilets that are 2 pieces in design, everyone can afford it due to its unbeatable market price.

Looking for cheap models? Probably this one is the right model for you. We have researched a lot and found this one to be the best TOTO toilet that everyone can afford.

Due to its cheap cost, it’s a fast-selling toilet. It’s a blessing for tall people and especially physically disabled people in a wheelchair who needs extra height.

Even it has G-Max flushing, you may need to flush twice. But the good news is, the tank refills really quick and it will never ever clog.

I strongly recommend it just like a lot others already did. At least you should check it on a famous online store (in case you are wondering where to buy these toilets), read some customer feedbacks, and make up your decision. No noteworthy complaint at all!

Toilet Dimension & Tech Details: The high-profile toilet is ADA compliant and has a dimension of 28 inches depth x 19.5 inches width x 30.5 inches height with a weight of 92 pounds.

A true comfort height toilet. The floor to the top of the bowl height is 16 ¾ inches (height of toilet seat not included). It’s Vitreous China made and perfect for long-lasting performance. It has 12 inches rough-in, in case you wanna know.

Color To Match Any Decor: No matter what bathroom decor you have, this model will go just fine with it’s 5 incredible colors. Choose from Bone, Colonial White, Cotton White, Ebony, and Sedona Beige.

Flushing technology: When you are looking for a modern toilet, the most important factor to consider is the flushing efficiency and this is determined by the flushing technology. With its G-Max flushing technology, it creates a powerful flush to clean everything in the bowl.

It consumes 1.6 gallons of water per flush, and this is quite different from those that consume six gallons of water for every flush. Because of the flushing efficiency, waste residues would never clog on the bowl.

Moreover, it would not require constant cleaning and when you want to clean, it is going to be easy to clean it.

Easy Installation: One of the great features of this product is an easy installation. It features a two-piece and having these two-piece means the toilet’s bowl and the tank comes in separate which is pretty easy to install.

Even a single person can install it, but it would be faster if you get help. If you are skillful, a do it by yourself installer, you can do the installation all by yourself.

However, if you are not confident and want an impeccable installation, hire the expert. With some extra charge, you can also ensure the hire the expert directly when you order the product.


  • You need to buy the toilet seat separately.
  • Not comfortable for short people.

Have a cup of coffee please as it’s gonna be long discussion. I have some other popular models to cover! However, to give you more information in the shortest possible time, I will write the rest of the feedback in brief.

Model: CST744S#12 Drake Series

Model: CST744S#12 Drake Series
Click on the image to check price on Amazon

The commercial grade flushing with 3 inches flush valve will give you a BIG wow every time you flush. Whereas most of the conventional flush valves are 2 inches wide, it’s flush valve is 125% larger.

With the G-Max flushing system, CST744S#12 ensures the most powerful and quiet flush that won’t wake up the neighbor.

It has 12 inches rough-in and low consumption siphon jet flushing (6 liters per flush/ 1.6 gallons per flush).

It comes with everything needed for the installation except the toilet seat which you need to buy separately. And for the installation, you need to purchase a new set of wax ring and brass mounting bolts as well.

It’s a high profile toilet. To be more specific, it has a height of 15” from the floor to the top of the bowl (height of seat not included). And please don’t get obsessed with ADA approved height. You are paying the money, so pay attention which gives you the best comfort and performance.

More Facts & Features

  • The dimension of the toilet is 28 X 19.5 X 30.5 inches with 87 pounds in height.
  • Colors: To match any bathroom decor, it comes with 5 colors like Bone, Colonial White, Cotton White, Ebony,  and Sedona Beige. Most people like Sedona Beige, in case you want to know.
  • If you want to use their Washlet with it, yes it will fit perfectly.
  • Cleaning is a real breeze. As it has commercial grade flushing, it cleans the bowl very well. However, you can use a cleanser with the toilet brush and you are good to go!
  • The lever will be on your right side if you are sitting on the toilet and vice versa.
  • In case you wanna know, the tank is a standard one, not insulated. You will not face any condensation issue.
  • You can use any elongated toilet seat with it.
  • The lever, flush components in the tank, all come pre-assembled from the manufacturer.
  • No more ⅔ times flushing! Only 1 flush is enough to do the job.


  • Not comfortable for very tall people (are you over 6’5”? If so, it’s not for you).

The brand continuously introduces new toilet models in the market. Recently they have started selling some of their new models on some online stores and they are getting popularity really fast. So, here are some of their toilets pros and cons discussion that is getting high customer’s love in a short time. Who knows? Maybe you will love them as well.

Drake 1.6 GPF R with E-Max Flush System

Drake 1.6 GPF R with E-Max Flush System
Click on the image to check price on Amazon

If you like the round bowl with the commercial-grade flushing technology, this one is a great option for you.

The contemporary and high profile toilet is all you need to have a noise-free, clean, and less maintenance required toilet in your bathroom. Attach a step stool or ladder, your toddler can use it just like an adult.

Just like any other of their toilet, it has 3 inches wide flush valve. G-Max flushing system ensures only one flush is more than enough whereas conventional 2 inches wide flushing system requires at least ¾ flushes to clean.

The orientation of the trip lever is right-handed while you are sitting on it for easy flushing.

Every internal necessary part like fill valve, flapper, the flush hand is pre-installed by the manufacturer. So, you don’t need to do any sort of adjustments at all.

Other Facts & Features

  • Fully glazed trap-way.
  • 6 colors to match any bathroom decor. As per your interior choose from White, Bone, Colonial White, Cotton White, Ebony, Sedona Beige. I like the Sedona Beige like most other families.
  • You need to buy the toilet seat separately. It is upgradeable with a SoftClose Seat or a Washlet as well.
  • The dimension of the toilet is 28.5 inches from top to bottom, 19.5 inches side to side width and 26.38 inches front to back.
  • There is 15 inches in height from the floor to the top of the bowl.
  • The flat tank lid is so useful to put some things on it like a tissue box.


  • If you are really tall, it’s not suitable for you.

Ultramax II HET MS604114CEFG#12

Ultramax II HET MS604114CEFG#12
Click on the image to check price on Amazon

It’s expensive and you need to have a decent budget to have it. But in the long run, it gonna pay off. Ultramax II features a double cyclone flushing system with the built-in 2 powerful nozzles.

The double cyclone flushing system cleans the rim and bowl thoroughly with every flush and it refills so quickly and noises free. It is ADA compliant for height to ensure utmost comfort.

Since the rim has no holes, it is really easy to clean. The toilet features it’s patented SanaGloss glaze. It prevents mold, bacteria, and debris from sticking to ceramic surfaces.

It keeps your toilet cleaner and longer by creating an ionized barrier which ultimately prevents any particles. Since it prevents spreading chemicals in the environment, you gonna need less water to clean it.

Along with the toilet, you will get TOTO’s patented SoftClose seat made of solid, high-impact plastics and high gloss polypropylene. The Comfortable Ergonomic Designed seat helps to reduce injury and eliminate so boring and annoying ‘Toilet Seat Slam’.

The toilet meets all major standards like ASME standards, cUPC, EPA WaterSense, State of Massachusetts, City Of Los Angeles, and other certifications.

More Facts & Features

  • With Double Cyclone flushing technology,  all you need is one flush to clean it all.
  • The dimension of the Ultramax II toilet is 28.3 X 16.6 X 28.8 inches. Let me explain it a little bit more. The height of the rim is 16 ⅛ inches, the height of the seat is 17 ¼ inches, the width of the tank is 16 9/16 inches whereas the height of the tank is 28 ⅜ inches. In short, it has a universal height for maximum comfort.
  • SanaGloss technology ensures super-smooth and all-time clean toilet bowl.
  • It’s a great water saver! Only 1.28 Gallon Per Flash or 4.8 LPF.
  • The weight of the toilet is 99 pounds. You gonna need a helping hand to install it.
  • Comes with a free SoftClose toilet seat. Since it’s free,  don’t think there is any quality problem. The seat alone is selling at $50 more or less.
  • Lots of satisfied customers and recommendations.


  • Too heavy!
  • Expensive! Beyond the budget for lots of families.
Final Thoughts On TOTO Toilets Reviews

They are the best in the industry. You can tell from the positive feedbacks the products have on various E-commerce online sites that they are the best.

They are the best in terms of efficiency, design, performance, and quality. You can choose any of them and you will have value for your money. They are simply the best.

Hope you have enjoyed the review of  TOTO toilets. Read Saniflow macerating toilet reviews as well if you think normal toilets won’t fit your tight spots. If you have any more questions to ask, please let me know in the comment box.

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  1. DarylVat

    October 23, 2017 at 9:19 am

    I love TOTO toilets, in fact, I have been using them for years. They are of higher quality, no doubt about that. But the problem is that they are so pricey! Literally, there are other toilet brands in the market, but the price of TOTO toilets is so higher in comparison with other brands.

    If they lower their price, I think people will buy more and more TOTO toilets. They last long, they are sturdy, and most importantly they flush efficiently without making any disturbing noise!


    • Clyde Mitchell

      April 17, 2018 at 2:57 pm

      Hi DarylVat,

      Thank you for your high appreciation for TOTO toilets and I am extremely sorry that I am replying pretty late. I have been busy writing other blog posts for this site. Hopefully, you understand.
      You are right that the price of TOTO toilets is a little bit higher than their counterparts. That’s because TOTO delivers only of higher quality toilets.If you are looking for cheap TOTO toilets, then go for their Entrada series. They are their basic model.



  2. LastBoyd

    January 27, 2018 at 9:01 pm

    I have 4 TOTO toilets installed in my remodeled home. My plumber insisted buying that TOTO only. Now, I am grateful to both TOTO and my plumber. I am so happy with my toilets! It’s been 6 years and no problem at all so far! Most of the time, all I need is a single flush to flush down the solid waste. My previous toilets required at least 2 to 3 flush and they were so noisy. The great advantage of TOTO toilet is that they are less noisy and serve without fail.
    Thank you for your great review of TOTO toilets.


    • Clyde Mitchell

      April 17, 2018 at 3:29 pm

      Hi LastBoyd,

      Thank you for your great review of TOTO toilets. I am so happy that you are happy with your TOTO toilets. It’s great that they are serving you without making any trouble. Just like you, there are thousands of happy TOTO users around the world. It’s only possible because TOTO always tries to deliver the best quality to keep their goodwill increasing. It’s the result of so many years experiences of TOTO. They are innovative and develop the latest technology for their toilets. That’s the reason they are the pioneer in modern flushing toilets.



  3. DanielJuicy

    August 27, 2018 at 6:43 am

    I have a very old American Standard Toilet and it’s the right time to change it. It’s nearly dead. After a lot of research, I think I should go for the TOTO simply because all the TOTO toilet parts are easily available including the TOTO toilet seat. Your extensive TOTO toilet reviews have changed my mind.

    As I never used one before, I have some questions to ask. What is universal height for TOTO toilet? Are they similar to American toilets? Also, I heard the price of TOTO is a little high than other brands, is that true? Really looking forward to your answer.


    • Clyde Mitchell

      September 9, 2018 at 12:51 pm

      It’s great to know that my article has changed your mind about TOTO, but I must tell you, American Standard is also a great brand. Even though, TOTO is the market leader in this industry.

      The height of TOTO toilets is similar just like any other popular brands. Mainly it has two heights. Just like any other standard toilet, it has the height of 15 inches from the ground to the top of the toilet seat. And for the ADA compliant toilet, the height is between 17 to 18 inches. Of course, it may vary based on the models.

      About the price, I don’t think it is higher than any other brands. You can check it yourself.


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