TOTO Nexus Vs. Aquia Flushing Toilet (2023): Which One To Pick?

Choosing the ideal Toto toilet for your bathroom might be difficult because there are hundreds of different models available.

Among these models, people often get confused between Nexus and Aquia as they both are the best Toto toilet models. However, they differ in flushing systems, water consumption, price, etc.

You might wonder which Toto toilet you should buy for your bathroom, especially between Nexus and Aquia. To help you in this situation, I have shown a detailed analysis in this article.

So, make sure you read it to the end.

A Quick Comparison Table

Go through this comparison table for a better understanding of these two-

SpecificationsToto NexusToto Aquia
Flushing SystemTornado FlushDynamax Tornado Flush
Water ConsumptionLessMore
Universal HeightYesNo
PriceExpensiveLess expensive

Key Differentiation Between Toto Nexus And Toto Aquia Toilet

Now let’s talk about the major differences between these two models of Toto toilet-

  • Flushing System
TOTO Nexus Toilet
TOTO Nexus Toilet

When building a home or remodeling an existing one, the majority of homeowners forget how important it is to have good flushing toilets.

Unfortunately, even if you want to install the greatest flushing toilet, it might be challenging to choose the proper one.

The search process is difficult because there are many models with distinctive qualities.

Among the various flushing systems, tornado flushing might be the one that you can rely on.

Toto Nexus has a tornado flushing system in it. Tornado flush shoots water from two or three jets into the bowl.

This cutting-edge flush is spray-free and does the job in a circular motion, limiting the transmission of bacteria and germs throughout the bathroom or onto the toilet seat. This enables more effective water usage with less water.

On the other hand, Toto Aquia uses a Dynamax tornado flushing system. With Dynamax tornado flush, all of the water is directed over the rim, cleaning the bowl and removing waste simultaneously.

The ground-breaking DYNAMAX system creates a vortex that pushes waste out first, enabling it to travel farther. Additionally, a more powerful and quieter bowel evacuation is possible with this improved evacuation design.

  • Washlet

The Japanese toilet manufacturer TOTO uses the washlet for its series of cleansing toilet seats featuring a water spray feature for genital and anal cleanliness.

In Japan, toilets often have a washlet, AKA an electric bidet.

But a washlet and bidet are not the same. The washlet is a seat that fits over a toilet bowl and frequently offers a number of cleaning options, whereas bidets are separate fixtures that are normally put next to the toilet and have a traditional faucet.

Washlet is an amazing technology that can only be found in high-quality toilets. So, if you want to have a washlet in your toilet, go for Toto Nexus.

  • Universal Height
TOTO Aquia Toilet
TOTO Aquia Toilet

The term “universal height” describes the seated height of a toilet measured from the bottom to the top of the seat.

The majority of universal height toilets range in height from 17 to 19 inches, but Toto uses the word to refer to any toilet with a seated height of 16.5 inches or above.

Toto Nexus gives strong emphasis on the design of their toilets, considering people of all ages and abilities.

With toilets at universal height, everyone can use and enjoy the bathroom.

This straightforward design concept enables everyone, regardless of age or ability, to fully enjoy their bathroom experience throughout the stages of their lives.

However, Toto Aquia does not have universal height; it is ADA-compliant. To make it simpler to sit down and stand up from the seat, ADA-compliant toilets have taller bowls. But it might not be comfortable for children and older people.

  • Price

You need to be careful while spending money on toilets. You have to suffer in the long run if you spend a lot of money on low-quality toilets. Conversely, do not compromise the quality to save a few bucks.

If your focus is saving money while getting a toilet that will last longer, you can choose Toto Aquia.

But if you want all the modern technology and ultimate comfort in one toilet, nothing can beat Toto Nexus. Toto Nexus will cost you around $1,290, while you can get a Toto Aquia for just $732. That means you can save almost $500 if you decide to get Aquia for your bathroom.

But additionally, you will miss out on some of the fantastic features of Toto Nexus, such as a washlet, chrome trip lever, soft-close seat, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Toto flushing system is best?

The double-cyclone flushing system is the best flushing system for Toto toilets. For High-Efficiency Toilets, Double-Cyclone provides the most evenly distributed flushing mechanism.

What is the difference between Toto toilets?

There are some significant differences between Toto toilets in their styles, bowls, and flushing systems. Toto toilets that are one-piece offer a smooth, attractive. Although these toilets are shorter and smaller than two-piece ones, they are typically more expensive. Toto toilets that are two pieces have a separate bowl and tank.

What is E Max flushing system by Toto?

E- max is an eco-friendly flushing system by Toto. Using a combination of a broad 3″ valve and an extra-large siphon jet, the E-Max flushing system offers a reliable and potent flush. This flushing system is very popular for its water-saving mechanism.

Is TOTO tornado flush loud?

Yes, TOTO’s tornado flush can be a bit loud. However, some of the Toto toilet models provide Dynamax tornado flush, which is comparatively quiet.

Final Thought

Popular toilet manufacturer Toto is renowned for creating high-quality toilets and being on a mission to improve everyone’s quality of life. If you’re looking for a toilet, Toto Nexus and Toto Aquia might already catch your eye.

Finding a toilet that best suits your wants and preferences shouldn’t be difficult because they are all made to accommodate different people’s needs.

So, you just have to make sure of what you really want for your bathroom, and then the Toto Nexus and Aquia toilet dilemma will be solved easily.

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