TOTO MH Wall Hung Toilet Review 2022: Is It Worth It?

Even selecting a budget-friendly and durable toilet could be a little difficult when multiple options are available. TOTO is one of the highly recommended brands for bathroom products.

I have personally purchased their MH wall-hung toilet. In this guide, I would like to describe a complete TOTO MH wall hung toilet review and my personal experience with the product.

Please keep reading if your search has brought you here in need of the best wall-hung toilet. Let’s get started!

Features Of TOTO MH Wall Hung Toilets

When I purchased the toilet, I went for multiple customer reviews about the quality and features of a wall-hung toilet from TOTO. These things looked quite satisfactory to me, and I finally decided to make a selection.

In this section, please look at the excellent features that a TOTO MH wall-hung toilet can provide and what I liked the most about it.

  • Quality Made
TOTO MH Wall Hung Toilet

The TOTO MH wall-hung toilet is usually made of a high-quality ceramic material officially recommended to use in the watering areas.

While used inside the bathroom, it shows high resistance against water and keeps the same shining look like the one you see when you first bought it.

However, I had to clean it properly because cleaning is necessary when your toilet is being used on a daily basis.

So, for material quality, there are no objections because it can easily bear your weight. You will feel comfortable sitting on it and doing what is necessary for your morning routines.

  • Color And Portability

My delivery guy said about the product that it is not that heavier. It means he didn’t find any difficulty bringing the toilet to my house.

That’s because the 68 pounds weight is nothing to uplift. The same thing happens with other Wall hung toilets from TOTO. They are very portable, and you can easily install any wall-hung toilet inside your bathroom.

An MH wall-hung toilet comes in a clear white color that matches your other sentry items inside your home. However, you can find variations in colors for choosing the desired one that suits you best.

  • Excellent Look
TOTO MH Wall Hung Toilet Bowl

The MH toilet doesn’t disappoint you when you need to go for a more specific look to increase the beauty of your bathroom.

A sleek skirted design is there that hides the tramway to provide a more sophisticated look whenever installed in a bathroom.

With the CEFIONTEECT glaze, your toilet will never let any dirt, debris, or spot stick on it, ensuring the cleanest and smoothest surface.

There are elegant curves that make the wall-hung toilet from TOTO adorable. Even when a guest visits your home, he is amazed and happy to see the design, structure, and other adorable things of the toilet.

You can have an MH toilet in your desired look and design.

  • Easy Cleaning And Bacteria Protected

The best thing I found with my TOTO MH Wall hung toilet is that the cleaning is very easy. I don’t have to use any effort to remove all the spots and dirt from it.

Because an MH wall hung toilet provides you with Tornado Flushing technology.

This technology is added to the toilet to ensure that the toilet bowl must always be cleaned completely.

It usually works by having water propelled into that bowl. Such action creates a powerful whirlpool that cleans the entire bowl without leaving anything on it.

Therefore, you can keep the toilet safe and clean from all types of bacteria, dirt, waste, and other particles.

  • Water-Saving

Saving water is crucial when using a toilet or being in the bathroom. However, suppose you cannot do it intentionally. In that case, the water-saving technology of an MH wall-hung toilet from TOTO will do the job for you.

This feature lets you use less water on cleaning and emptying the flush. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about water while completely cleaning your wall-hung toilet.

  • Easy Installation On The Wall

Since it is a wall-hung toilet, it must be installed and used to be attached to your bathroom wall. The toilet provides easy and quick installation with just normal fixings to make this possible.

If you have a little knowledge of how to use tools such as a wrench, you can do this installation on your own. But if you don’t know how to do that, you can ask for a worker who will do this for you in some bucks.

What Needs To Be Improved?

Not a problem because even such a finest product may have some cons to discuss. Please look at what I didn’t find good with my own TOTO MH wall-hung toilet.

  • Problem With Hard Marks Over Longer Usage

If you don’t keep the daily cleaning, some rigid marks get attached to the toilet. These destroy its look, and in the longer run, the cleaning becomes difficult. So, one must have to keep it clean regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is TOTO A Good Brand For Toilets?

Compared to other toilet brands, TOTO is a great brand with durable and longer working products to offer. So, yes, TOTO is a good brand.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Wall Mounted Toilets?

With Wall mounted toilet, you may find below things a little hazardous.
The biggest disadvantage is the cost, time, and effort these toilets take to buy and install. Moreover, you have to spend more money to buy a separate mounting assembly and tank most of the time.

Why Are TOTO Toilets So Good?

TOTO toilets are so good because they provide you with toilets having boast heated seats, easy cleaning, air and water purifying technology, and more. There is no need for toilet paper anymore if you have a TOTO toilet working inside your home.

What Is The Advantage Of A Wall Hung Toilet?

Having a wall-mounted toilet lets you save much space, and that’s the biggest advantage to consider while using it.

Last Words

I tried to explain everything good or bad in this TOTO MH wall hung toilet review. And if you have paid attention, I hope that your choice will be clear.

So, make a decision and let me know your experience with such a product. Keep visiting and keep living a good life. Take care!

Clyde Mitchell

I run a hardware store nearby Court Anaheim, CA. Over the last 7 years, I have been blogging about home improvement and yes, I own ReliefInBath.comFrom me and this website, you can expect some useful tips on great ideas for a modern bathroom.

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