TOTO Entrada Review 2024 [Inexpensive But Great Minimalist Toilet]

The minimalistic design and affordable price have made the Entrada series so much popular. Especially if you have a small bathroom, the Entrada series is highly recommended for you.

Your small bathroom will look bigger. Continue reading TOTO Entrada Review and you will understand why you should trust this series as well.

TOTO Entrada Review

TOTO introduced the Entrada series for people with a tight budget. Still, these models are of high quality and got serious popularity in recent times. Hence, these reviews from real users may help you a lot.

TOTO Entrada Elongated Toilet (Model No. CST244EF#01)

TOTO entrada elongated toilet
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Among all the Entrada models, CST244EF#01 is most popular because it does the job efficiently and it is affordable to all.

And when you are done reading the whole TOTO Entrada elongated review, you will understand why.

I believe you already know the position of TOTO in this industry, and this model certainly can do the job that you would expect from a highly expensive flushing toilet.

The only difference is that you can have it at the cheapest price. I am not saying it’s the best TOTO toilet, but for the price, it’s a smart decision to have it.

When you need a minimalist-designed flushing toilet at a cheap price but that can do the job of a modern flushing toilet, TOTO Entrada elongated toilet is the one you want.

Because of its minimalist design, your bathroom will look bigger.

Among so many great features, you will love its very quiet operation. It won’t wake your neighbors each time you flush it. And in regard to flush, it uses less water to clean the bowl completely no matter whether it is solid or liquid waste. So environment-friendly!

Even if you need to have a back-to-back flush when such a situation arises, you can do it without waiting for the tank to refill. Because the tank can hold almost 3 gallons of water, but each flush only consumes half of that.

And it is very rare that you will be in need of a double flush. Very useful to avoid an unpleasant situation.

If you have the experience using the expensive toilet models of TOTO like the Drake, you will find no addition between the two. The end result is almost the same but you are getting it spending so much less.

Cleaning Tips: Use any non-abrasive toilet cleaner to clean the toilet bowl.

Here is a video demo of the Entrada series. Watch it to get the idea.

More Features & Pros of TOTO Entrada Elongated Toilet

  • From the floor to the top of the seat, there is a height of 17 ¼ inches (Does not include the lid).
  • E-Max flushing mechanism, one flush is all it takes to clean everything. 1.28 Gallon of Water Per Flush which in turn saves water by almost 20%.
  • 3 inches wide flush valve for powerful and consistent flush each time.
  • Pilot operated fill valve for the quiet flush.
  • Large siphon jet to pull away solid waste with powerful force.
  • ADA compliant, so everybody can use it even if you have a physically disabled family member.
  • Universal cotton white color.
  • Universal height with 12 inches rough-in.
  • Does not come with the toilet seat, you need to buy it separately.
  • Comes with every accessory to assemble the toilet tank and bowl. All you need to buy is the wax ring and some bolts to mount it to the wall.

Cons of TOTO Entrada Elongated Toilet

Let’s know some cons to have a neutral review. It will help you to decide better.

  • Have incidents of receiving an already damaged unit. In very rare cases, arrive with missing parts.

TOTO Entrada CalGreen Two-Piece Toilet (Model No. CST243EF-01)

TOTO entrada round toilet
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It has almost the same features except for the fact that it is a round toilet whether the previous one is elongated.

But still, I will present every important information and you will have another complete TOTO Entrada toilet review.

You will find it highly useful if you have a small bathroom because it takes up very little space in the bathroom. Lots of users have been using it for several years and have found it an extremely powerful toilet.

It does not clog and cleans everything with each flush. Since it looks nice, it will add extra beauty to your bathroom.

A great flushing toilet to buy when you need a reasonably-priced one. As the model has a comfortable height, so even the people in the wheelchair can use it comfortably. 14” wide tank size may sound small, but rest assured, the toilet can take care of its business!

Let me clear another confusion that you may be heard from somewhere else. Its 1.28 gallons per flush may sound weak to many, but the truth is it not only just saves huge water daily, it still creates the strongest flush and cleans the bowl with just a single flush.

It’s a proven fact and you can learn more about it when you read some actual users’ reviews.  

It refills the toilet tank so fast and flushing the toilet bowl also takes less time. Overall, it creates relatively less noise as well. Also, just because it is inexpensive does not make it a cheap one. After a few days, you will understand it works just like any other expensive toilet. It lasts as well for so many years. Don’t forget, it’s from TOTO!

More Features & Pros of TOTO Entrada CalGreen Toilet

  • 125% larger 3 inches larger flush valve than the traditional 2 inches flush valve. In combination with the siphon jet mechanism and E-Max Flushing system, it creates a strong but quiet flush each time.
  • 12 inches rough-in with universal height.
  • From back to front, there is a 26-5/8 inches depth on the toilet.
  • ADA compliant, any old or physically challenged family member can use it without any difficulty.
  • White color to match any bathroom interior.
  • 14 inches wide toilet tank. It’s a water-saving model, but gets the job done perfectly!
  • 1.28 Gallon Per Flush; WaterSense certified.
  • Takes very little space, so your bathroom will look bigger.
  • Chrome trip lever that won’t rust.
  • All you need is a Wax ring to install it. You need to buy the toilet seat separately as well.
  • Unbeatable price and high recommendations from experienced users for the small bathroom.

Cons of TOTO Entrada CalGreen Two-Piece Toilet

  • Flushing of the sides of the toilet bowl is a little bit poor, so you may brush the bowl more often.
  • In a very rare occasion, you may receive it with parts missing or damaged parts. Contact them, and they will take care of it.

Summing Up TOTO Entrada Toilet Reviews

If you still have doubts in your mind, remember they are from TOTO. For durability and functionality, just like other series of TOTO, you can trust the Entrada series as well. If you have a budget issue, trust the Entrada and use it with confidence. It will serve you for a pretty long time.

Clyde Mitchell

I run a hardware store nearby Court Anaheim, CA. Over the last 7 years, I have been blogging about home improvement and yes, I own From me and this website, you can expect some useful tips on great ideas for a modern bathroom.

4 thoughts on “TOTO Entrada Review 2024 [Inexpensive But Great Minimalist Toilet]

  1. TOTO Entrada seems the basic edition of the company. I can tell it because of it’s cheap price in compare with it’s other flushing toilet model. So my question is how much differences in terms of quality and longevity between the entrada and other models of TOTO?

    How about their flushing capacity? Are they too loud? I am asking this because of the cheap cost of these toilets. Can you answer these questions please?

    1. Hey Gregory,
      Thanks for your comment and sorry I am late to respond. I am happy to see that you have interest in TOTO Entrada series. As to your question about the quality of the TOTO Entrada, they are great even though they are relatively cheap in comparison with other high priced model of TOTO. Many people are using it for many years without any trouble. You can read some actual reviews of users so that you can have the confidence on TOTO Entrada.

      And about the flushing capacity, most people who have been using this series for years have reported that only one flush is required for the solid waste. And yes, they have relatively less noise when flushing.

      Let me know if you have any more question about TOTO Entrada. I am happy to answer your any questions.


  2. So the whole point of your TOTO entrada elongated toilet reviews is that they are cheap, right? Yes, I have checked the price of both of them and they are cheap. You are right about that. Since they are cheap, what about their performance? Is the price being the main difference between the TOTO entrada vs TOTO drake?

    I first tried to have the TOTO Drake version, but the price is beyond my budget. Then I notice the TOTO Entrada which is really cheap in comparison with other TOTO models. Luckily, it has the elongated and round model as well. Would I regret having the Entrada model?

    1. Yes, there is a huge price difference between the TOTO Entrada and Drake model. This is because the Drake comes with a lot of modern features and made of premium quality material. But TOTO Entrada is still a good shot for you and it will serve you for a very long time.

      You won’t regret. If you read some real customer reviews of TOTO Entrada, you will notice how many of them have recommended it. TOTO is a leading global brand, they would not produce any toilet that won’t satisfy the customers and harm their goodwill.

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