SunCleanse Shower System Reviews 2022: Is It Worth It?

A nice bath can be highly relaxing after a long workday. But for that, you need the right shower system. Among many others, the SunCleanse shower system is one of the best.

From this in-depth review of SunCleanse shower system, you’ll find out yourself.

This is a new brand focusing on developing high-quality shower system products. They might be new but are fully committed to providing the best products with quality and innovative design.

This article will help you decide whether it’s the right fit for you.

Features of SunCleanse Shower System

A lot of unique features coupled with superb design make SunCleanse a superior shower system. But you must be familiar with those features to learn the product correctly.

So, here are some key features of the SunCleanse Shower System:

  • An Excellent Shower System
SunCleanse Shower Faucet

SunCleanse shower faucet system features excellent quality, innovation in design, and superior performance.

An 8 inches rain shower head and a wall-mounted hand shower cover you from all ends.

You can easily switch between the showerhead and hand shower with a square-shaped button.

This modern shower system will look simple yet gorgeous because of an already set pressure balance valve body and the main shower body. It will make your shower space look incredibly sleek and eye-catching.

  • A Complete Shower System For Your Bathroom

With all the necessary items, SunCleanse is a complete shower faucet system by all means. As a result, you can take a shower with convenience and comfort.

You will get a rain shower head, a handheld shower set, rough-in valve body shower faucet, shower hose, trim, and many other necessary items.

Because of its dual shower mode, you can choose between a rain shower and a handheld shower.

So, every time this shower system will provide you with an excellent shower experience. It can be your first choice for bathroom remodeling or a new bathroom.

  • High-Quality Material

Apart from the eye-catching design and a lot of techs, the material of this shower system is also first class. The whole shower system set is made from metal.

High-quality 304 stainless steel and brass body materials make SunCleanse robust and durable.

Its wall-mounted rough-in valve is made from brass and ensures longevity. On top of that, the chrome surface all over the parts makes this shower system sleek, helps prevent corrosion, and provides rust protection.

You can easily clean them too!

  • Everything That Comes Along
SunCleanse Shower System

As a complete shower faucet system, SunCleanse comes with all the necessary items you will require to make it fully functional.

The package comes with a rain shower head, a shower arm, a handheld showerhead, a shower valve faucet, a shower bracket holder, and a shower hose.

Apart from that, you will also get an installation manual with step-by-step installation instructions. With the help of this manual, you can easily set up your shower system without any professional help.

  • Superior Functioning Features

We already know that SunCleanse is a dual-functioning shower system. You can quickly switch between the rain shower and handheld shower with a built-in diverter.

A ceramic disk with an advanced pressure balance offers a smooth and easy switch operation.

An 8 inches rain showerhead with dense silicone water outlets will provide you with a high-pressure rainwater experience. Its swivel ball connector will allow you to adjust the showerhead angle conveniently.

Besides, you will get a stylish L-shaped handheld shower that provides 2.5 gallons of water per minute. On top of that, a reliable ceramic cartridge will last a long service life with more than 500,000 times open and close.

  • Technological Superiority

SunCleanse will offer an outstanding water flow performance with many innovative technology features. For example, an innovative air injection technology mixes air with water to increase the water pressure in low water pressure.

In addition, you will get ½ NPT standard connector tapered threads, which are compatible with most shower systems.

Its extra-long 71 inches shower hose is made from high-quality stainless steel, and its inner tubing is lightweight and flexible. In a word, you will get an innovatively excellent shower system in your bathroom.

  • Available Colors

Shower System color is an essential factor for many people since they want to purchase one matching their bathroom interior. So, more available colors mean a higher chance of getting a matching shower system.

However, SunCleanse comes in three available colors. You can choose from Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Matte Black. All these colors will look fabulous in your bathroom.

  • Miscellaneous

SunCleanse shower faucet system has 8 inches squared-shaped showerhead with a round shower arm. This wall-mounted shower system weighs around 16.62 pounds with widespread mounting.

In a word, SunCleanse offers an all-rounder shower system for your bathroom that looks beautiful and performs superbly. Lastly, watch this video to understand why its great!

What Could Have Been Better With SunCleanse Shower System?

Despite having all the superior features, you will still find some cons that should be addressed. Knowing them will help you understand the product’s ins and out.

The following cons can be neutralized with small measures:

  • Very Loud Shower

Many users have complained that the SunCleanse shower system is quite louder. It feels like screeching through the wall, especially when there’s low water pressure. You might find it disturbing. So, the manufacturer should deal with this issue.

  • Puts Away More Water

Although SunCleanse claims to offer 2.5 GPM, it puts away more water, according to many customer reviews. It is a complete waste since you will have to spend more water for nothing.

  • More Available Color

You get only three color options from SunCleanse. But a few more color options would attract many people and win many hearts. So, its manufacturer should come up with more color options.

Final Thoughts

After reading my SunCleanse shower system reviews, one thing is clear- this is a pretty good shower system option for your bathroom. Even though it comes with some cons, the pros win by a mile.

Now that you know every nitty-gritty of SunCleanse, you can try this shower system for your bathroom. I can say it will not make you disappoint.

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