Speakman Shower Head Reviews (Anystream) – For Low Water Pressure

Bad news first…It’s not for the faint-hearted L

Like many of you, I was not so happy with the water pressure. I was looking for a shower head that will give me extra water flow like the ‘niagara falls’.

Some of you may feel it’s wrong— but I can’t help it!

Thanks to internet—I came across the Anystrem from Speakman! It’s exactly what I needed. Made in the U.S. and I was able to adjust the pressure and lots more!

So, I will share my experience with Speakman Anystream shower head so that you can enjoy a good shower as well.

Why I Love Speakman Anystream Shower Head?

There are a few good-quality showerheads for low water pressure. Anystream is one of them. Let’s see why I have chosen to write about this particular showerhead:

  • Made To Last!

Does it happen to you where you can tell how good it is just by holding it?

It happened to me with Anyshower…

It’s made of solid brass and with its heavy weight, I was pretty sure it will be durable as soon as I held it on my hand. With the heavy solid feel, I am pretty sure it will weigh more than all of your shower fittings!

Just by looking at it, you can tell it’s well-made and a great piece of craftsmanship that will last for your lifetime.

After reading some feedback from other users, I was pretty confident about it. No plastic parts except the flow restrictor which you can take out anytime you want.

I am pretty sure it gonna outlive me!

  • Simple Operation

Aren’t you tired with huge settings? I am! With Anystream, it’s plain and simple. A single level on the side of the showerhead control the 8 nozzles and gives you all the water pressure settings you need.

The main reason it’s called ‘Anystream’ is because you can stop the lever anywhere you like to have your desired pressure and streams.

With fluid motion, you will get a fair variation in water streams. Just twist the lever and you will have different pressure for different people in your family.

  • Pressure Like A Fire Hose!

No I am not exaggerating even a little. With its highest setting, the jets flowing from it will sting you. It did to me! 2.5 gallons of water within just a minute!

So, if you are faint-hearted, don’t try it’s highest setting on yourself! It comes with a pre-installed flow restrictor. Remove it if you like high pressure like me.

Like me, many people have disappointing showering experiences with low water pressure. They have tried many things like expensive plumbers to replace their shower faucets and whatnot with little to no improvement.

After installing Anystream, it’s has completely changed their views. Being impressed with just one, they have replaced all of their worthless shower heads from all of their bathrooms!

  • You Don’t Need A PRO To Install It

The instructions are pretty simple and clear. Even if you have never done it before, you can install it yourself.

With the instruction, it comes with the Teflon tape you need. There is no way you can mess it up if you just read the clear instruction one time!

People with Alzheimer have done it! Many first timers have installed it without having any leaks and without any tools!

  • It’s Affordable

You are pretty aware about the high-end hardware, right? I got one and ended up with 1.7 gallons of water per minute water flow. Bared wet my body L

Spending half of that, I got Anystream and it was well worth it! With that price, I am pretty happy with a nicely adjustable shower head with 2.5 gallons per minute output.

Key Features of Speakman Anystream

Speakman Anystream showerhead

Let’s check its official features from the manufacturer:

  • Simple Design

Nothing fancy about its design. But I love it’s simple and minimalistic design. The solid brass with clean lines perfectly matches my bathroom style. I believe you will love its style as well.

  • Adjustable Settings

It can transition the water spray through intense, rain, and full food settings effortlessly by simple rotation. Thanks to its patented Anystream 360° technology!

For a powerful and sensual experience, the intense spray pattern is awesome. For a spa-like showering experience, go for the rain spray setting.

You want the water to pound against your skin, go for the flood setting. You will feel revitalized and refreshed after each hot shower!

  • Less Cleaning & Maintenance

Even if you have hard-water supply, don’t worry about rapid cleaning. The self-cleaning plungers of the showerhead can prevent any sediment and hard-water buildup effectively.

Downsides of Speakman Anystream Shower Head

adjust lever of Speakman Anystream showerhead
  • Highly unlikely, but the chrome finish may have spot over the years. If it does, you can wax it to prevent spots.
  • You may have leak if you use too much Teflon tape around the threads.
  • I admit it’s a little bit expensive than other similar showerheads like Wantba, Aqua Elegante, etc.
  • I don’t know why but after reading some reviews I have seen some people have complained that the head does not move and rotate easily.

Don’t forget. You can return it within the stipulated time. So, don’t let these downsides discourage you from having this amazing showerhead.

Tips To Remember

  • Again, it’s heavy. So, keep its weight in mind while installing it.
  • Don’t remove the flow restrictor valve entirely. First remove the rubber o-ring and see whether the increased pressure will do. For most people, it will feel like waterfall on full blast! If not, then you can remove the entire flow restrictor.
  • Don’t through the flow restrictor. Save it so that you can re-attach it whenever the flow seems too high for you.
  • Play with the different water pressure settings. The pressure is decent with the restrictor too. Try with and without the restrictor to find your perfect spot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Speakman shower head?

Speakman shower head is designed to function with low water pressure and flourish with it. Ultimately, users get good shower pressure with pulsating experience that they enjoy.

Are Speakman shower heads any good?

Speakman shower heads are simple, durable, and able to give users a good water pressure even if they have low water pressure supply. They are not fancy but very powerful.

Which Speakman shower head has the most pressure?

The S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream has the most pressure among all of the Speakman shower heads. If you need a wall-mount shower head with good pressure, Anystream will be perfect!

Where are Speakman shower heads made?

Aah…in the U.S.! To be more precise, they are made in Wilmington. However, in 2003, they have moved to New Castle.

What are Speakman shower heads made of?

Speakman shower heads are made of brass with durable corrosion-resistant finishes.

Closing Remarks

The whole point of Speakman shower head reviews is to let you know about its Anystream model and how it has changed my showering experience.

If you have low pressure water supply line, try this wall-mount shower head. It will give you a nice pressure that you have been missing for too long!

For those who think high water flow is wrong…let me tell you something. You are not saving water with restricted water flow. In fact, you will consume more water taking more shower time!

Share your experience with Anystream in the comment box.

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