Slopehill Vs. Dyson Hair Dryers: In-depth Differences

Get ready to experience salon-quality blow outs right at home. Today we’re comparing two of the top contenders in high-powered hair dryers—the Slopehill 1875W Dryer and the Dyson Supersonic.

Both deliver ultra-fast drying, plenty of styling options and long-lasting shine to get your locks smooth and sleek or bouncy and voluminous.

But should you splurge on the $400 intelligent heat control of the Dyson? Or will the Slopehill give you all the features you need at half the price? We’re breaking down the key specs and performance details to crown a winner.

Ready, set, dry!

A Brief Comparison Table

Let’s directly compare their features and performance. We’ll look at categories like power, heat and speed settings, attachments, price and more. Time to show the results!

CategorySlopehill 1875WDyson Supersonic
Power1875W for ultra-fast drying1600W Dyson digital motor V9
Heat Settings3 options: high, medium, low4 precise options + 1 for fine hair
Speed Settings3 options: high, medium, low3 precise options
Ionic TechnologyNoYes, helps reduce frizz
Cool Shot ButtonYesYes
AttachmentsConcentrator nozzle, diffuserConcentrator, diffuser, anti-static comb
Auto Shut OffNoYes, after 10 mins idle
Heat ProtectionNoIntelligent temp control
Weight1.8 lbs1.8 lbs

Phew, that’s a lot to digest! Here are the key takeaways:

  • The Slopehill tops out at a crazy fast 1875 watts compared to the Dyson’s 1600W motor
  • However, the Dyson offers more precise heat options plus specialty fine hair mode
  • Both dryers include concentrator and diffuser nozzle attachments
  • Only the Dyson has anti-static comb and auto shut off feature
  • Biggest distinction comes down to Slopehill’s power vs Dyson’s smart temp control tech

Slopehill 1875W Hair Dryer: Power Meets Versatility

Slopehill Hair Dryer

When it comes to power, it doesn’t get much better than the Slopehill 1875W.

As its name suggests, this dryer packs a punch with 1875 watts of drying force.

It pushes air through at an incredible 90km/hr for ultra-fast drying.

Even if you have thick or dense hair, you’ll cut down your dry time substantially with the Slopehill.

Across three heat settings and three speed options, you can customize the airflow for your hair needs. The high heat blasts through wet hair right after the shower. Low heat helps shape styles and eliminate frizz at the end.

And the cool shot button locks your look in place for long-lasting volume or sleekness.

We appreciate how lightweight the body and handle feel during styling sessions. At just 1.8 lbs, you won’t tire out your arms, even when molding sections with a brush or curling iron. The ergonomic handle design includes a easy-access button to trigger the cool air burst anytime.

In addition to drying your strands super fast, the Slopehill makes it easy to switch up your part and shape dramatic styles. The concentrator nozzle attachment focuses the airflow for pinpoint precision. Flick, curl or smooth sections one by one with the concentrated air stream.

Or pop on the diffuser to gently dry and set curly textures, enhancing definition and cutting frizz. No matter your hair length or type, the Slopehill shapes it with ease.

Key Slopehill Features:

  • 1875 watt motor for ultra-fast drying
  • 3 heat settings and 2 speed options
  • Cool shot button to finish styles
  • Concentrator nozzle for sleekness
  • Diffuser for boosting curls and volume
  • Lightweight at just 1.8 lbs

Next up, we’ll see if the iconic Dyson brand can give the Slopehill any serious competition when it comes to top-tier hair drying.

Dyson Supersonic: Smart Temp Control Protects Your Hair

Sticky summers and frizzy rainy days, we’ve all been there. Humidity wreaks havoc on hairstyles. But Dyson engineered its Supersonic hair dryer to smoothly styles strands and keep them that way in any conditions. How does it work such magic?

Intelligent heat control.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Supersonic dryer relies on a Dyson digital motor V9, their newest and most advanced model yet.

A microprocessor monitors air temperature over 40 times per second to prevent extreme heat damage.

It keeps airflow nice and consistent so you get ultra-smooth, shiny locks free of frizz.

And when we say intelligent heat control, we mean precise to the degree.

The Supersonic dryer features four heat settings, including one specialized for fine or damaged hair.

It truly customizes the drying and styling process based on your hair’s needs.

Additional speed settings let you start out high powered to first dry wet strands from roots to ends then finish styling with lower speeds.

Do you ever struggle with static, flyaways or general unruliness? Say goodbye to those pesky issues too. The Supersonic comes with an anti-static styling comb that adds extra shine and sleekness as your last step post-drying.

The polished carbon fiber teeth provide just the right friction to smooth strands.

Even with all that smart technology inside, the body of the dryer still clocks in at an easy to handle 1.8 lbs. Your arms won’t tire out halfway through drying thanks to Dyson’s commitment to comfort and ergonomics.

And the smooth white and purple color scheme looks just as brilliant on your countertop as it works on your hair.

Key Dyson Supersonic Features:

  • 1600W Dyson digital motor
  • Intelligent heat control measures airflow temp
  • 3 precise speed settings
  • Cool shot button locks in styles
  • Anti-static pre-polished styling comb
  • Lightweight at 1.8 lbs

Hmm, both the Slopehill and Dyson are making solid cases so far for high-tech hair tools. But which one will emerge victorious? The battle rages on.

Next, we’ll look closer at the pros and cons of each high speed hair drying machine.

Slopehill 1875W Dryer: The Pros and Cons

Slopehill Pros

Slopehill Hair Dryer
Slopehill Hair Dryer
  • 1875 watts delivers lightening-fast drying
  • Affordable price point under $200
  • Cool shot perfectly locks in styles
  • Super lightweight at 1.8 lbs for comfortable handling
  • 3 heat + 3 speed settings for versatility
  • Easy-access cool shot button on handle

Slopehill Cons

  • Can get very hot with extended high heat use
  • No auto shut off means you must manually turn it off
  • Does not have ionic tech to reduce frizz like Dyson
  • Fewer safety features to prevent heat damage

The Slopehill is a top contender if you prioritize power, affordability and style versatility. Now let’s examine the Dyson Supersonic’s strengths and weaknesses.

Dyson Supersonic: The Good and Bad

Dyson Pros

  • Intelligent heat control for consistent airflow temp
  • Specialized heat mode for fine or damaged hair
  • Auto turn off for safety and energy savings
  • Anti-static comb leaves hair super smooth and shiny
  • Advanced digital motor for fast yet healthy drying
  • Ergonomic design is comfortable for long styling

Dyson Cons

  • Very expensive price tag
  • Slightly less powerful than Slopehill
  • Cool shot button positioned awkwardly
  • Still risks some degree of heat damage over time

The Dyson certainly wins points for smart tech and innovative design. But is it worth the hefty price? Finally, let’s weigh in on which dryer ultimately comes out on top.

And The Winner Is…

Both the Slopehill and Dyson deliver salon-level blow outs with a variety of helpful features. But which model has the right mix of power, customization and care for your hair type and budget?

For Fine or Damaged Hair — Dyson Supersonic

We have to crown Dyson as the winner for fragile, thin or worn-out strands. The specialized heat mode gently dries while preserving integrity. And the anti-static comb leaves hair glossier after heat styling.

For Healthy Thick or Curly Hair — Slopehill 1875W

Thick mane? Kinky curls? The Slopehill has you covered. With ultra-powerful airflow concentrated through the nozzle and diffuser, it cuts dry time substantially. Customize temps as needed without sacrificing speed.

On A Budget — Slopehill 1875W

At under $200 compared to nearly $400 for the Dyson, the Slopehill delivers great bang for your buck. With professional 1875 watt performance, it competes with high-end models at a fraction of the investment.

While the Dyson stands out technologically, the Slopehill gives it a run for the money. We crown the Slopehill the winner for affordable pro-level drying power suited for most hair types. But for fine, thin or damaged strands, the Dyson’s smart heat protection excels. Either way, you can’t go wrong with these outstanding hair tools!

Blow Drying Like A Pro

We covered a whole lot of ground comparing the Slopehill and Dyson Supersonic dryers. From motor wattage to heat settings to attachments, both models excel in delivering salon-level results at home. Follow this expert advice to maximize their drying and styling potential:

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
  • Prep hair with thermal protectant before drying to minimize heat damage
  • Rough dry sections using higher heat/speed then tone down settings to finish
  • Keep dryer 6-8 inches away and pointed down sections to smooth cuticles
  • Wrap sections around large barrel brush and hold tension for sleek, straight styles
  • Attach diffuser cap to dry curly textures evenly while enhancing definition
  • Finish with cool shot button to seal the look and boost shine
  • Clean air vents regularly to prevent product buildup and blocked airflow

Ready to experience high-powered, customizable drying that leaves your hair smooth and sleek or bouncy and full? Invest in the Slopehill or Dyson professional-grade hair dryers today!

FAQs About Slopehill and Dyson Hair Dryers

Still trying to decide between the Slopehill and Dyson hair dryers? Let’s answer some common questions for extra guidance.

Is there a hairdryer as good as the Dyson?

For innovative technology like consistent heat control, the Dyson Supersonic stands in a class of its own. However, the Slopehill 1875W hair dryer delivers power and performance nearly on par with the Dyson at a fraction of the price. It dries strands lightning fast, with versatile settings for styling different hair types. If you don’t want to drop $400+ on the Dyson, the Slopehill makes an outstanding alternative.

Which hair dryer brand is best?

The Dyson and Slopehill hair dryer brands lead the high-end market with salon-level power and customizable settings. In terms of mid-range options under $100, Bio Ionic, Rusk and Hot Tools earn top marks for balancing affordability with quality drying and styling. Classic brands like Conair and Remington also continue to perform well.

Why does my hair feel like straw after using Dyson hair dryer?

The Dyson Supersonic stands out for intelligent heat control that should not drastically dry out your hair, even with regular use. Getting a straw-like texture means the dryer settings and/or your products don’t align well with your hair type. Very thick, coarse or dry hair may require extra moisture from leave-ins and masks. Adjusting to lower heat may allow thorough drying without excess damage over time.

Why is Dyson hair dryer so much better?

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer justifies its premium price tag through proprietary technology that makes it better than conventional dryers. Features like its digital motor, precise heat control and anti-static comb provide a customized experience. Instead of blasting strands at dangerously high temperatures, it maintains a gentle yet consistent airflow. The result? Smooth, shiny, bouncy hair that maintains integrity with heat styling.

Does the Slopehill have an automatic shut off function?

No, unlike the Dyson dryer, the Slopehill 1875W model does NOT have auto shut off. It will continue running until you manually switch the dryer to the “off” position. Allowing it to run extensively can pose fire risks. Be sure to remain attentive and turn off the Slopehill once you finish the drying/styling process.

The Final Blow Out

We definitely crowned both the Slopehill and Dyson as top contenders in high-end hair tools. Let’s recap a few closing thoughts:

  • Can’t beat the Slopehill 1875W for affordable pro performance
  • Dyson Supersonic uses smart tech to customize drying and style fine hair
  • Attachments like concentrator nozzle and diffuser increase versatility
  • Both achieve ultra-fast drying and long-lasting styles
  • For most budgets and hair types, Slopehill delivers salon-quality results

Thanks for following this in-depth battle of the professional hair dryers. Whether you picked the Slopehill or Dyson as the winner, we covered plenty of factors to consider from heat control to price.

Confident in your choice?

Go ahead and treat yourself to the at-home blow outs you deserve. We hope you loved going along for this hair drying adventure!

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