Slate Tile Shower Problems People Usually FACE!

Let’s say you go somewhere and see a shower with slate tile. In terms of looks, that’s something you would want to have in your shower as well. 

But what about the problems? 

There are some slate tile shower problems that you should know about. It’s important to go through them because they can heavily impact the decision of whether you want to get slate tiles in your showers or not. 

So, let’s get going and see what kind of problems you come across with slate tiles.

Problems With The Slate Tile In The Shower

slate tiled bathroom

While slate tile can be very gorgeous and great in quality as a shower tile, it has its cons and problems.

Some problems just come with the slate tiling process itself. 

Then you face some issues after you have gone through slate tiling in your shower.

I will tell you about both kinds of problems to decide on with all the information.

Let’s start with the actual issues that you face when you have slate tile in your shower.

  • Calcium Buildup 

One of the most common problems you will face with slate tiles is calcium buildup. You will notice some white residue on slate tiles in the shower that makes the whole appearance of the tiles pretty ugly. 

Now, this mostly happens because of the tiles’ mineral and soap deposit absorption quality.  

After using your shower, there is a high chance of soap and mineral deposits accumulating on the shower tiles. Over time, these deposits harden and become almost like spots on your tiles. 

These white substances you see are usually calcium.

No need to worry too much, though, because you can easily clean them up. But the fact of this extra cleaning necessity can be a bit of an issue for sure.

  • Slate Tile Flaking In Shower

One of the most annoying issues you can face with slate tile is flaking. What happens there is that you will see parts of the slate tile coming off. 

Usually, this happens when the seal weakens or if you don’t use any sealant.

Typically, using harsh cleaners can result in flaking much quicker. At the same time, it’s something that you can’t avoid either. 

So, all you have to do is make sure the sealant on the slate tile is placed correctly.

  • Odor 

Sometimes you will notice a bad smell coming from the slate tiles in the shower, even though it’s not something that everyone will face. Still, it’s a very common issue in many slates tile setup.

The odor you get from the tiles is pretty bad too. It’s annoying and embarrassing to have that smell inside your shower all the time. 

Yes, you can get rid of the smell at some point, but doing so requires additional activities and some products. So, you just have to go through an extra maintenance process to keep the odor away from a slate tile.

Now, these are the problems that are fundamentally wrong with the slate tile setup. These are issues that take place over time and may not even happen. You can easily avoid these from happening with proper maintenance and care.

Aside from these, there are some other problems, or you can say cons of having slate tile in your shower. So, let’s check them out one by one.

  • It Can Be Expensive 

The first thing to notice here is slate tiling can be quite expensive. Especially if you consider it over regular tiling, you will have to spend quite a lot on it. 

And I am not even talking about the installation labor cost. The initial cost for buying the slates only can be pretty high.

On top of that, you will also have to count on the labor cost. When you add that to the equation, the whole process can be very much expensive.

Whether it’s worth it or not comes down to your preference. Because you get a unique-looking setup that will surely impress you, it can be worth your money if you are after that.

  • Very Hard To Repair And Replace 
 slate tile shower

Whenever you have issues with the slate tiles in your shower, you will have a more challenging time with them.

These tiles are much harder to repair because of their construction and application.

Sometimes, when you have to opt for replacing the tiles, you will have a difficult time there as well. Most of the time, slate tile is more of a permanent solution.

So, removing it and then replacing it can be a lot of work. Also, you will have to go through a lot of steps to do the thing properly.

  • Requires Sealant For Stain Resistance 

Slate tiles can easily get stains. This just means you will have to follow a proper cleaning schedule to make sure it’s not getting any stains.

To make sure it stays resistant to stain for a long time, you will need to use a sealant of some sort. Also, you will need to maintain the sealant and apply it often because the sealant can easily come off after a while.

  • Installing Slate Tile By Yourself Is Difficult.

Here’s something that can impact the decision to install slate tile for you. Without proper experience or knowledge, you will have a very difficult time installing the slate tile by yourself. 

Also, you won’t have the proper tools to install the slate tile in your shower.

If you are getting a slate tile in your shower, then you have to go with a professional installation. Because if you are doing it wrong, then there will be a lot of problems that you have to deal with the slate tile.


There you go, now you have all the knowledge of slate tile shower problems. Should you still go for the option? 

I would say yes if you are looking to have a gorgeous looking shower with a unique appearance. Also, the longevity of the shower with slate tiling can be quite impressive. 

So, considering that, it will be a good choice to go with the slate tile if you are up to proper maintenance on them.

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