Showery Vs. StoneStream Shower Heads: A Detail Comparison

If you’re in the market for a new shower head, you may be considering Showery or StoneStream models. Both brands promise an invigorating shower experience through innovative designs. But which one is right for your bathroom?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the key features of Showery and StoneStream shower heads to help you determine the best option for your needs and budget. We’ll look at factors like filtration, water pressure, design, installation, pricing, and more.

Whether you want a relaxing rain shower or a powerful massage, we’ve got you covered.

A Quick Comparison Table

Before diving into the details, here’s a high-level overview of how Showery and StoneStream shower heads stack up:

FiltrationNo built-in filterMineral stone filter
Flow Rate2.5 GPM2.5 GPM
Spray SettingsWide rain showerPowerful concentrated jets
InstallationEasy tool-freeEasy tool-free

Key Differences Between Showery And StoneStream Shower Heads

Filtration System Comparison

Showery Propeller Driven Shower Head
Showery Propeller Driven Shower Head

One of the biggest differences between Showery and StoneStream is how they handle water filtration.

Clean, purified water can make your showers feel healthier and more refreshing.

Showery shower heads do not feature any built-in water filtration.

The water flows from your home’s plumbing directly through the shower head unfiltered.

The advantage is that there are no cartridges to change or maintain.

In contrast, StoneStream shower heads use a patented filtration system in each model. The heads contain a replaceable ActiveMineral cartridge that filters out chlorine, heavy metals, and other elements found in tap water.

StoneStream claims its filters soften hard water, leaving you with smoother, purified water for hair and skin. The company recommends changing cartridges every 6-12 months depending on usage.

Winner: StoneStream for built-in water filtration. Showery does not offer filtration capabilities.

Water Flow Rate Analysis

The flow rate determines the water pressure and coverage area of your shower stream. Higher flow equals more water volume per minute. Most shower heads today have restrictors to conserve water use.

Showery and StoneStream both offer standard flow rates around 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM). This provides sufficient water flow for satisfying showers while still limiting water volumes.

Within this range, StoneStream tends to have a higher minimum flow, with a minimum of 2.0 GPM compared to 1.75 GPM for Showery. The maximum flow rates go up to 2.5 GPM for both brands.

What does this mean in real showering terms? StoneStream will feel more powerful and invigorating while still conserving water when compared to Showery.

Winner: StoneStream for its higher minimum water flow rate for increased pressure.

Reviewing Spray Settings and Performance

StoneStream Shower Head
StoneStream Shower Head

The ideal shower head provides you with options.

Adjustable settings let you customize your experience for relaxation or rejuvenation.

Showery and StoneStream take different approaches when it comes to spray modes:

Showery focuses on wide rainfall shower coverage.

The flexible silicone nozzles are designed for even distribution across a broad shower area.

This makes for a gentle, spa-like soak to start your day.

StoneStream concentrates water through focused spray jets. The nozzles deliver strong, targeted streams that let you massage away aches and pains.

To compare real-life performance, we tested top models from each brand:

  • Showery Rain Shower: The 12” diameter provides complete upper body coverage with two click-adjust modes – rain shower and concentrated jet. Simple and peaceful.
  • StoneStream Handheld: The smaller 5.5” shower head attaches to a handheld wand for directing water flow. Offers 7 spray settings including power rain, pulsating massage, and more.

Winner: Tie – Showery for wide rainfall shower relaxation, StoneStream for customizable focused jets. Depends on your preference.

Installation and Maintenance

Who wants to struggle with complex installation or maintenance? The ideal shower head should upgrade your bathroom without hassle or hassle.

The good news is that both Showery and StoneStream are designed for quick, easy tool-free installation:

  • Remove existing shower head
  • Clean mounting pipe threads
  • Twist new head into place by hand

It takes less than 10 minutes to install either brand without a plumber. Ongoing maintenance is also straightforward:

  • Showery – Wipe jets clean of limescale buildup
  • StoneStream – Change filter cartridge every 6-12 months

When it comes to convenience, it’s a tie between Showery and StoneStream. Both offer hassle-free DIY installation and easy care.

Winner: Tie for effortless installation and maintenance.

Comparing Design Aesthetics

A shower head should also look good in your bathroom. The aesthetics and finish Impact the look of your space.

Showery and StoneStream both offer attractive modern designs built to last:

Showery Shower Head
Showery Shower Head
  • Showery shower heads have a contemporary, minimalist style. They come in stylish matte, brushed nickel, or black stainless finishes to match modern bathrooms.
  • StoneStream features a more distinctive industrial design accentuated by the visible filtration system. The polished chrome finish provides a hint of vintage flair.

It comes down to decor preferences. Showery matches contemporary, sleek bathrooms.

StoneStream brings unique character with its exposed filtration cartridge.

Winner: Tie since design taste is subjective. Both offer durable, attractive shower heads.

Cost Comparison

With advanced designs and features comes higher prices. Let’s look at the cost considerations between Showery vs StoneStream.

Showery shower heads are affordably priced between $$-$$$ depending on model. You get excellent quality and performance for the cost.

StoneStream pricing starts around $$$ and goes up from there. The integrated filtration system carries a premium price tag. Keep in mind replacement filters also add to long term costs.

Winner: Showery for more budget-friendly pricing, especially for buyers not needing filtration.

Key Features of Showery Models

To help summarize the Showery line, here are the standout features that characterize these shower heads:

  • Wide rainfall spray for relaxation
  • Silicone rubber nozzles for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable click-control settings
  • Convenient hand tightening installation
  • Air-infusion for fuller water droplets
  • Restrictor-free design for maximum flow
  • Matte, brushed nickel, or black finishes
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Sizes range from 6” to 12” coverage
  • All metal construction with brass accents

With its trademark rain shower experience, stylish looks, and easy maintenance, Showery delivers spa-like luxury without going over budget.

What Makes StoneStream Shower Heads Special

As a higher-end brand, StoneStream packs its shower heads with premium perks:

StoneStream Shower Head
  • Built-in ActiveMineral filtration system
  • Vibrant water vortex for lively spray
  • Adjustable jets for targeted massage
  • Removable wand on select models
  • Easy installation requiring no tools
  • Self-cleaning nozzles resist limescale
  • High quality brass and stainless materials
  • Unique exposed filtration cartridge design
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Handheld model great for pets, kids, and mobility

The combination of water softening filtration, focused spray power, and durable engineering justify the higher prices for StoneStream shower heads.

Direct Model Matchup: Showery Vs. StoneStream

To make the differences even more clear, let’s directly compare two popular models from each brand:

  • Showery Rainfall Shower Head: 12” wide rain shower head with easy click flow control. All metal construction.
  • StoneStream Atlas Handheld Shower Head: 5.5” handheld shower head with ActiveMineral filter. Includes 7 massage sprays.

The Showery stands out for its wide, gentle rainfall shower coverage. No other attachments needed for simple relaxation.

The StoneStream wins for its handheld versatility, filtration, and focused spray power. Great for targeting sore muscles or washing kids and pets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are StoneStream shower heads worth the higher price?

StoneStream shower heads are worth the extra cost for buyers who value water filtration and invigorating, massage-like spray performance. If you want softer filtered water and concentrated jets, the premium price brings enhancements beyond basic shower heads.

What shower head brand is the best rated?

According to customer reviews and testing, some of the top rated shower head brands are Moen, Delta, Rainfall, Speakman, Kohler, Hansgrohe, and Waterpik. Highly rated models include Hansgrohe Raindance, Delta In2ition, Moen Magnetix, Kohler Forte, and Speakman Anystream.

Do stone filter shower heads like StoneStream really work?

Yes, the internal stone filters used in shower heads like those made by StoneStream effectively filter out chlorine, minerals, and other impurities from tap water as verified by 3rd party testing. This can result in smoother, softer feeling water. Replacing filter cartridges regularly is key.

How does the Showery rain shower head work?

Showery shower heads use flexible silicone nozzles to distribute water evenly across a wide shower area, creating a gentle rainfall effect. Users can click between different modes from rain shower, concentrated jets, or a mix. The large coverage area and simple controls make for a relaxing, spa-like shower.

The Final Verdict: Showery or StoneStream?

In this in-depth comparison guide, we found:

Showery shower heads excel at delivering affordable, low-maintenance rain shower relaxation. The elegant design, easy tool-free installation, and smooth wide coverage makes these an indulgent upgrade over basic shower heads.

StoneStream shower heads justify their higher price with premium filtration, focused massage jets, and feature-packed models like handheld wands. They turn an everyday shower into a rejuvenating, spa-like experience.

The right choice ultimately depends on your budget and showering priorities:

  • Seeking a soothing rain shower effect? Choose Showery.
  • Want filtered water and targeted massaging spray? Go with StoneStream.

With this comprehensive analysis of key factors like filtration, flow rate, settings, installation, and aesthetics, you now have the details to decide which shower head brand fits your needs and bathroom best.

Start the day right with an invigorating shower thanks to the perfect new shower head. Showery and StoneStream represent the peak of modern shower technology for health, relaxation, and renewal.


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