Best Cleaner For Colored Grout In Shower, Soap Scum, Mold And Mildew

When you think nothing can remove the colored grout in the shower or nothing can get rid of mold and mildew, you need the best cleaner for colored grout in the shower that is recommended by thousands.

Cleaning is always a disgusting job and scrubbing like a maniac will cause severe pain to your arms. Home remedies like bleach and vinegar won’t get the job done.

You need something that is proven to work like wonder and something that works FAST!

7 Cleaner For Colored Grout In Shower Reviews 2020

fiberglass shower cleaner

Among the 7 from the comparison table, some take time, and some works within seconds. But all of them work like charm. You must follow their instructions to get the best outcome. 

Now, let’s dive into in-depth reviews.

Wet and Forget

My number 1 recommended cleaner for glass shower doors is to remove hard water and soap scum without any scrubbing. As you can guess from the name, just wet your glass doors with it and forget. Just a day after, everything in the shower will be sparkling!

wet and forget cleaner for glass shower doors
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Being skeptical is okay when lots of ‘snake oil’ have disappointed you in the past. Take some time to read some real reviews.

Then you will become its loyal user forever like so many skeptical people.

No more struggling to clean your bathtub or to get rid of grout in a shower.

All you need is no scrub shower cleaner like this to have a super clean shower. It makes your life totally hassle-free and stress-free.

For deep cleaning your really messed up shower, spray wet and forget for 2 to 3 days. On the next just rinse it off with clean water. There will be no scales, scum, or stains of any kind.

If you think removing colored grout is a hard job, give it a try. It works like magic and saves you valuable time! Professional cleaning is now an easy peasy task. 

As a responsible member of your family, be the last one to take a shower. When you are done, spray this everywhere and walk away. The next day you will get a nice clean shower with a soft vanilla fragrance.

Lots of people tried bleach and countless hours of scrubbing. But they failed to get rid of the dirty soap scum and old stains from their bathtub. But then they found this miracle cleaner for hard water stains in bathtubs. You will be surprised too.

Pros & Features

  • Very much economic. All you have to do is to apply it once a week. One gallon lasts really long. Each gallon contains 64 ounces. Perfect for 12 weeks!
  • Perfectly safe for your health. It does not contain any ammonia or bleach.
  • Works perfectly with tiles and grout.
  • Septic system is safe.
  • It works like magic as a fiberglass shower cleaner.
  • Won’t do any harm to your plastic-like shower walls too.
  • For existing mold and mildew, some scrubbing is advised.


  • Really expensive.
  • Waiting for one day is a BIG no for some people.

Method Shower Spray Cleaner

If the previous Wet and Forget seems like too much expensive fiberglass shower cleaner to you, then the method sower cleaner is a much more affordable alternative. The scent of the Ylan Ylan is simply priceless!

Method Shower Spray Cleaner
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If your bathroom does not have any window or exhaust fan, mold and mildew will grow naturally.

Cleaning your shower with the Method Cleaner will prevent them forever. 

No one expected it to be that effective and it exceeded the expectations of lots of people.

If you have to deal with mildew weekly basis in your shower, now you don’t have to worry about a month!

Keeping the white tiles and grout spot-free is not an easy task. But if you use it, they will be spot-free white years after years. It works surprisingly well and smells nice.

If you live in an area where the water is hard, then you know how challenging it is to keep the shower clean, right? Well, Method Shower cleaner got huge positive reviews from people living in such areas as Texas. 

Just like the previous one, you won’t be needing any scrubbing or scrapping. Why should you waste time and energy when you can just spray it and forget? 

When you hate any soap scum or mildew showing up in your loving shower, you must apply something that works. According to many, it already exceeded their expectations. It won’t disappoint you either.

More Pros & Features

  • Total 8 bottles of hard water remover for glass and ceramic tiles. Each plastic bottle contains 28 ounces. 
  • Not just clean, it prevents scum, mold, and mildew.
  • Plant-based cleaning ingredients. Perfectly safe to apply directly on glass tubes, tile, shower, and other fixtures.
  • No rinsing is required. Apply directly on the shower glass doors and you won’t be needing the squeegee as well. Won’t leave any residue.
  • Lots of commercial home cleaning professionals use it a lot.


  • Some people don’t like the Ylang Ylang smell.

CLR Jelmar Pb-Bk-2000

I call it the no. 1 best shower cleaner for hard water. Of course, it’s perfect for the entire shower cleaning, but it will surprise you to deal with colored grout. If there are any strains on the toilet or anywhere in the shower, apply this today and see the magic!

CLR Jelmar Pb-Bk-2000
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For any dirty messes anywhere in your bathroom, feel free to apply them. If you read the bottle it says don’t apply on grout.

Ignore that and if you have colored grout, feel free to apply. It works like a charm.

And if you have a granite sink in your bathroom, you will find it super effective to remove hard water stains.

If you have very old stains and other cleaners failed to take care of them, try this.

Not on the first day, but it will gradually remove all the stains and prevent future hard water stains as well.

Unlike other shower cleaners, it won’t drip down when you apply them to the shower doors or other places in your bathroom. It creates a foam and stays on the wall to do its cleaning magic.

Unless you got a really dirty shower or sink, you won’t be needing any rigorous scrubbing as well. Very convenient application. This is the only brand many people use because it never let them down.

A perfect shower cleaner for soap scum and colored grout in the shower to keep it clean every day year after year.

More Noteworthy Features

  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Multi-purpose cleaning usage. 
  • Each pack contains 2 trigger spray containers. Each container has 26 oz. 
  • You can apply it to wipe clean bathtubs, faucets, showerheads, sinks, etc.
  • Easy usage, just sprays and wipe clean.
  • The perfect solution for calcium deposits and hard water stains in the shower.
  • Very foamy.
  • Not to be applied on laminated walls or painted surfaces.
  • EPA safe.


  • Not good to remove hard water stains from the toilet.


It’s mainly a rust cleaner but a perfect cleaner for hard water stains in bathtubs too. If your tub needs a serious cleaning job, give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed. Many did not think it can remove stains from the tub and it proved them wrong.

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Yes, it needs so scrubbing to remove all those hard water stains but it works when all other options fail you.

Sometimes, you can’t get rid of the black films from your shower doors. Give it a try and be amazed.

When you have a hard water supply in your house, your shower, and every other fixture in the bathroom will get stained quickly.

And it is hard to get rid of them using any mild cleaners. Only Lime-A-Way limescale cleaner is your answer.

The beauty of cleaning your shower using it is that you don’t have to wait for days to see its magic. Just let it sit for a while and this is all it takes. It does not leave any smears, so you don’t have to rewipe clean it.

Your shower will look brand new each day using this only once a week. There is lots of positive feedback confirming that. You are welcome to read those feedback and recommendations to understand why they call it the best cleaner for colored grout in a shower.

Pros & More Features

  • A perfect cleaning solution to remove lime, rust, and calcium from your entire bathroom and bring back the brand-new shine.
  • It can remove fresh limescale within just seconds! And without any scrubbing!
  • You can apply it everywhere inside your bathroom like the sink, tub, tile, shower glass, etc.
  • No more soap scum. People call it the miracle cleaner.
  • In several incidents when every other brand failed to remove the rust stains, Lime-A-Way won!
  • When no recipe works to get rid of rust stains from your bathtub, you should try this. You can thank me later for recommending this.


  • I don’t know why but a few people have mentioned it did not work for them.

Bring it On Cleaner

Lots of people tried other regular shower cleaners but could not get desired results. They even mixed lemon and vinegar mixture to those cleaners to work but failed to get the job done. 

Bring it On Cleaner
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As a last resort, they tried the Bring It On fiberglass shower cleaner and it exceeded their expectations. That’s what compelled them to write amazing reviews about this newly introduced cleaner.

No matter how dirty your shower is, it will make it super clean without any effort.

Literally, people tried 10 to 15 different brands that claimed to be super effective against rust stains, calcium, lime, hard water stains, etc. All of them failed and only this one worked!

And they got their expected results without scrubbing like maniacs. This is exactly what you need when you want to avoid back pain or severe pain in your arms doing all those scrubbing.

If you got hard water and soap deposits in your tile shower, this is your best shot. Now, the beauty of using it is that it’s totally harmless to you and any hard surfaces. More so, it leaves a beautiful scent each time you use it. 

When you think nothing will work and you decide to remodel the entire setup, give this a try. I am sure it will restore your faith again in such cleaners.

More Features & Pros

  • It features oxygen bleach to remove the toughest stains and soap scums from any hard surfaces like tiles, stones, metals, glasses, etc. without causing any damage.
  • Let it sit for a while and brush by hand.
  • Safe to be used around children. Completely non-toxic formula.
  • In addition to your shower, you can use it to soot off fireplace glass. You can use it to clean car windows too.
  • It leaves a beautiful mint scent.
  • Do not use it on marble.


  • Requires a little scrubbing.


It’s recommended by people who earth a livelihood by cleaning houses for others. And they call it the ‘kaboom’ when it comes to shower cleaner for mold and mildew. Because it takes little to no scrubbing but gives a stunning cleaning result.

Rejuvenate no scrub cleanerSuper effective against soap scum, hard water stains, colored grout, and mold and mildew. Spray it on the glass doors and let it sit down for a couple of minutes. 

Then use a scrubbing brush to get the job done. It works without fail! It does not have any intense smell, so you won’t have a burning throat and eyes while scrubbing.

Many have confirmed to have crystal clear shower doors just by applying them. They even did not need any scrubbing. They just let it dry on the glass and got a surprising result. 

If you have a dull dingy-looking really old bathtub in your bathroom and nothing worked, give this a try. Let the cleaner sit on the dull tub for 4 to 5 minutes and then do a little scrubbing. I am more than confident you will get a bright shiny tub!

For a textured fiberglass shower door pan, removing the really old dirty soap scum may sound impossible. Do yourself a favor and apply this. You will be shocked to see its brilliant work.

It’s a several-time award-winner cleaner for glass shower doors. Trust the huge reviews from experienced users. It won’t let down either.

Pros of Rejuvenate

  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Totally non-toxic (completely bleach-free). Perfectly safe for your eyes during scrubbing.
  • No more disgusting shower build-up and yucky scum.  
  • Ready to be applied on glass, plastic, tile, ceramic, chrome, and so on.
  • Very easy use. Just spray, wait for a while and rinse. However, under extreme circumstances, I recommend a little scrubbing.
  • Totally odor-less. 
  • Have colored grout in the shower? Try this deep grout cleaner.
  • Quick action. No need to wait for hours or days. A big-time saver. 


  • You will be needing some scrubbing in various situations.

Tilex Clorox Plus

You know about Clorox but I need to talk about it nonetheless because there is tons of feedback about it. A proven and very much familiar brand’s shower glass cleaner review will add extra beauty to my article.

Tilex Clorox PlusNow, let’s come to the point and see why it’s a great no-scrub shower cleaner.

It is perfect for people who don’t like to do much cleaning. I know almost everyone hates it, but every now and then we have to do it.

You can cut this disgusting cleaning time by half if you have Tilex.

No mold and mildew can grow anywhere inside your bathroom as long as you keep it clean.

You will get better results when you clean it with Tilex. There are multiple reviews saying it has successfully prevented molds from growing in their bathrooms.

Sure it keeps the molds away but I strongly recommend keeping the window open (if any) and keeping the bathroom exhaust fan running for at least 20 minutes to prevent any future molds from coming back.

When you need to take care of spots and build-ups from your shower doors and you can’t have anything but a brand, then Tilex is your answer. It always cleans them well.

Spray the shower cleaner for soap scum in your shower and use the squeegee for mild scrubbing. Your shower will look brand new years after years.

If you love it and are a brand loyal user of Tilex, then you know how hard it is to find any Tilex refill. Now that you have it, don’t miss the chance.

More Pros & Features

  • Simply vanishes soap scums and hard water build-ups.
  • It contains no ammonia or bleach. Totally non-abrasive cleaner
  • Perfect to be applied on any hard surfaces including plastic, fiberglass, ceramic tile, grout, etc. 
  • Very little amount is needed to have a radiant bathroom each time.
  • No, it won’t leave any dull residue.
  • It leaves a fresh scent throughout the shower.


  • Not super effective against old grout mold.

Final Verdict

Don’t cause severe pain to your arms scrubbing too hard dealing with home remedies vinegar or bleach. Don’t waste money on what you see in the local stores. Trust real feedback from real users. 

If you don’t want to take a chance anymore and want to get the best cleaner for colored grout in the shower on your first try, get the Wet & Forget or Method Shower cleaner reviewed first.  

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