Shark Vs. Laifen Hair Dryer Showdown: Battle of The Blowouts

Getting ready in the morning often means a battle between you and your hairdryer. Will it dry your locks quickly and smoothly? Or leave your hair a frizzy mess of split ends?

Your arsenal – the right hair dryer – makes all the difference for winning the battle against bedhead.

In the world of hair drying tools, two relatively new brands have been making waves: Shark and Laifen. Both companies WOWed consumers with hair dryers packing serious power and performance. Not to mention approachable price points compared to luxury leaders like Dyson.

But in a head-to-head showdown between these blowout newcomers, does one come out on top for your hair needs? Keep reading as we compare Shark vs Laifen hair dryers on all the details that matter most.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureShark HyperAirLaifen SoftPower
Weight1.5 lbs1.8 lbs
Ionic TechnologyYesYes
Temperature Settings3 heat + 1 cool shot2 heat + 1 cool shot
Attachments IncludedConcentrator nozzle, diffuserConcentrator nozzle
Warranty5 years3 years

Shark HyperAir Hair Dryer: Key Features and Benefits

Shark HyperAIR Hair Dryer

Shark made its name revolutionizing vacuum cleaners with innovative features for deep-cleaning floors.

In recent years, they’ve turned that same engineering acumen to hair care appliances.

The Shark HyperAir hair dryer exemplifies the brand’s commitment to power, efficiency and intelligent design.

This sleek dryer weighs just 1.5 pounds.

That featherlight body comes from Shark’s proprietary HyperAir Shroud Technology. Strategically placed vents, filters and openings optimize airflow while keeping internal parts protected.

Lightweight maneuverability prevents arm strain when you’re styling sections or touching up roots. No more arm cramps even after max power drying thick hair!

Speaking of power – the HyperAir delivers with 1,875 watts for fast drying times. The wattage exceeds basic models while keeping pace with higher-end dryers.

Shark engineered this motor to match airflow with heat. It releases strong, targeted streams of air alongside infrared heat. This one-two punch means less time blasting strands under harsh temps.

Three flexible heat/speed options allow you to customize intensity for your hair needs. Options range from precision touch-ups to all-out drying. Activate the Cool Shot to lock in styles sleekly.

The HyperAir’s design optimizes ion generation too. Negative ions seal the cuticle – the outermost protective layer of each strand. Smoothing cuticles prevents moisture loss while locking out frizz and puffiness.

All those ions come from natural moisture in the air too! No questionable nano particles required.

Shark covers your investment against defects with a generous 5-year warranty. This provides much more coverage than the standard 2 years for appliances.

Key Pros

  • Very lightweight body engineered for comfortable handling
  • 1875 watts offers powerful drying performance
  • Cutting-edge airflow design for efficiency
  • Ionic technology reduces frizz by sealing cuticles
  • 5 temperature/speed options for styling flexibility
  • 5-year warranty demonstrates excellent quality

Potential Cons

  • Attachments included are limited to concentrator nozzle only
  • Higher price point around $200

The bottom line: The Shark HyperAir offers the perfect balance of strength, smart design and versatility. Making it a trustworthy ally for tackling all types of drying challenges from thick coils to fine straight locks.

Laifen SoftPower Hair Dryer: Key Features and Benefits

Laifen makes a strong case to be your new hair’s BFF with its SoftPower dryer.

Laifen Hair Dryer

This innovative appliance company focuses specifically on next-gen styling tools.

They aim to undercut luxury players on pricing while still delivering salon-worthy results.

The Laifen SoftPower hair dryer definitely makes good on both goals.

It supplies an ultra powerful 2,200 watt motor.

That brute drying force comes tempered by Laifen’s unique SoftPower technology. This intelligent heat control ensures strands receive strong airflow without risking damage from overdrying or extremes.

Ionic frizz-fighting completes the protective effect. Negative ions smooth the cuticle down tight, locking in moisture and preventing puffiness.

Despite all its power, the Laifen model maintains a comfortably ergonomic slimline body at just 1.8 pounds. No forearm fatigue here!

You can tailor heat and intensity via 2 flexible temperature options plus a Cool Shot setting. It may not offer as many tweaking combinations as the Shark but gets the job done.

Laifen also includes a slim professional-style concentrator nozzle for smoothing every strand ultra sleek. Locks practically beg to be touched when you’re finished!

Reliability shouldn’t be a concern either. Every Laifen dryer comes backed by a 3-year warranty at no added cost.

At only $150 retail, this feature-packed dynamo carries an extremely budget-friendly price tag. That makes investing in salon-caliber locks easy for everyday luxury!

Key Pros

  • Very affordable at $150
  • Powerful 2200 watt motor for ultra-fast drying
  • Ionic conditioning to smooth and tighten cuticles
  • Gentle warmth settings prevent over-drying damage
  • Professional concentrator nozzle for sleek, swishy results
  • Light 1.8 pound body won’t tire your arms

Potential Cons

  • Less heat/speed settings than pricier models
  • No diffuser nozzle included
  • 3-year warranty is shorter than Shark’s coverage

The bottom line:
With unmatched power, smoothing ion tech and a budget price, the Laifen SoftPower makes gorgeous, frizz-free hair achievable for all.

Shark Or Laifen Hair Dryers: Which is Better for My ‘Do?

Now for the big question – sculpted sleek locks or bouncy voluminous curls….which brand best helps you achieve YOUR signature style?

Here we’ll compare the key differences between Shark HyperAir vs Laifen SoftPower dryers. Knowing these fine details helps pick YOUR winner when it comes to hair health and desired looks!

  • Heat/Speed Settings

The Shark offers greater flexibility here with 3 heat options plus Cool Shot. Compare to Laifen’s 2 heats + Cool Shot.

Winner – Shark wins for those desiring maximum tweakability. The lower, precision speed comes in handy when drying delicate newly-dyed or bleached hair. Plus those with scalp sensitivities who need gentler temperatures near roots.

However Laifen still provides essential control between high/low heat and cold shot. Enough versatility for most basic needs.

  • Power & Airflow

In terms of brute power, the Laifen edges out its rival here with 2,200 max watts over Shark’s 1,875 watts.

Winner – Laifen harnesses incredible heat and airflow, key for coarser hair that takes longer to dry smoothly.

But again – Shark brings NO slouch of a motor either! Both models deliver way more intensity than basic hair dryers.

  • Ergonomics & Handling
Laifen Swift Hair Dryer
Laifen Swift Hair Dryer

No question the Shark HyperAir smoothes out a victory when it comes to comfortable handling during lengthy styling sessions.

Its unique lightweight construction prevents fatigue far better than standard dryer designs.

The Laifen still maintains a relatively slim, maneuverable body at 1.8 lbs.

But expect some forearm burn after maxing out 20+ minutes daily…especially for long-haired ladies!

Winner – Shark really innovated dryer balance and body design to prevent arm strain.

  • Frizz Control & Smoothing

Both brands incorporate ionic technology to seal the hair cuticle – locking in moisture while keeping puffiness under control. For most hair types, either model will deliver noticeable frizz reduction, shine enhancement and smooth strands.

Tie! When it comes to sleek, smooth locks ionics make ALL the difference.

  • Attachments

The Laifen concentrates attachments into its pro-level slim nozzle for ultra-precise smoothing.

Meanwhile Shark also includes a diffuser alongside its concentrator nozzle. Diffusers define curls and waves so beautifully! Buying separately costs extra $$.

Winner – Shark due to the diffuser addition suiting wavy/curly styles.


No contest! At 50 bucks cheaper retail, Laifen undoubtedly takes the crown for budget-conscious buyers wanting serious performance without the spend.

Can’t beat nearly identical power and smoothing at a steep discount.

Winner – Laifen costs just $150 making salon results affordable as ever.

  • Warranty

Shark protects your investment longer with a generous 5-year warranty compared to Laifen’s 3 years. This matters when making a $200+ purchase expected to last years.

Winner – Shark safeguards satisfaction 50% longer.

Bottom Line: Shark and Laifen Both Deliver Salon-Style Locks

In the battle between Shark vs Laifen, is one hair dryer brand decisively better across the board?

The short answer – nope!

After breaking down their features and performance across all key factors – the score stands nearly even. Each model wins a few rounds.

Shark HyperAir takes medals for:

Shark Hair Dryer
  • Comfortable handling/ergonomics
  • More styling flexibility from extra heat & speed options
  • Longer 5-year warranty period
  • Diffuser nozzle suited for curly locks

Laifen SoftPower snags gold stars for:

  • Sheer power at 2,200 max watts
  • Steep price discount at just $150
  • Compact yet sturdy body construction

So which is the REAL winner for YOUR hair?

The brand that aligns with your:

  • Budget
  • Typical styling time/arm strain sensitivity
  • Hair type (fine & fragile, thick & coarse, straight, wavy, coiled, etc)
  • Priority must-have features

By balancing out YOUR hair’s unique needs with each dryer’s strengths, the right choice emerges!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still hungering for more insight before deciding between brands? We assembled the most common consumer questions for a quick comparison cheat sheet!

Who makes Laifen hair dryers?

Laifen is an American company founded specifically to develop next-generation hair styling tools. They concentrate engineering and design solely around dryers and irons.

What is the difference between Laifen and Dyson hair dryers?

UK-based Dyson pioneered high-velocity hair drying and heat control with their $400 Supersonic model. Laifen replicates close to equal performance for a fraction of Dyson’s price at just $150. Both brands concentrate airflow for faster drying, ionic conditioning for smoothness and intelligent heat control to prevent damage.

How long does a Laifen hair dryer last?

Laifen provides a 3-year warranty suggesting an anticipated lifespans of 5+ years under normal use. Following care guidelines like regularly cleaning air vents and filters makes longevity even longer.

Which brand of hair dryer is best?

No single brand takes the crown as “the best” universally. Key factors like your budget, hair type, styling time demands and special feature priorities determine the ideal pick. Both Shark and Laifen make excellent dryers well worth investing in!

Does the cheaper price of Laifen mean lower quality?

Not necessarily! Laifen focuses engineering specifically around high-powered dryers. Concentrating R&D in a narrow product range helps maximize quality while keeping costs lower through streamlining. Many consumers report the $150 Laifen delivering equal or better results as models double+ its price.

Do Shark or Laifen dryers damage hair?

Both brands implement intelligent heat control, ionic conditioning and other protective technologies to minimize dryness or damage from heat styling. However no hot tool totally eliminates risk. Following recommended use guidelines plus utilizing lower temperature settings for fragile hair types best prevents breakage over time.

It’s Time to Pick YOUR Winner!

Like any great bout, the Shark and Laifen battle delivered fierce competition with no definitive K.O. These two hair heroes seem evenly matched when it comes to power, performance and appeal.

While your drying needs and budget decide the personal victor, both companies edge out far pricier rivals. Dyson better watch its back against these newcomers delivering salon-quality hairstyling in approachably priced packages!

But no more sitting on split ends trying to decide. Now that you know every strength, similarity and difference between the Shark HyperAir and Laifen SoftPower dryers inside out…

…it’s time to pick YOUR winning workhorse for gorgeous locks every morning!

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