Polished Porcelain Tile Problems (And How To Deal With Them)

Is it suitable to use polished porcelain tile in your bathroom? Yes, you can use it on the bathroom wall but not on the floor.

However, you may face some polished porcelain tile problems like so many others. This tile is very shiny. That’s why it makes a lighter atmosphere in the bathroom.

If you use the polished porcelain tile on the shower floor, it will make the floor so slippery. So, it’s good to have some ideas about those issues and learn how to avoid those problems.

Issues With Polished Porcelain Tiles

 polished porcelain tile in bathroom

Though the polished porcelain tile looks so good and makes the bathroom bright, there are some disadvantages to using it on the floor. The issues are given below-

  • It is not Easy for Installation

It isn’t easy to install the porcelain tile. If you are not experienced or professional, it will be tough to install correctly.

The cutting process is more complex than other normal tiles. The layout method is different from others.

It is also a time-consuming matter to install this tile because you should become very careful while installing.

You will be better off with a professional.

  • The Weight of this Tile is so Heavy

The porcelain tile is so heavy compared to other ceramic tiles. Before installing this tile, you have to make sure that the present structure is strong enough to hold this heavy tile.

For its high weight, it is difficult to carry from one place to another.

Your foot can be wounded if you do not hold it properly for its weight and fall from your hand. Therefore, you should be very conscious while carrying it.

  • It is not Easy to Repair the Porcelain tile

It is challenging to repair the porcelain tile. Other regular tiles are not difficult to repair, like the porcelain tile. Suppose your porcelain tiles are damaged, and now you need to repair them.

What should you do now? Can you repair it yourself?

If you are not able to fix it, you will hire a professional. But the cost of this repairing process is more than the other types of tiles. You may think it is easier to install new tiles than repair them.

  • The Porcelain Tile is Costly

The other ceramic tiles are not as expensive as the porcelain tile. If your budget is tight, it would be better to choose other regular ceramic tiles because this porcelain tile is very expensive.

The cost of repairing this tile is also high.

You may need special tools for installation or replacement. It would need to pay extra money for the tools. The labor charge is higher than other ceramic tiles for installing or replacing.

  • Slipping and Falling Problem

Is polished porcelain tile slippery in the shower?

Yes, if you do not clean the shower floor regularly, the moisture can be coated on the floor. The shower tile can be slippery because the floor becomes wet all the time.

To remove the slippery moisture from your shower tile, you can use the mop with warm water and grease-fighting liquid. You need to mix the anti-slip material with warm water properly.

It will be better to use a bottle to mix it properly. Then apply it by mop.

Is Polished Porcelain Tiles Worth It?

 polished porcelain tile in bathroom

A polished porcelain tile is a type of tile made by smoothing the upper part of the tile.

The diamond disk is essential for the polishing process. This polished porcelain tile is used for both internal and external walls.

It is stronger and more water-resistant than other types of tiles. But for its polished surface, it can be slippery for the shower tile.

So, it will be better to use this tile only for the wall.

Except for some disadvantages, there are a lot of benefits of polished porcelain tile. Many people do not want to use this tile because of its high cost.

But one thing remembers that if you want an attractive look, you need to choose a quality tile and cost enough money.

  • Easy to Clean

The cleaning process of polished porcelain tile is easy. To clean it properly, you need some vinegar and warm water.

  • Available Design

There are a lot of colors and designs of porcelain tile. You can select according to your choice.

  • Long Lasted

For using highly refined clay and other materials, the polished porcelain tile is very durable. This tile is stronger than other ceramic tiles.

  • Bright Looking

If you install this lite in your bathroom or other room, the room’s appearance will be changed. It will make your shower an attractive environment. The shower looks very bright.

How to Clean Polished Porcelain Tile?

Are you concerned about how to clean the porcelain tile? No worries, it is very easy to clean. The surface of this tile looks very shiny. If you clean it properly, the shower will be very attractive and bright-looking.

You can talk to the manufacturer to know which cleaning product will be best for your tile. Then, follow the step by step guideline-

  • Manage all the tools and materials like white vinegar, broom set, bucket, sponge, vacuum, brush for scrubbing. You can collect a towel for drying.
  • You have to select what type of cleaning will be suitable for you; weekly or monthly.
  • If you want to clean every week, you will sweep the floor and use a vacuum to wipe out the debris.
  • On the other hand, if you want to clean your polished porcelain tile floor, you will need white vinegar. Deep cleaning is required for monthly cleaning. You can fix a date for every month to clean.
  • To clean the tile, first, remove all the dust or dirt from the tile by sweeping, or you can use a vacuum cleaner.
  • Take a bucket and take hot water and white vinegar. Mix the hot water and vinegar in the bucket properly.
  • Apply the liquid mixture on the floor and wait for five to ten minutes. Remember, never allow the cleaning mixture to dry.
  • If the stain is hard, you will use a brush to scrub. Always use a non-metal brush. The metal brush may damage the floor tile.
  • Use a mop or large sponge for final cleaning with fresh water. In this stage, you should not use a mixture of liquid solutions.
  • Finally, grab a towel and dry the floor with it.

This video should help!

Essential Things to Follow

  1. Immediate Cleaning

If you find any stain on your tile floor, you must clean it immediately. It is always essential to keep your bathroom floor clean. If the stain becomes dry, it will be tough to clean up.

  1. Check the Tiles are Pre-sealed

While selecting the tiles for your floor, make sure the tiles are pre-sealed. If the tiles are not sealed, you need to seal them before installing them on the floor. This sealing process helps to prevent staining.

  1.  Use Appropriate Material for Cleaning

It is essential to use appropriate materials for cleaning. In that case, you can take help from the manufacturer. They will give you the best solution.

Wrapping Up

The polished porcelain tile problems are not a big issue. If you fix and maintain this tile properly, it will ensure a lifelong guarantee. For a luxurious looking, polished porcelain tile is the best choice.

It is very expensive to buy and install this porcelain tile. But if you can use this tile in your bathroom, you do not need to tense about its damages.

Clean the tiles properly on a weekly or monthly basis and follow the proper cleaning methods.

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