Plumber’s Tape Vs. Hemp (2023): Key Differences Explained

Boom! The bathroom pipe leaks again… 

We have all been there. And I know how it feels. I have suffered for a long time. You are also struggling with the leaking pipe. Right? Don’t worry! You will get the solution.

While looking for a better fixture, I was confused between Plumber’s tape and hemp. So, I have started to research. Keep reading, and you will find out the perfect option. 

Here you will know about plumber’s tape vs. hemp. 

A Quick Comparison Table

Specifications Plumbers Tape Plumbers Hemp 
Material Regular Better 
Quality Good Excellent 
Ease of use Easy Complicated 
Coverage Small leaks Large leaks 
Color Typical Decent
Sealing Average Durable 

Differences Between Plumbers Tape And Hemp

plumbers tape

You can use tape or hemp for repairing leaks. Still, there are many differences between plumbers’ tape and hemp. Here I am going to explain the differences. Let’s get started.

  • Material 

The Plumber’s tape has been made of thermoplastic polymer. It is not rubber or silicon. Nevertheless, it is a slippery kind of plastic. 

Do you know how the Plumber’s hemp has been made? Let me explain. For making plumbers hemp, the manufacturers infused oakum and pine tar or sap. 

 Both of them can be used for sealing. Before the Plumber’s tape was invented, plumbers used hemp as a sealant. 

If you compare the materials, the Plumber’s hemp has eco-friendly materials. Whereas the material of the Plumber’s tape can be toxic. 

So, the Plumber’s hemp comes up with more sustainable materials than the Plumber’s tape. It’s pretty obvious once you think about plumbers’ hemp. 

  • Quality 

While sealing pipe leaks, you will need a suitable quality sealant. Otherwise, it won’t seal properly. Though plumbers’ tape is an easy option, it comes with average quality. 

The Plumber’s hemp offers top-notch quality. As it is environmentally friendly, you don’t need to worry about its quality. 

With the perfect quality plumber’s hemp, you can work with brass pipe fittings. It will be the best choice for all pipes. 

In other words, the Plumber’s tape can go with the plastic pipe joints. But I can’t say it can be a good fit for brass or metal pipe fittings. 

One of the significant differences between Plumber’s tape and hemp is the texture. Besides, the Plumber’s tape texture is similar to Teflon tape. 

Whereas the texture of Plumber’s hemp is similar to jute fiber. You may think, why does the texture matter? Of course, it matters because it ensures durability. 

  • Ease of use

In the case of Plumber’s tape, you have to wrap it into the leaks or joints. Sounds easy enough, right? And another thing, it can be an instant repair tool. 

For plumbers’ hemp, you will need hemp paste to attach it. First, you need to take some plumbers hemp and wrap around the leaks or joints. 

After that, you have to apply the hemp paste over the wrap. The Plumber’s hemp is organic; it won’t be toxic. Using the Plumber’s hemp can ensure your hygiene.  

Now it depends on what matters the most for you? Easy application or durability. If you want a

quick solution, then you can choose Plumber’s tape. 

But if you want a permanent solution, choose plumbers hemp. You may think it will be difficult. Trust me; it isn’t. The first thing you have to do is learn to use the Plumber’s hemp. Sounds easy. Right? 

  • Coverage 
plumber hemp

Professionals use Plumber’s tape for sealing small leaks. Most importantly, the Plumber’s tape also can be used for joining pipes. 

Either way, professionals use Plumber’s hemp for large leaks. Want to see how it works, right?

The hemp paste works like glue into the Plumber’s hemp. 

So, it can repair the leaks and pipe joints for a long time. The Plumber’s tape can’t work well with the large leaks. It can’t repair properly. 

I think Plumber’s hemp can be a suitable choice in case of coverage because plumbers’ tape can’t cover all types of plumbing leaks. 

  • Color 

The Plumber’s tape comes up with white color. On the other hand, the Plumber’s hemp is an opaque off-white color. 

Color doesn’t matter much. Isn’t it? But this is one of the differences between Plumber’s tape and hemp. 

  • Sealing 

If you repair a leaking pipe, you will need a tight sealant. Otherwise, it can leak again. You can’t keep fixing the leaks every time. 

Let’s be honest the Plumber’s hemp has a better sealing capacity than the Plumber’s tape. In addition to that, Plumber’s tape has a thin capacity. 

But the Plumber’s hemp comes up with hemp paste. It will seal the leaks and joints. And you know what? 

According to plumbers, hemp can cover the leaks accurately. But the Plumber’s tape can be loosened up. By now, you will have realized how the Plumber’s hemp seals better than tape. 

Which One Is Best?

After comparing Plumber’s tape and hemp, I will go with the hemp. Let’s dig a little deeper. Simply, plumbers’ hemp is a perfect option. 

Choosing plumbers hemp won’t disappoint you at all. How’s that? 

I would like to recommend it. Because it has sustainable materials, let me explain.

The Plumber’s hemp offer longevity.

Along with that, it can cover all leaks. That means you will get what you want in the Plumber’s hemp. 

I can’t deny plumbers tape is easy to use. It is an affordable option as well. Sometimes all you need to do is choose the convenient one for you. 

If you can’t afford a plumber’s hemp and paste, you can go for plumbers’ tape. But if you can purchase, you should choose plumbers hemp. 

Before you purchase, you have to look into some features. Things to consider are materials, quality, texture, ease of use, and sealing capacity. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is better than Plumber’s tape? 

PVC glue can be a better option than Plumber’s tape. Nevertheless, you can also use pipe dope, glue, or clear adhesive. Pipe dope is a robust sealant. So, it can be an alternative to Plumber’s tape. 

Is silicone tape as same as plumbers’ tape? 

It isn’t. However, it can work like plumbers’ tape for some plumbing leaks. You can’t use it on pipe joints. 

What is plumber hemp used for?

Usually, you can use plumbers’ hemp as the alternative to PTFE tape for sealing different pipe leaks and joints.  

When should you not use plumbers’ tape? 

If you are setting a PVC pipe fitting with FPT, then you should not use the Plumber’s tape. Otherwise, it can cause leakage issues. 

Does Plumber’s tape prevent leaks? 

No, it can’t prevent leaks. It doesn’t have a solid sealing capacity. But it can joint pipes and other fittings properly. 


Considering all these, I hope you understand plumbers tape vs. hemp. Though thread pipe sealant can’t prevent leakage, it can seal it. All you have to do is check customers’ reviews while buying Plumber’s hemp. 

Because it is better to purchase hemp with good user feedback, you can call plumbers to fix the leaks. If you want to use it, you can do it as well. Besides, you can use plumbers’ tape without any help. 

That’s it. Take care. 

Clyde Mitchell

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