Penny Tile Shower Floor Problems And Complaints: Is It Worth It?

Are you redoing your shower floor tiles? 

Then, you may come across a pretty popular choice named Penny tile. Now, while they are popular and well known for their benefits, there is something you will need to worry about as well. 

Therefore, it’s essential to know about penny tile shower floor problems.

Even though there aren’t many issues with the tile shower floor, there are some issues that you have to deal with. Although, you don’t have to worry about that because here, I will be listing out those problems and providing the solutions you need. 

So, let’s get ahead and check out the whole thing.

Problems With The Penny Tile Shower 

Several problems with penny tiles make them a choice to avoid for many contractors. But, as a user, you should be aware of these problems, so you can quickly fix them if you ever need to. 

So, let’s get through the issues that you can have with Penny tiles.

  • Critical Installation Procedure 
Installation of Penny Tile Shower Floor

The most common and obvious problem you can ever encounter with Penny tiles is that it’s tricky to install.

Many contractors don’t like working with penny tiles because they require a lot of attention to detail while installing them. 

They need to be very accurate with the setup of the tiles, and because of that, it takes a lot of time.

Also, without maintaining the proper seam alignment on the tile, you will end up with tile flooring; that’s not something you would appreciate having. So, it can be a pretty big issue, and of course, there is no way to DIY the tile installation without expertise.

  • Mortar Dries Out Quickly In Installation

One of the significant issues you face with the tile installation aside from arrangement is the quick-drying mortar or thin-set. You have to be very quick with applying the tiles on your shower floor. 

Otherwise, you will end up with a faulty installation where there will be lots of bumps and bruises throughout the place.

This can be a bit of a problem when you are not an expert in this field. Because when you try to install the tiles in this manner, you mess up the placement. So, this is an issue that you have to keep in mind.

  • It Takes A Lot Of Time To Grout 

Another reason many professionals don’t want to go with Penny tiles is because they require a lot of time for grouting. You will need to spend plenty of time grouting if you wish for the best possible outcome from it.

Because of this reason, you will need to think about the timing for your grouting as well. You have to choose a proper time for grouting to complete the whole thing in one go. 

Otherwise, you may fail to meet the grouting process within time.

  • It Can Be A Bit Difficult To Keep The Grout Clean

Well, this is an infrequent problem with penny tile shower floors. While they use a lot of grouts, they don’t get dirty that easily. But if they somehow get dirty, you will have a tough time cleaning them up.

Penny tiles tend to be challenging to clean around the grout area. Also, they are sure to get dirty over time. So, there is no way to avoid that from happening either.

These are the typical problems you face with the penny tile shower floors. As you can tell, most of them involve the installation of the tile more than anything else. 

So, solving the problem is more about avoiding it in the first place. Let’s take a quick look at the solutions you can try out.

Solutions For The Problems To Penny Tile Shower Floor

Now, let’s check out the answers you can follow up on for these problems. They are straightforward to implement, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble either. 

Here are the things you can try out to fix the issues I mentioned above.

  • Use The Proper Installation Method 
Penny Tile Shower Floor

If you have some experience installing tiles, I recommend you go for this. Don’t even attempt to install the tile if you lack experience. 

Assuming you have experience, I would suggest laying the tiles so that it doesn’t create any lines.

The thing with penny tiles is that the appearance of the tile shouldn’t form a straight line. The pattern is all about keeping it unique. 

So, make sure that no consecutive lines are running through the installation.

You can place a tile sheet on the mortar and then place the other pieces through tweaking. Whenever you place those tiles, make sure that they are not forming any straight lines. 

If you follow this thing, you should be good.

  • Installing In Sections 

To avoid the thinset from drying out too quickly before you can even install the tiles, I suggest doing the installation in sections. Instead of doing it all simultaneously, you have to place the tiles part by part. 

This way, the thinset won’t dry before applying the tiles.

You can cut the tiles based on your preferences and sizes. Once that’s done, you can quickly spread the thin set into a smaller area and place the tiles on top. 

You won’t have to worry about the thin-set or mortar drying out too quickly. Watch this video to see how it’s done.

  • Hiring Professionals

One of the best solutions to mitigate or limit all the problems from occurring in the first place you can hire professionals. You will get proper installation with professionals, so you don’t experience the issues I discussed.

However, hiring just about anyone won’t cut it out for you. You will need to find a highly professional service capable of installing penny tiles. 

You can check out their portfolio or reviews from previous users to determine whether they are worth it.

Here’s why penny tile installation requires a high level of expertise and a highly complex installation process.

Services that haven’t done a lot of projects with penny tiles will struggle a bit in installing these tiles in your bathroom. That’s why you will need to pick a skilled professional for the job.

Now, aside from these solutions, there is nothing much you can do about the time issues. You have to plan out your time to finish the grouting within the day for the grouting.

As for keeping the grout clean, there is genuinely nothing you can do other than regular maintenance. It’s difficult to clean but not impossible, so you should be fine.


Summing it up, all I can say is that Penny tile shower floor problems are things that you can easily avoid from happening in the first place. Because most of the problems you get to see here come from improper installation. 

So, when you follow a proper structure on the tiles, you don’t even have to worry about any problems.

I highly recommend going for professional services when installing a penny tile shower floor in your bathroom. While choosing the service, you have to remember that you got a skilled and capable option.  

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