Panasonic Vs. NuTone Bathroom Fans (2023): In-depth Differences

When we talk about having top-notch bathroom fans, the name “Panasonic” and “NuTone bathroom” appear in the front category. But without judging them individually, you can’t pick up the right one.

After some research, I noticed differences in their CFM, sones, warranty, and many more places. This is what I’m going to describe right here.

A bathroom fan comes in handy to eliminate odors, stale air, and excess moisture. So let’s find out which one is more effective through this comparison.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsPanasonic Bathroom FanNuTone Bathroom Fan
MaterialZinc Aluminum MagnesiumGalvanized Steel
InstallationEasyA Little bit Difficult
CFMMedium to HighHigh
Noise LevelMediumLow

Key Differences Between Panasonic And NuTone Bathroom Fans

  • Construction

You will notice differences between the outlook the size to the build quality. Talking about the Panasonic, it, most of the time, consists of the housing of 26-gauge ZAM (zinc aluminum magnesium).

This makes it environment-friendly, durable, and lightweight. In contrast, NuTone bathroom fans are a bit heavy for being galvanized steel constructed in most cases.

  • CFM
Panasonic Bathroom Fan
Panasonic Bathroom Fan

In simple words, CFM refers to Cubic Feet/Minutes.

The higher the rate of CFM, the better your bathroom fan will be for a bigger space.

Since the modern bathrooms incorporate large areas, it’s good to have a higher CFM on your fans.

Here is where the NuTone beats the battle. Guess why?

This is because most NuTone fans are known for their higher CFM rate ranging between 80-150 CFM. Speaking of Panasonic, it usually offers a 50-110 CFM rate.

Even though you can find a couple of one or two variants of Panasonic bathroom fans consisting of 150 CFM, they will cost you extra charges. 

  • Installation

Installation is the part you can’t overlook simply because a “tough-to-assemble” bathroom fan can’t be your ultimate cup of tea, especially if you aren’t a DIY-er.

For being lightweight, I’ve found the Panasonic a tad bit easier to assemble in your bathroom than NuTone. Moreover, its handy installation bracket and articulating joints (single-hinge) add icing to the cake by letting you position the fan exactly how you prefer. 

That said, there is no chance to underestimate the NuTone bathroom fans. Despite being a bit heavier than Panasonic, still, you won’t find it a back-breaking job in terms of installation. Thanks to its compact housing.

  • Sound Level

To get familiar with the noise level, you’ll need to have ideas on the sone. For me, it requires being as low as possible to ensure quietness. Here, Panasonic bathroom fans often range <3, while the NuTone is pretty much available in 1 or <1 sone. As a result, you’re going to find the NuTone quietest.  

 But I’ve found that most Panasonic fans feature premium LED lights, including bright, cool, and warm, to confirm illumination and aesthetics simultaneously. In contrast, LED lighting on NuTone isn’t common as on Panasonic. 

  • Compatibility with Room Size

Both Panasonic and NuTone bathroom fans come in several sizes to choose from.

However, they’ve got their own compatibility with the space where they need to be located. Panasonic mostly fits in the construction of 2 x 8″, while the NuTone bathroom fan is often friendly with 2 x 4″ and 2 x 6″.

  • Warranty
NuTone bathroom fan

Warranty description is the last and ultimate thing that differentiates NuTone and Panasonic.

If I talk about myself, it’s always safe and keeps me out of worries to pick up the one that offers an extended warranty period.

Panasonic’s official site has been claiming to offer an LED lighting warranty for 5 years, including an ECM motor warranty for 6 years and other components for up to 3 years.

That’s a huge plus, for sure!

On the other hand, NuTone’s official site offers 1-3 years of manufacturing warranty for most bathroom fans. As the warranty period changes every once in a while, you better ask your desired seller to get familiar with their current facilities. 

Which Bathroom Fan Is Better For You?

Here comes the most confusing part! People often get panic attacks while making the ultimate decision, even after getting familiar with every single feature. To help you out, I will share my personal views based on their characteristics and specialties.

For me, Panasonic bathroom fans are ideal for those who prefer LED lighting, hassle-free installation, and extended warranty periods. But compared to NuTone, it features more sones.

That’s the reason why users often find the NuTone ultra-quiet. Furthermore, its enhanced CFM rate adds a bonus in terms of making it suitable for mid-to-large bathrooms!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What brand of a bathroom fan is best?

To be honest, there is no single best bathroom fan to be the topper. However, Panasonic and NuTone are the two popular and versatile options for their extensive collections and specifications. KAZE Appliance is another well-known choice.

Are Panasonic bath fans good?

Of course! Their fans are considered one the best choices for offering extended warranty. Moreover, Panasonic bathroom fans are relatively easy to install and environment-friendly.

Where are Panasonic bathroom fans made?

You’ll find headquarter of Panasonic located in Osaka, Japan. And currently, they’re producing their bathroom fans in several locations like California, North America, and Mexico.

What is the best Sones for a bathroom fan?

<3 sones are considered ideal for a bathroom fan. The fewer the number, the quietest your bathroom fan will be. It’s a plus point for those who prefer minimal noise.


After going through the comparison of Panasonic and NuTone bathroom fans, I guess it becomes easier for you to decide which one fits your bathroom most. Make sure to determine your prime requirements before you get any of them.

Thus, you can easily find your best match.

For those who prefer LED lighting, a higher warranty, and relatively easy installation, go for the Panasonic. Whereas NuTone is one step forward in its increased CFM and decreased sound levels.

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