Old Spice Cologne Vs. Aftershave For Best Shaving Experience

Want to know a secret? 

You can pat cologne on your freshly shaven face instead of aftershave. Even you can use Aftershave for fragrance instead of Cologne. 

A lot of people use Cologne and Aftershave interchangeably. But for doing that, you must know which one to choose. Here I will show you a detailed comparison between Old Spice Cologne vs. Aftershave. 

You will eventually find out which one will work best for you. So, let’s get right into it. 

A Quick Comparison Table

Here is a quick comparison table between Old Spice Cologne and Aftershave:

AspectsOld Spice CologneAftershave
Product TypeEau De Cologne SprayAftershave
Special FeatureFirst Introduced In 1937Offers Vanilla, Citrus Flowers, and A Rich Classic Scent
BenefitsOffers Many BenefitsOffers Many Benefits
UsageA Perfume for MenA Perfume and Aftershave For Men
LongevityLast Longer than AftershaveLast Less Longer
PriceMore ExpensiveLess Expensive

In-Depth Differences Between Old Spice Cologne And Aftershave

You have drawn some basic ideas about these two products from the comparison table. But now you need more information to make the right decision. 

So, here are some key differences between Old Spice Cologne and Aftershave:

  • Product Type 
Old Spice Classic Cologne
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Do I have to tell you that these are entirely two different products? 

No, I guess. People generally use Cologne as a perfume and Aftershave as a soothing object after shaving.

But now, many people use them conversely. 

Old Spice Cologne is a classic Eau de cologne in spray form. With a 2% to 4% perfume concentration, it will last between 2 to 4 hours. 

On the contrary, Old Spice Aftershave is a soothing lotion for using on your face after a wet shave. It comes with 1% to 3% perfume concentration and will last about 2 hours on your skin. 

So, we can see that Old Spice Cologne has more perfume concentration than Aftershave and will last longer. 

  • Features 

You will get a clean, cool, and crisp scent from Old Spice Cologne. The fragrance consists of flowers, vanilla, citrus, and a rich classic scent. 

Besides, the scent was first introduced in 1937. So, you’ll carry a vintage scent every time you wear it. 

Most importantly, you can crash any evening party confidently with Old Spice’s Masculine scent. 

On the other hand, Old Spice Aftershave will make you feel cool and refreshed. With vanilla, citrus flowers, and a rich classic scent, you are entitled to feel cool and crisp. Besides, you will get a masculine scent whenever you use it. 

  • Benefits 
Old Spice Classic After Shave
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Although Old Spice Cologne and Aftershave are two different products.

But now, many people use them synonymously because they offer some similar benefits. Both products will give you a cool, crisp, and fresh feel. 

However, Old Spice Cologne will last longer than Aftershave on your skin with more perfume concentration. Being a spray, you won’t have to use your hand to apply it. 

On top of that, Old Spice Cologne is a standalone fragrance. 

In contrast to Old Spice Cologne, Aftershave can soothe your face whenever you have a fresh shave. Being a lotion, you can spread it generously around your skin using your hand. But for optimal results, you might have to use it together with a scent. 

  • Usage 

The use of Cologne and Aftershave is clear to us. If I put it simply, Old Spice Cologne is intended to use as an everyday fragrance or perfume. In comparison, 

Old Spice Aftershave is used after a wet shave to soothe your skin. 

But nowadays, people use both products as a fragrance. You will have to spray Old Spice Cologne directly on your skin. But for Aftershave, first, take it on your hand, grind it and then pat it on your face, neck, and hands. 

  • Longevity 
Old Spice aftershave

As we know, both Old Spice Cologne and Aftershave have very low concentrations of perfume in their formula.

But Old Spice Cologne has a little bit more fragrant compounds in it. 

With around 5% fragrant compound, Old Spice Cologne will last about 4 hours on your skin.

In contrast, Aftershave has a 1% to 3 % fragrance compound, lasting for about 2 to 3 hours on your skin. 

So, it is clear that Old Spice Cologne will last longer on your skin than Old Spice Aftershave. 

  • Price 

Price being another crucial factor- influences many customers to lean towards a particular product. Let’s see how much you’ll have to spend on these products. 

You will have to spend more on the Old Spice cologne than the aftershave.

Which One Is Best For You?

From the above discussion, it’s pretty clear which product is better than the other. It’s evident that Old Spice Cologne is better than Old Spice Aftershave as a fragrance. 

Old Spice Cologne comes has more perfume concentration, and it lasts longer. So, you should definitely choose Old Spice Cologne over Aftershave if you intend to use it as a fragrance. 

But in case of using after wet shave, you should go for Old Spice Aftershave. It comes with ingredients that will help you soothe your skin after a clean shave. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is Cologne stronger than Aftershave?

Eau de Cologne, or simply Cologne, is the generic term for men’s perfume. And, yes, it is more potent than Aftershave. Cologne has around 5% perfume concentration in its formula compared to Aftershave’s 1% to 3%. 

Does Cologne work the same as Aftershave?

Generally, Cologne is used as an everyday fragrance for men. On the other hand, men use Aftershave after clean shaves to soothe their skin. But not; people often use them conversely. 

What does Old Spice cologne smell like?

Old Spice Cologne is a classic scent with a long history. It was first introduced in 1938. After applying, it will smell cool, fresh, and crisp. With the blends of flowers, vanilla, citrus, and a rich classic scent, people will get a masculine fragrance all around them. 

Does Aftershave last longer than Cologne?

No, Aftershave does not last longer than Cologne. With its low perfume concentration, it can last 3 hours. But a cologne with high perfume concentration is actually stronger than Aftershave. Thus it lasts longer than an aftershave. 

Final Thoughts

A perfume or Cologne, whatever we call it, does not just hide a foul smell and produce a fragrance; it expresses a man’s personality. But being confused between Cologne and aftershaves is not an option. 

I’m glad that you found my Old Spice Cologne and Aftershave review. With all the details and comparisons, you will never become confused again. 

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