Norelco 6000 Vs. 9000 Electric Shaver: In-depth Differences

Electric shavers have come a long way in recent years, with innovative features that provide a close, comfortable shave. Two of Philips Norelco’s top models are the 6000 and 9000 series shavers.

But with higher price tags, are the upgrades worth it?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the Norelco 6000 and 9000 shavers on critical factors like shaving performance, features, comfort, ease of use, and cost. Read on to see which electric shaver is the best fit for your needs and budget.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureNorelco 6000 SeriesNorelco 9000 Series
Shaving PerformancePivoting heads, 2 shaving tracksGyroflex heads, 3 shaving tracks, contour detect technology
BladesStandard bladesV-Track precision blades cut 30% closer
SettingsNo custom modesSlow, medium, fast modes
AttachmentsPop-up trimmerBeard styler, trimmer
Wet & DryYesYes
CleaningBasic charger standPremium SmartClean station
ComfortRounded edgesGyroflex heads, comfort rings
Battery LifeUp to 40 minutes50 minutes
Cost$100 – $150$200 – $350

Key Differences Between Norelco 6000 And 9000 Electric Shavers

Shaving Performance

Norelco 6000 Shaver
Norelco 6000 Shaver

When it comes to shaving performance, the 9000 series edges out the 6000. The 9000 shavers use Philips’ most advanced shaving system with contour detect technology.

The shaver heads independently move in 8 directions to follow the curves of your face, reducing pressure and irritation.

Several shaving heads capture more hairs in fewer passes.

The 9000 models have 3 specialized shaving tracks with slots to catch long, short, and flat-lying hairs.

In contrast, the 6000 series has 2 shaving tracks.

For the closest shave, the 9000 series has V-Track Precision blades that cut 30% closer to the skin than the 6000 models. The 9000s lift and guide hairs before cutting below skin level for a nearly flush result.


Both shavers offer user-friendly features, but the 9000 series includes more advanced options.

  • Display

The 6000 series has an LED display that shows battery level and cleaning alerts.

The 9000 models have a SmartDisplay that shows shaving time, battery level, cleaning alerts, replacement head indicators, and travel lock activation.

  • Customization

The 9000 shavers provide more customization with settings for sensitive skin and different beard types. You can tailor the shave by choosing between slow, medium, and fast shaving modes.

  • Wet & Dry

Both the 6000 and 9000 series shavers can be used wet with shaving gels or foams. They are also safe for dry shaving.

  • Travel Lock

The travel lock feature lets you safely pack the shaver in luggage. On the 6000 models, you have to press a button combination to activate the lock. The 9000 shavers just require flipping the power switch.

  • Charging and Cordless Use

The 6000 and 9000 shavers all provide 50 minutes of cordless shaving after a 1 hour charge. They also have a 5 minute quick charge function for one shave.

For cleaning and charging, the 6000 comes with a basic charger stand. The 9000 models have a premium SmartClean charging station.

  • Attachments and Guards

The 9000 shavers come with more attachments like a beard styler guard for custom lengths. The 6000 series has just a basic pop-up trimmer.


For a soothing shaving experience, the 9000 models are slightly more comfortable.

The 9000 shavers produce less vibration and noise through gyroflex 3D contour-following heads. This allows the shaver to glide smoothly over the curves of your face.

Both shavers have rounded edges to prevent skin irritation. But the 9000 series has an additional gentle precision blade system and comfort rings. The comfort rings have micro-bristles that help guide hairs into the cutting slots, so the blades don’t have to press as close to the skin.

Ease of Use

Norelco 9000 Electric Shaver
Norelco 9000 Electric Shaver

Philips designed both shavers for simple operation, but the 9000 models are a bit more user-friendly.

The 9000 shavers have an ergonomic grip and intuitive button placement for easy handling.

The SmartDisplay on the 9000s makes it simple to check shaving time, battery, and alerts at a glance.

Both shavers are easy to clean by rinsing under water or in an included cleaning station.

But the 9000 series stands out with its SmartClean system that senses and adapts auto cleaning programs for your usage.

Replacing shaving heads is straightforward with color-coded tabs on both models. The 9000’s SmartDisplay provides a convenient reminder when a replacement is needed.

Cost Comparison

As you might expect, the 9000 shavers come at a higher price point than the 6000 models. However, the improved performance and features may justify the cost for some users.

Here is a pricing comparison of current Philips Norelco electric shaver models:

  • Norelco Shaver 6100 – $99.95
  • Norelco Shaver 6500 – $149.95
  • Norelco Shaver 8900 – $199.95
  • Norelco Shaver 9700 – $299.95
  • Norelco Shaver 9300 – $349.95

The 6000 series ranges from $100 to $150. The 9000 models jump up to $200 to $350.

Keep in mind replacement shaving heads can add to long term ownership costs. The 9000 heads tend to be pricier as well.

Key Differences Between the 6000 & 9000 Shavers

Here is a quick recap of the major differences between the Norelco 6000 and 9000 shaver series:

  • Shaving Performance: The 9000 models shave 30% closer with contour detect heads and V-track blades.
  • Features: The 9000s offer more settings, attachments, and an upgraded SmartDisplay.
  • Comfort: The 9000 shavers produce less irritation through gyroflex heads and comfort rings.
  • Usability: The 9000 series feels more ergonomic and has a user-friendly interface.
  • Cost: The 9000 line ranges from $200 to $350, while the 6000 models run from $100 to $150.

Which Shaver Should You Choose?

So which Philips Norelco electric shaver is right for you? Here are some guidelines:

Pick the 6000 For:

Norelco 6000 Shaver
Norelco 6000 Shaver
  • Beginner shavers on a budget
  • Less frequent shaving needs
  • Basic electric shaver features

Choose the 9000 For:

  • An extremely close shave
  • Sensitive skin that needs comfort
  • Convenience of customizable settings
  • Latest shaving technology innovations

The 9000 shavers do cost more, but can be worth it if you want customization and premium performance. For more casual needs, the 6000 models work well at a lower price point.

Ultimately the choice comes down to your budget and shaving priorities. Now that you know the key differences between the Norelco 6000 vs 9000 shavers, you can pick the best match.

FAQ About Norelco 6000 and 9000 Shavers

Is Norelco 9000 worth it?

The 9000 shavers are worth considering if you want one of the closest electric shaves possible. The contour detect technology and V-track precision blades give an almost flush shave. The 9000 models also work well for sensitive skin due to added comfort features. If you only shave occasionally, a 6000 shaver will likely meet your needs. But for frequent daily shaving, the 9000 provides premium performance.

What is the difference between Philips 6000 and 7000 shaver?

The main differences between the Philips 6000 and 7000 shavers are:
1. The 7000 has 3 specialized shaving tracks compared to 2 on the 6000. This helps catch more hairs in fewer passes.
2. The 7000 models come with a SmartClean cleaning station for automated cleaning and charging. 3. The 6000 has a basic charger stand.
4. The 7000 shavers have a more advanced multi-directional contour following head. The 6000 uses a pivoting head.
5. The displays vary with an LED on the 6000 and SmartDisplay on the 7000.
6. Comfort features like gentler blades and skin comfort rings are enhanced in the 7000 series.
The 7000 shavers provide 50 minutes of shaving after a 1 hour charge versus up to 40 minutes on the 6000.
Overall, the 7000 shaver costs more but provides upgraded performance and convenience. The 6000 remains a solid budget-friendly option.

What is the difference between Philips shaver series 7000 and 9000?

The Philips 7000 and 9000 shavers are both premium models with excellent shaving ability. Here are some of the key differences:
1. The 9000 uses gyroflex heads that pivot in 8 directions. The 7000 flexes in 5 directions for close contour following.
2. The 9000 comes with contour detect technology that automatically adjusts to the curves of your face and neck.
3. V-track precision blades on the 9000 cut 30% closer than the 7000 models.
4. The 9000 series includes more settings and customization modes for maximum control.
5. The 9000 shaver has an upgraded SmartClean system that senses and adapts cleaning programs automatically.
6. Philips’ most advanced display features are on the 9000 shavers.
Overall, the 9000 series provides the most personalized shave and latest generation tech. But the 7000 models still deliver a very close, comfortable shave at a lower price point.

Which Norelco is the best?

The Philips Norelco 9700 shaver is considered the best overall. As the flagship 9000 model, it has leading-edge features like contour detect technology, gyroflex heads, and V-track blades. With 8-directional flex heads, an intuitive interface, and custom comfort settings, the 9700 provides the most comfortable, customizable shave. The 9700 is ideal for men who want a nearly flush shave and are willing to pay more for premium performance and personalization.
However, the other 9000 and 7000 models like the 9300 and 7500 are also excellent. For a more affordable price, shavers like the Norelco 6500 in the 6000 line offer solid shaving ability. The “best” Norelco shaver depends on your budget and specific shaving needs.
Ultimately, all the Philips Norelco electric shavers deliver close, soothing shaves. Selecting one of the 9000 models means investing more for the most advanced features and customization. But any of the Norelco shavers will upgrade your morning routine.

Choosing Your Norelco Shaver

We hope this comprehensive guide makes it easier to pick between Philips’ top shaver models. Paying attention to shaving performance, features, comfort level, usability, and cost will ensure you select the ideal electric shaver.

Both the 6000 and 9000 Norelco shavers are well-designed for an effective, irritation-free shave. The 9000 line offers premium upgrades in closeness, personalization, and experience.

But the 6000 models remain budget-friendly options. Choose the shaver that best aligns with your shaving needs and budget.

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