Nomadix Vs. Sand Cloud – In-Depth Towel Comparison

In the world of premium beach, bath and travel towels, two major player stand out from the pack – Nomadix and Sand Cloud. Both brands offer towels constructed from unique materials with exceptional functionality. They also focus on eco-friendly production methods and charitable initiatives.

But when it comes down to choosing between them, there are some major differences to consider before deciding which option best matches your priorities.

At A Glance Comparison

Before jumping into an in-depth feature analysis, here is a high-level overview comparing Nomadix and Sand Cloud:

MetricNomadixSand Cloud
Base MaterialProprietary microfiber100% Turkish cotton
TextureUltra-soft and velvetyPlush and absorbent
AbsorbencyExtremely high at 900% of towel weightExcellent at around 700% of towel weight
Durability3x longer lasting than average towelOn par with premium cotton towels
VarietyVery wide size, color and pattern optionsFocused selection targeting beachgoers
PricingMid-range from $25 – $60 USDSlightly higher from $38 – $68 USD
Eco-EthicsRecycled materials, OEKO-TEX certifiedRepurposed plastic bottles, B-Corp certified
Social ImpactSupport various charitiesMarine conservation efforts
SizesFrom compact travel towels to oversized beach towelsMainly standard bath and beach towels
DesignsVast array of colors and bold printsBranded motifs and vibrant patterns

Now let’s analyze each towel aspect more closely:

Towel Materials And Construction Comparison

Nomadix Towel

The most significant difference between Nomadix and Sand Cloud lies in the base materials used to construct their respective towels:

  • Nomadix Towel Material

Nomadix engineers and manufactures its own proprietary microfiber fabric designed specifically for towels and other bath textiles. The tightly woven microfiber construction creates an ultra-fine pile that maximizes softness and absorption capability.

Their custom fabric is made from a blend of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. The polyester provides durability, while the polyamide (a form of nylon) adds strength and stability. Both materials enable excellent water wicking and quick drying properties.

On top of that, Nomadix incorporates Repreve recycled polyester fabric, created from recycled plastic bottles, into all their towels further adding to their sustainability credentials.

  • Sand Cloud Towel Material
Sand Cloud Towel

As their name hints, Sand Cloud uses a premium textile sourced directly from Turkey – world famous Turkish cotton.

The long cotton fibers yield a plush towel with excellent softness and water retention.

Turkish cotton has extra long fibers measuring at 34 mm versus the 24 mm seen in standard American upland cotton.

This creates a smooth and lint-free fabric with superior durability compared to regular short-staple cotton.

In addition, Sand Cloud takes some of those soft Turkish cotton fibers and spins them into a recycled polyester fabric mesh bag for storing and transporting their towels.

So while the base fabric differs between microfiber versus cotton, both offer premium quality in line with their positioning as high-end towel manufacturers.

  • Production and Manufacturing

Nomadix controls production end-to-end, with its home base located in LA along with its own factories based in China and Taiwan. Vertically integrating design, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution gives Nomadix maximum oversight for quality control.

Whereas Sand Cloud outsources production to contracted OEKO-TEX certified factories. However the brand maintains high standards by working exclusively with factories aligned to their eco-values.

Both brands follow ethical manufacturing practices that are safe for workers and the environment. We’ll explore sustainability commitments later on.

Absorbency Metrics

Now onto the all important functionality – water absorption. This is the make-it or break-it feature for any quality towel.

Let’s compare how Nomadix and Sand Cloud stack up when it comes to dry times:

  • Nomadix Absorbency

Thanks to its ultra-fine microfiber pile, Nomadix towels can absorb up to 900% of their own weight in water. That means a standard 27″ x 54″ towel weighing 1 lb when dry can soak up over 9 lbs of water.

In addition, the proprietary microfiber construction enables rapid evaporation and drying. Nomadix towels dry 3 times faster than average cotton towels.

So with excellent wicking action to draw away moisture quickly combined with fast water release, Nomadix offers category-leading absorption metrics.

  • Sand Cloud Absorbency

While Sand Cloud does not publicize official absorption test results, reviewers measure absorbency at around 700% of towel weight as expected from premium Turkish cotton.

The plush and lint-free pile allows Sand Cloud towels to soak up substantial amounts of water into the extra long Turkish cotton fibers. Plus the material dries relatively fast while remaining ultra-soft.

So Sand Cloud still delivers high asborbency, but Nomadix likely has a slight performance advantage from a purely functional standpoint.

  • Real World Performance
Nomadix Ultralight Towel
Nomadix Ultralight Towel

Both towels perform extremely well in practice, able to dry you and your family comfortably after pool and ocean swims.

Even when soaking wet, they do not feel overly damp or clammy against skin.

Nomadix probably has the edge for activities demanding repeated rapid dry times like long surfing sessions.

But casual users would struggle to notice much real-world absorbency differences between the two.

Durability And Longevity Comparison

Let’s now compare how these towels hold up over time:

  • Nomadix Durability

One area where microfiber consistently outperforms cotton is in longevity and durability. The fine polyester-polyamide blend makes Nomadix towels 3 times more durable than average cotton towels.

Unlike cotton that shows signs of wear from repeated washing and drying cycles, breaking down over time, Nomadix towels maintain their luxurious soft and plush texture wash after wash.

Expect many years of regular use before any visible degradation, backed by Nomadix’s 5-year limited warranty.

  • Sand Cloud Durability

As a high-end Turkish cotton towel, Sand Cloud’s products deliver better longevity than cheaper big box store varieties, but won’t quite match specialist microfiber.

Still, the choice of premium extra long staple cottton combined with low-lint harvesting means less tearing and pilling than regular cotton.

So while microfiber polyester may last longer, Turkish cotton should provide a respectable lifespan fitting Sand Cloud’s premium price point.

  • Advantage: Nomadix

When it comes to pure durability and resistance to visible wear after repeat use, Nomadix microfiber towels have the clear long term usage advantage. But Sand Cloud will still likely last buyers numerous years with proper care.

Texture, Softness and Feel

A key differentiator between these brands comes in the tactile sensory department. User preference for the ultra-soft microfiber piles of Nomadix or the plush absorbent cotton of Sand Cloud towels falls squarely down to personal taste.

  • Nomadix Texture

One of Nomadix’s biggest selling points lies in the amazingly soft texture its proprietary microfiber fabrication creates. It resembles an ultra-fine velour that feels gentle even on sensitive skin.

The combination of the polyester base absorbing water while the polyamide fibers efficiently wick moisture away creates a uniquely pillowy texture unmatched by cotton varieties.

It’s easy to see why Nomadix customers rave about the cloud-like comfort, enveloping yourself in a fluffy cocoon perfect for lounging.

  • Sand Cloud Texture

While Nomadix prioritizes velvety texture over maximizing water retention, Sand Cloud takes the opposite approach – prizing supremely plush and absorbent Turkish cotton piles over microfiber-like smoothness.

Sand Cloud

And that ultra-absorbent plush pile texture has its own loyal fanbase who love deep diving into the springy, lint-free cotton after a dip in the ocean.

The long fibers yield excellent softness too, just with definition coming from the prominent cotton texture rather than micro Velcro-like fibers.

So while both excel in delivering squishy soft piles bursting with cozy comfort, Nomadix provides silky smooth sensuality compared to Sand Cloud’s springy absorbency. Which you prefer comes down to the type of sensory pleasure you most enjoy from a towel.

Size Variety and Customization Options

When it comes to the variety of towel types, sizes and design choices on offer, Nomadix and Sand Cloud take quite different approaches:

  • Nomadix Variety

One benefit of controlling everything from design to manufacturing allows Nomadix to produce a vast range of towel models catering to myriad customer preferences.

Their towel lineup covers the full gamut from compact 12″ x 12″ hand towels perfect for sports up to huge 55” x 83” oversized beach wraps – and everything in between.

In addition to every possible size, Nomadix lets customers customize looks through their Build-a-Towel program offering 15 colors and limitless bold prints to mix-and-match. So you’re sure to find the perfect towel for any situation that also matches your style.

  • Sand Cloud Variety

Sand Cloud streamlines its collection, focusing on their core demographic – beachgoing free spirits who care about combatting ocean plastics.

So rather than overwhelm with endless options, they offer a concise lineup of three essential staples: classic bath towels, large beach towels, and quirky towel/blanket hybrids fondly dubbed “Towels That Feel Like Blankets”.

Their Turkish cotton goodies ship in two sizes – standard 27” x 55” bath towels and extra huge 40″ × 80″ beach blankets able to accommodate families.

And while Sand Cloud limits customization compared to Nomadix, they still infuse vibrant sun-drenched personality through choice graphic prints like colorful bikini babes and youthful palm tree motifs.

The Verdict
Nomadix unquestionably provides far greater product breadth across both sizing and aesthetic possibilities. Sand Cloud makes up in charming focus what it lacks in choice, heroing key items for its core beach bum customer.

Environmental Sustainability and Ethical Manufacturing

With millenials and younger generations increasingly factoring sustainability and ethical sourcing into brand decisions, both Nomadix and Sand Cloud rightfully warrant applause for implementing eco-minded initiatives:

  • Nomadix Sustainability Efforts

To minimize environmental impact, Nomadix towels made from 80% Repreve recycled polyester, spun from discarded plastic bottles otherwise headed for landfills and oceans.

On top of that, all their towels and manufacturing meet OEKO-TEX environmental and consumer safety guidelines eliminating harmful substances throughout production processes.

  • Sand Cloud Sustainability Efforts

Similarly, Sand Cloud recycles single use plastics, incorporating approximately 5 bottles worth of material into each towel delivery bag.

They also pursue B-Corp certification validating their entire supply chain adheres to strict standards benefiting workers, communities and the environment.

The Verdict Both brands walk the talk when it comes to matching quality products with ethical values and sustainability promising long term viability both for their businesses and the planet. Because why make the world’s best towels if there are no more beaches left to enjoy them on?

Social Impact Beyond Profits

In addition to environmental efforts, Nomadix and Sand Cloud direct portions of profits into laudable social and community focused initiatives:

  • Nomadix Social Impact

The social mission permeating Nomadix comes from Founder and CEO Avi Shemtov, who left behind a corporate career search for more purpose-driven work improving quality of life.

That people-first philosophy manifests via partnerships with numerous charities helping disadvantaged communities gain access to clean water, food, sanitation services and vocational training programs.

  • Sand Cloud Social Impact

Sand Cloud funnels 10% of earnings specifically into marine conversation efforts aimed at reducing ocean plastics and other environmental stressors killing coral and sea life.

They even take an activist focus beyond donations by mobilizing their engaged customer community to directly support beach clean-ups and other ocean-healing events. So buyers become participants in the mission.

The Verdict: Deciding which ethos speaks to you more depends on whether you prefer generalized community upliftment or hyper focus on ocean preservation. But it’s abundantly clear both Nomadix and Sand Cloud aim to leave the world better than they found it.

Pricing and Value Comparison

Nomadix Towel

When it comes to MSRP pricing, Nomadix and Sand Cloud price fairly comparably in context of their positioning as premium towel manufacturers:

  • Nomadix Pricing

The majority of Nomadix towels fall within the $25 to $60 USD range depending on size – though specialty options like golf and yoga towels can cost below or above that spread.

Given the fine microfiber construction that enables exceptional longevity, excellent absorption, velvety textures and responsible manufacturing, their mid-tier pricing reflects strong value.

Especially when factoring lifespan 3x longer than average cotton varieties. Cost per use equates very competitively, and frequent sales and bundle deals sweeten purchase decisions further.

  • Sand Cloud Pricing

Sand Cloud lands slightly higher on the spectrum, charging between $38 to $68 USD for their Turkish cotton offerings. But again, pricing aligns to longevity expectations from premium materials.

And their commitment to organically growing cotton without GMOs or toxic pesticides coupled with adherence to sustainabile manufacturing command modest premiums compared to cheaper towel options flooding big box chains.

The Verdict: Both Nomadix and Sand Cloud price fairly according to manufacturing costs from quality materials and ethical production methods. And their pricing kernels closely match when normalizing for functional life expectancy. Value shines through.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some of the most common questions asked when comparing Nomadix and Sand Cloud:

Are sand cloud towels really better?

This depends on what towel traits matter most to you. Sand Cloud Turkish cotton offers plush absorbency and vibrant good looks catering to design-focused beachgoers. But Nomadix exceeds in metrics like rapid dry performance, durability and everyday utility while still providing cushy comfort.

Are sand cloud towels just Turkish towels?

Essentially yes – Sand Cloud towels use premium long-staple Turkish cotton renowned for softness and water retention abilities thanks to the longer cotton fibers versus regular short-fiber cotton.

What happened to Sand Cloud after Shark Tank?

After a successful pitch on Shark Tank in 2017 won a $200k investment from Robert Herjavec, Sand Cloud’s growth exploded. Expanding globally, they now channel over 10% of profits into marine conservation supporting healthy oceans so customers can continue enjoying their iconic beach towels for years to come.

Which is better Teema or Sandcloud?

For budget shoppers, Teema offers solid quality basic cotton towels at lower prices by cutting branding costs. But most customers prefer the vivid colors, cooler designs and social give-back initiatives Sand Cloud is known for – thus justifying their premium prices. Sand Cloud ranked as the better towel choice for non-essentials buyers.

Final Verdict: Two Outstanding Choices

After comparing every facet from materials and absorption down to ethics and pricing, Nomadix and Sand Cloud both emerge as exceptional options:

Nomadix triumphs for people wanting ultimate longevity and absorbency. If squeezing maximum utility from towels over years of ownership matters most, Nomadix secures the win.

Meanwhile Sand Cloud rates best for purpose-driven buyers who care deeply about protecting oceans and marine habitats. Because beyond quality Turkish cotton, you support more sustainable industries nurturing waterways over exploiting them.

But for most owners, deciding between Nomadix and Sand Cloud ultimately comes down to personal preferences for velvety microfiber or springy cotton combined with which brand ethos resonates deeper.

Either way, you secure amazing towels meant to last that also look gorgeous draped across beach chairs or folded neatly on bathroom racks as subtle status symbols.

Because let’s be honest – for premium prices few items see less public use than the humble towel. Yet we still adorn them with gorgeous patterns and vibrant dyes as expressions of style and signals of our values.

The Final Verdict:
Choose Nomadix for no-compromises quality and longevity or Sand Cloud for style with heart. Either way, you win.

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