Nicwell Vs. Waterpik: In-Depth Water Flosser Comparison

When it comes to effectively cleaning between teeth, water flossers are growing in popularity over traditional floss. Water flossers use a pressurized stream of water to remove food debris and plaque from hard-to-reach places that brushing alone often misses.

This can lead to healthier gums, whiter teeth, and reduced bad breath.

As water flossers increase in popularity, two major players have emerged – Nicwell and Waterpik. But which brand offers the best features and value? This guide compares Nicwell and Waterpik water flossers across several categories to help you decide which is right for your oral healthcare needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

Pressure Range5-10 PSI10-100 PSI
# of Pressure Settings1010
Reservoir Capacity300 ml600 ml
Cordless OptionNoYes
Warranty1 year3 years
Tip StorageNoYes

About Nicwell Water Flossers

Nicwell  Water Flosser

Founded in 2016, Nicwell focuses specifically on oral irrigator devices for the home market.

They provide a line of affordable water flosser products with streamlined designs optimized for consumer use.

Nicwell flossers sticks to the basics in terms of form and features.

Models utilize simple nozzle and handle designs with tank reservoirs that take up minimal counter space.

Most feature comfortable ergonomicgrips.

They position their products as easy to use, budget-friendly options for those looking to improve gum health through daily water flossing.

Nicwell water flossers offer these highlights:

  • Prices range from $30 to $60 across the line
  • PSI pressure reaches max of 10
  • Single reservoir capacity 300 ml
  • 10 pressure settings to choose from
  • Built in 30 second timer & auto shut-off
  • One button simple operation
  • Small countertop footprint

Nicwell water flossers aim provide an affordable entry point for adding powered interdental cleaning to your daily oral healthcare routine.

Now let’s look at the pioneering brand that really created and popularized the entire home water flosser category.

About Waterpik Water Flossers

Over 50 years ago, Waterpik first introduced their dental water jet replacing traditional floss with a more advanced water flossing solution.

Waterpik has led the oral irrigation device category ever since, continually evolving their water flosser product line. They offer the widest range of premium dental water flossers across both the professional and home consumer markets.

Waterpik really focuses on power, capacity, features, and versatility with their water flosser designs. This allows flexible configurations to meet a wide range of user needs.

But that added performance comes at a price – Waterpik models cost notably more than competitors like Nicwell.

Here are some core highlights of Waterpik offerings:

Waterpik  Water Flosser
  • Prices range across the line from $50 to $200
  • Maximum PSI ratings reach 100+
  • Reservoir capacity up to 1400 ml
  • Models for implants, braces, kids
  • Cordless rechargeable options
  • Tip storage bins built-in
  • Up to 10 pressure settings
  • 2-minute timers to track cleaning
  • Rotating tip tips adapt to mouths
  • 3 year warranty
  • Plus/minus water pressure controls

Now that we’ve reviewed both the Nicwell and Waterpik product lines, let’s see how they compare across some of the most important factors shoppers consider when choosing an oral irrigation device.

Power and Pressure Comparison

First and perhaps most importantly comes the power and pressure output of Nicwell versus Waterpik flossers.

What really matters here is pounds per square inch or PSI. Higher pressure allows the pulsing water stream to penetrate deeper between teeth and below gum lines to flush away harmful bacteria and plaque.

Consumer testing confirms that pressure over 50 PSI outperforms string floss in reducing gingivitis. And dentists typically recommend looking for flossers with PSI of at least 60 and up to 100.

In terms of maximum pressure:

  • Nicwell water flossers operate at 5-10 PSI range
  • Whereas most Waterpik models output 10-100+ PSI

Clearly Waterpik offers far superior power and pressure levels – up to 10 times higher!

TheWaterpik Aquarius model – amongst their most popular for home use – maxes out at a 90 PSI setting. This allows the flosser to deliver a robust deep clean for thorough plaque removal. Maximum 100 PSI performance further enhances cleaning of periodontal pockets.

So if you really want to feel that powerful pulsating spray dislodging trapped gunk along gum lines and between crowded teeth, Waterpik is the clear winner here over Nicwell.

Some Nicwell users do however report satisfactory plaque removal results from that stream. But output maxes out at just 10 PSI. For full gum stimulation you’ll need to step up to a more powerful Waterpik unit.

Reservoir Capacity

Another key differentiator is the capacity of the integrated water reservoir on Nicwell versus Waterpik flossers. Having to constantly stop and refill a tiny reservoir multiple times per use can become annoying fast.

Here’s how reservoir tanks compare:

  • Nicwell holds only 300 ml of water
  • Waterpik offers substantially larger reservoirs holding anywhere from 600 ml up to a whopping 1400 ml capacity on select models

The top-selling Waterpik Aquarius model features a large 90 second capacity or 600 ml reservoir so most users will empty it just once if that during a complete flossing session.

Whereas with Nicwell’s much smaller 300 ml tanks, prepare to refill two or three times each time you floss if you want to continue cleaning your entire mouth.

Larger water reservoirs make complete one or two minute cleansing more convenient without having to constantly pause the process. So advantage goes to Waterpik here if you don’t want to deal with frequent refilling.

Design Differences

Nicwell  Water Flosser
Nicwell Water Flosser

Aesthetics and appliance design differs notably between Nicwell and Waterpik oral irrigators as well.

Nicwell water flossers feature compact, spa-like designs that take up minimal counter real estate.

The flosser base and reservoirs have small footprints plus sleek rounded corners for a modern look.

Whereas Waterpik units take up substantially more space on account of their taller, boxier reservoir builds.

However Waterpik counters the larger footprint by integrating helpful design elements like:

  • Built-in tip storage so flossing heads can be tucked away neatly rather than just lying out
  • Cord wrapping indentations also reduce clutter
  • Plus/minus pressures allow tweaking water output with single hand

If your bathroom countertop or sink space comes at a premium, Nicwell presents the better choice to save room. Just know you’ll be refilling their petite reservoirs much more frequently.

For those less pressed on space, Waterpik models provide more convenient all-in-one designs.

Convenience: Corded Vs. Cordless

Yet another factor especially when it comes to ease of use is whether water flosser models require to stay continually plugged into an outlet via a cord during operation versus offering completely cordless flexibility.

  • All Nicwell models remain corded, needing constant electrical connection to power internal water pumps during flossing sessions
  • Whereas Waterpik offers consumers their choice of both corded and cordless rechargeable options

Waterpik’s cordless models like the Waterpik Cordless Advanced run off integrated rechargeable NiMH AA batteries. A full charge powers up to 50 seconds of continuous water flossing action.

Their cordless flossers provide the utmost flexibility to use anywhere around the house without needing proximity to outlets. Great for travelers too!

Nicwell doesn’t offer any equivalent battery powered designs however. So with Nicwell units, your flossing sessions remain tethered within a few feet radius of wherever the nearest outlet is installed.

If going cordless factors into your buying considerations, Waterpik certainly provides acceptable options there that Nicwell does not.

Special Features

Packed with special features, Waterpik flossers cater to just about any use case you can dream up. Models exist for:

  • Kids – colorful designs, smaller reservoirs
  • Braces – plaque seeking tip rotates at optimal angle to focus underwire
  • Implants – soft micro-thin streams avoid irritation
  • Plus bonuses like dual charging so you always have a backup while one recharges

Other useful highlights further differentiate Waterpik:

  • Ergonomic grip handles improve control
  • 10+ pressure settings fine tune power
  • Global voltage so they work abroad
  • Tip storage keeps extras accessible but tidy
  • Plus/minus controls easily adjust pressure mid floss

Whereas Nicwell models come in pretty much one flavor only – albeit affordable! They offer only single button operation and basic settings.

So if having specialized features or the latest technical innovations is a priority, Waterpik wins out here by far. But for simple operation and cost savings, Nicwell delivers.

Cost Comparison

With all their consumer-centric features and apps, premium Waterpik flossers also come at premium retail price points. In terms of price across both product lines:

  • Nicwell water flossers range from $30 to $60 with most models available around the $40 price mark
  • Waterpik pricing starts around $50 for entry level models but reaches upwards of $100, $150, even $200+ for the most advanced designs

The greater power, capacity, features, and versatility across Waterpik models directly translates to bigger price tags at retail. Whereas Nicwell water flossers start at just $30, barely more than a nice toothbrush!

For those on tight budgets, Nicwell still brings sufficient cleaning performance to improve on traditional brush and floss routines at a fraction of the investment.

But buyers wanting the best performance with all the latest features will feel good about investing extra in Waterpik’s cutting edge engineering – provided they have the budget.

Below we summarize the pros and cons of both brands.

Nicwell Pros and Cons

Nicwell Pros

  • Extremely affordable prices from $30 to $60
  • small countertop footprint
  • Sleek modern design looks great on sinks
  • Simple one button operation
  • 10 pressure settings offer flexibility
  • 30 second timers ensure adequate floss times

Nicwell Cons

  • Lower max 10 PSI lacks deep cleaning power
  • Tiny 300 ml reservoir requires frequent refilling
  • Only corded models, no cordless option
  • Limited 1 year warranty
  • No specialty model options or features

Waterpik Pros and Cons

Waterpik Pros

Waterpik Evolution Water Flosser
Waterpik Evolution Water Flosser
  • Industry leading 60+ PSI cleaning power
  • Huge reservoir capacities up to 1400 ml
  • Cordless rechargeable flexibility
  • Special models: brace, implant, kids
  • Tip storage and other bonuses
  • 3 year warranty offers peace of mind

Waterpik Cons

  • Much higher price tags from $50 up above $150
  • Larger base footprint crowding counters
  • Multiple buttons complicated to operate
  • Overwhelming choices deciding which accessories you actually require!

Best Uses Recommendations

With these pros, cons and head-to-head comparisons in mind, here is some guidance on which brand aligns better to different shopper needs:

Nicwell offers best value for:

  • Anyone wanting to try water flossing while sticking to a tight budget
  • Those needing a compact oral irrigator fitting in cramped sink space
  • Folks who value simplicity and ease of use for a flosser

Go with Waterpik for:

  • Maximum cleaning power for most intense gum stimulation and deep cleaning
  • Larger reservoir capacity if you’ll use for family or hate refilling
  • Cordless flexibility to use water floss anywhere around house
  • Advanced specialty features like kids modes or tip storage etc.

In summary, Nicwell water flossers offer an extremely wallet friendly way to reap basic enhancements to your oral hygiene habits with a powered flosser. Although cleaning performance lags Waterpik somewhat.

For deeper plaque removal thanks to more robust pressure levels paired with innovative features, Waterpik delivers a more thorough clean yet at a premium cost.

Hopefully the detailed comparisons and recommendations provided here help you weigh the right oral irrigation system to meet your home health needs and budget!

FAQs: Frequently Asked Water Flosser Questions

We’ll finish off the guide by answering some of the most common questions shoppers have about water flossers in general and how Nicwell & Waterpik models compare specifically.

Is Nicwell flosser any good?

Yes Nicwell water flosser delivers sufficient performance for basic oral irrigation needs at an affordable price tag most shoppers can manage. The stream pressure reaches 10 PSI which some early studies show still outperforms traditional string floss in fighting gingivitis. Nicwell flossers will enhance oral health over not flossing at all. Although max PSI lags the 50+ PSI dental recommendations.

What water flosser brand do dentists recommend most?

In multiple dental surveys and studies, over 70% of dentists reported recommending and often using Waterpik brand water flossers over any competitor. Dentists favor Waterpik models overwhelmingly because they offer significantly more cleaning power with PSI reaching 100+ on premium units. This allows Waterpik flossers to deeply penetrate below the gumline to attack plaque. Plus features like reservoir capacity, timers, and tip variety.

Is Waterpik a water flosser?

Yes Waterpik is a pioneering brand that makes water flosser products for home use. Their flossers use pressurized water streams powered by internal motor pumps to clean between teeth and stimulate gums. Waterpik launched the very first oral irrigation product of its kind over 50 years ago and have led the market ever since.

Is Waterpik better than water flosser?

This question stems from confusion between Waterpik as a brand and water flosser as a product category. Waterpik just refers to models of water flossers made by one manufacturer. But yes when it comes to cleaning power and features, Waterpik oral irrigators are considered the best water flosser option over competitors like Philips Sonicare or others.

Are Waterpik water flossers worth it?

For those seeking the most thorough dental cleaning possible from an automated tool, Waterpik delivers excellent gum health and plaque fighting performance that string floss struggles to match. Models like the Aquarius earn top ratings and dentist recommendations. But you pay a premium over more budget friendly options like Nicwell. Discerning shoppers will find the price worthwhile for access to innovative features like reservoirs, timers, and custom tips.
Hopefully these answers provide helpful clarity regarding how Nicwell and Waterpik water flossers compare! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Closing Remarks

Thanks for taking the time to read this complete guide comparing Nicwell and Waterpik water flossers for home use!

When choosing an oral irrigator, you mainly want to weigh:

  • How much power and pressure you require
  • Available settings and convenience features
  • Specific model options like implants or kids
  • Whether sticker price hits the budget sweet spot

Nicwell positions their flossers most suitable for budget buyers prioritizing simplicity and price above all. You’ll enjoy basic cleaning and gum stimulation starting under $40.

Where the pioneering Waterpik brand offers unmatched performance through industry leading pressure levels paired with customizable options to exceed any oral care need imaginable – albeit at steeper prices ranging upwards of $200.

Ultimately both Waterpik and Nicwell flossers enhance dental health way beyond brushing alone by effectively blasting away plaque hiding in narrow spaces. Take the guidance in this guide to select the best solution matching your personal priorities!

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