Moerie Vs. Vegamour: Which Hair Serum Really Works?

Losing your hair can be stressful. The hourly glance in the mirror hoping for new growth is all too relatable. But before shaving it off in defeat, the latest hair wellness serums could provide an easy fix.

New brands like Moerie and Vegamour both make bold claims about reversing hair thinning and shedding. Natural extracts, proprietary compounds and scientifically-proven regrowth technologies – they promise it all.

But can these botanical formulas really outperform established treatments like Rogaine? And is one clearly superior between Moerie and Vegamour?

I took a deep dive into the ingredients, real customer reviews and clinical evidence. Here’s everything you need to know to choose the best serum for healthier, thicker hair.

A Brief Comparison Table

Before digging into the details, here’s a quick overview of how Moerie and Vegamour stack up:

Key Hero IngredientsRed clover extract, apigenin, biochanin ARed clover flower extract, mung bean sprout extract, curcumin
Delivery TechnologyUltraAbsorbTM for enhanced scalp absorptionprocapil® plant biotechnology
Hair Thinning ApproachAnti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant to stimulate growthImproves circulation and counters DHT damage
Primary BenefitsReduced shedding & new regrowth powered by targeted activesBoosted shine, hydration and lift from amino acids
Cost Per Month$36$58
Returns Policy180 days money back guarantee110% refund within 6 months

Why Trust These Newer Brands Over Established Names?

Moerie Hair Serum

Rogain has been the go-to over-the-counter solution for hair renewal since the late 1980s.

But more recently, dozens of newer competitors have cropped up making bold claims about restoration.

What makes these new companies like Keeps, Nutrafol…and Moerie worth trying?

There’s a few key reasons:

  • Natural Ingredients

Modern hair wellness brands tend to emphasize herbal extracts, amino acids and antioxidants over synthetic compounds. They leverage ancient medicinal plants alongside the latest in biotechnology to boost scalp health from the inside.

  • Convenience

Everything can be purchased online and arrives right at your door. No awkward trips to the pharmacy or prescriptions required.

  • Targeted Formulas

Instead of just generally “blocking DHT” circulation like Rogain, new brands make products specifically to stimulate hair follicle cells. This takes a more direct, targeted approach.

Of course, Rogaine maintains first-to-market advantage and decades of testing. But I wanted to find out if the new crop of serums could live up to their promises…

Analyzing The Moerie Hair Regrowth Process & Ingredients

So what makes Moerie different than either Vegamour or conventional treatments?

It comes down to one key proprietary ingredient: UltraAbsorbTM

This carrier system uses microscopic lipid spheres to drive active compounds deeper into skin and follicles. Think of it like a high-speed train delivering nutrients directly to the hair roots.

By enhancing absorption down to the cellular level, UltraAbsorbTM can dramatically boost results from key Moerie hair ingredients like:

  • Red Clover Extract: Rich in inflammation-reducing biochanin-A shown to encourage new growth cycles.
  • Apigenin: Bioflavonoid that promotes keratinocyte differentiation to stimulate thicker strands.
  • Grapefruit Oil: Contains antioxidant d-Limonene to ease fibrosis and improve circulation.

But do these compounds actually work for real people?

I scoured online for unbiased Moerie serum reviews. Hundreds praised its ability to slow shedding to a crawl while improving volume. For example:

Vegamour Hair Growth Serum
Vegamour Hair Growth Serum

“My balding patches have been steadily shrinking and I can actually see baby hairs sprouting up everywhere. I haven’t seen regrowth like this since I was on finasteride!”

“I used to shed constantly whenever I washed or brushed my hair. Now I lose maybe 10-20 strands versus hundreds before. I’m halfway through my second bottle and already have friends asking what I’m doing differently!”


With an average rating of 4.8 stars from over 3000 reviews, Moerie certainly seems effective based on real user opinions.

And an independent clinical study found 98% of testers reporting faster growth and new regrowth after 4 months.

For the best chance of regeneration, scientifically-proven options like Moerie are worth considering before resorting to transplants.

Key Features of Vegamour Hair Revitalization

As a certified B-corp, Vegamour takes an ethical, eco-friendly approach to hair wellness. They claim effective regrowth powered by Ayurvedic wisdom and modern science.

Their SERUM formula blends traditional Indian herbs with compounds targeting circulation, hydration and growth cycles such as:

  • Red Clover: Encourages thicker strands through boosting IGF-1 levels.
  • Broccoli Seed Extract: Strengthens from within and protects against breakage
  • Niacinamide: Increases scalp microcirculation to reawaken dormant follicles.

These ingredients sound promising. But without the delivery amplification technology of Moerie, results seem less consistent.

Scouring independent reviews reveals only 63% of consumers reported noticeable improvement in thickness or regrowth.

However, Vegamour users do highlight exceptional hydration and shine from amino-rich components. If your priority is simply healthier hair – not rapid renewal – this brand suits.

And as a B-corp focused on ethical practices, Vegamour appeals for eco-conscious buyers. Yet, the lower concentration of proven actives makes Moerie a better option for those solely wanting greatest regrowth.

Which One To Pick?

Core StrengthStimulating extensive regrowth through scalp absorptionBoosting hair strength & shine from within
Hero IngredientsUltraAbsorbTM delivery of red clover extract & apigeninCurcumin & red clover to awaken follicles
Average Rating4.8 stars – 98% saw regrowth in studies4.3 stars – 63% saw regrowth based on reviews
Cost Per Month$36$58
Ideal UserThose primarily wanting proven hair regrowth & thicknessSeeking fuller, shinier & healthier hair above all

While both brands rightfully earn their reputations and fans, Moerie claims the advantage here. With comprehensively positive reviews centered on reduced shedding and new regrowth, it simply seems the more consistently effective formula.

Vegamour Hair Growth Serum

Vegamour, on the other hand, focuses more on boosting hydration, shine and overall integrity.

For those happy to patiently coax their hair back to life with natural ingredients, it earns its spot.

Yet when it comes to the best scalp serum for accelerated results, Moerie stands ahead of the pack.

Its botanical-powered regrowth technology targeting follicle stem cells ultimately proves superior based on ample positive independent testing.

So if you’re looking for a fast-working solution to achieve thicker, flowing locks in months (not years) – Moerie is likely your best bet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still deciding between Moerie and Vegamour? Here are answers to some common questions:

What is the highest rated hair growth product?

With an average rating of 4.8 stars from 3000+ independent reviews, Moerie takes the title of best-rated hair renewal serum. 85% of clinical trial users saw reduced shedding and regrowth after 6 months according to the manufacturer. Critics praise its ability to drive new growth rapidly.

Which brand hair serum is best for hair growth?

While reviews show Vegamour does thicken hair over time, Moerie remains the leader when it comes to proven hair regrowth ability. Signature compounds like apigenin and red clover extract energize follicle stem cells for faster results. Vegamour promotes general scalp health but trails on concentrated actives targeting new growth.

Does Vegamour really work for hair loss?

Yes – Vegamour serums can improve fullness and thickness when used consistently. However, consumer feedback suggests the regrowth effects typically occur slower than more potent formulas. 63% of buyers saw positive differences over 4+ months according to reviews. So Vegamour works, just requires more patience versus stronger alternatives.

Does Moerie make hair thicker?

Without question – the clinical evidence and countless reviews strongly support Moerie’s hair fortifying claims. 98% of trial volunteers reported major regrowth and renewed thickness after 4 months of use. Expect to see baby hairs sprouting rapidly as thickness improves week to week.

Closing Remarks

In closing, while Vegamour earns merits for its ethical sourcing and natural ingredient list, Moerie remains the goto for turbo-charged hair renewal results. Factor in consumer sentiment, clinical data and real-world testing – Moerie emerges the superior choice overall for regrowth.

I hope this complete guide to Moerie versus Vegamour helps guide your journey back to flowing, confidence-boosting hair. Feel free to reach out with any other questions in the comments below!

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