Best Smelling Men’s Body Wash That Lasts For Hours To Buy In 2023

When it has to clean your body, smooth your skin, and the scent has to be nice, it’s not easy to find the best smelling men’s body wash that lasts. I am pretty sure you have already tried a lot and you know the truth about how hard it is to find that.

Luckily, you are in the right place where I have reviewed only such body wash for men that are already proven to be effective to meet your expectations. But please, do not expect something cheap and get your desired result.

8 Smelling Men’s Body Wash That Lasts For Hours

body wash for men

I sorted each of them based on their quality and positive feedback from men who have firsthand experience of using them. Not a single one from the above will disappoint you. Now let’s dig into the in-depth review.


The masculine scent it provides is priceless. Unlike traditional body washes for men that results in itchy and dry skin, it’s a whole new level of game-changer. It lathers up nice and leaves no tacky dry residue on your skin.

best smelling body wash that lasts from Jack Black
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No childish smell. Only a mild manly scent that lasts. It’s really expensive but economical in the long term. One bottle will last up to 6+ months even if you shower daily. In most cases, it will last for even more months.

You don’t need any face wash or shampoo when you have this. In fact, you don’t need any other wash for various reasons. It’s not harsh at all, so you can apply it all over your body. It’s so convenient when you can wash your hair, face, and entire body at the same time.

Men who don’t like to spend a lot on such products got this anyhow and they don’t regret it now. It’s so gentle on your face and entire body that you will feel good for a long time after each shower.

Only 1 or 2 pumps and you are good to start scrubbing. Many have confirmed that it washes you clean and gives you a scent of manliness. Your girlfriend will love it very much. 

Of course, you will get much affordable men’s body washes than Jack Black, but believe it or not, many are now hating their previous body washes! That’s what it does. It compels you to use it forever!

It’s not your average body wash for men. So, if your plan is to get something cheap, skip this part of the review. It’s EXPENSIVE! But does the huge cost worths it? Well, despite its high cost, it got some high appreciation that deserves your attention. 

If you are looking for a men’s body wash for acne-prone skin, this is it!

Why Should You Get Jack Black 

  • A complete head to toe body wash for your body. 
  • Without stripping your skin, the rich lather eliminates dirt and sweat.
  • An all-in-one solution to cleanse your body, deodorize it, and lastly moisturize it.  
  • If you have build up like pomade or sunblock on your skin, give this a try. Use a loofa to get the best outcome.
  • Vibrant clean with the fresh manly scent!
  • You don’t need anything else for your hair and beard too.
  • When you need that works but do not want to spend too much time applying multiple products, Jack Black is your ultimate solution.


  • Highly expensive.

Olivina Men

A much affordable solution for your body than the previous one. Olivia Men is an all-in-one masculine body wash just like the previous Jack Black and does almost the same great job of cleaning your body with a long-lasting scent.

Olivina Men Body Wash
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Lots of men have confirmed it smells amazing and the subtle scent lasts for several hours. Your bathroom will smell nice after he takes a shower. The manly bourbon cedar scent is great! It’s not sticky nor drying as well.  

Not just for its unique and fresh scent, many men love it because it lathers up quickly. It takes less to lathers up well momentarily. And many of them have confirmed that it makes their skin feel better and great. 

Apart from your body, it works like a charm for your hair and beard too. Your hair will feel exceptionally clean after you use any conditioner subsequently. And yes, it is very soft on your face too. No need to buy face wash separately.

If you have a dry or combination skin, you will find it useful to wash your face. But it won’t work great as a face wash if you have a really oily face. Yes, the intoxicating scent is good, but use your normal face wash if you have an oily face.

But it will still do a good job cleaning your greasy body. And your body won’t feel greasy after you take the shower. It leaves you to feel clean and smells nice. And you can feel that clean feeling throughout the day!

Features & More Pros

  • 100% cruelty-free.
  • Available in 2 scents: bourbon cedar and Juniper Tonic. Everybody loves the cedarwood scent! A nice smelling body wash that lasts for hours.
  • Available in multiple ounces too. And it takes a little to clean your entire body. Very economical!
  • It does not strip your skin from its natural coolness and softness.
  • You can use it as a shampoo too. It makes your hair smooth & clean. It makes your scalp moisturized too.
  • Refreshing and energizing clean for the whole day. Portable, so you can take it to the gym too.


  • Some people don’t like the bourbon scent. They find it more overpowering than the cedar.

Native Body Wash

A lot of you may have already heard about the Native brand. It’s another trusted brand for men’s body wash. It’s basically a coconut-derived cleanser with lots of other vital ingredients for your entire body that is very soft on your skin and cleans really well.

Native Body Wash
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It makes you feel clean within no time and there is nothing left on your skin to make you feel uncomfortable and dry. To feel the soft and smooth skin right after you take the shower, many have recommended brushing your skin beforehand.

You will find lots of reviews saying the scent is really great and Native wash got huge appreciation just for its beautiful smell. Lots of pleasantly surprized new men have become Native’s loyal users forever. Not too strong, just enough to satisfy.

It’s so transparent revealing its ingredients that you will love their confidence. Not only what are those ingredients, but what those ingredients are and do as well. Less chemicals yet clean perfectly.

Definitely not the best out there, but pretty good to get the job done. A blessing for men with sensitive skin. No chance it will dry out your skin. Many men just switched to this brand just because of this feature.

The price is very reasonable. In fact, it is much lower than the previous two I have reviewed above. Besides, you don’t need too much of it for each shower. 

You don’t need separate facial cleansing cream separately when you have Native. It is very soft and does not contain any unnecessary chemicals.

Features & More Pros

  • Made in the U.S.
  • 3 packs come with 3 different scent combinations. Each scent offers a luxurious bathing experience.
  • It’s creamy and the scent lasts for a considerable time.
  • No nasty ingredients and phthalate used.
  • Moisturized and conditioned skin for a very long time after you take a shower. Thanks to its rich lather!
  • Enriched with coconut oil to keep your skin hydrated for a long time.
  • It does not work like a deodorant, just what a body wash supposed to do. But you can have the deodorant from the same brand too.


  • Leaking issue during shipment.

Irish Spring

Lots of men got hooked and obsessed with it and its really hard to find them in local stores. So, when they see it here, it’s made them felt great once again. The scent is awesome and it cleans great too. 

Irish Spring Shower Gel
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Irish Spring is mostly famous to deliver high-quality deodorant soaps too. Perfect for every skin type including your sensitive skin. More so, it’s a great men’s body wash for acne. Not gonna make it worse!

What has made it different from other body washes for men is that the scent lasts for a longer time. And your bathroom will be filled with a great fragrance afterward. Your girl will love the smell too.

It works like a charm. It cleans your body thoroughly with a little amount of application. A very little of it goes a very long way! You can tell the differences and your wife certain can too. The entire family will love the fresh scent.

If you are a long time Irish Spring users, then you already know it works. Just like the classic edition, this charcoal version works nicely too. It got lots of positive feedback for its aromatic and clean performance.

A lot of guys switched from bar soaps to body wash just because of the Irish Spring. They always thought its more like washing their bodies with shampoo. But seeing how clean it can make their bodies have changed their outlook.

The scent is the first thing that will amaze you. Read some reviews yourself and you will see how many it converted already! Undoubtedly, the best smelling men’s body washes lasts up to 24 hours.

More Pros & Features

  • Enriched with charcoal. Keeps you fresh for up to 24 hours. 
  • Deep clean to purify your skin. Fights bacteria like hell. Very handy to get rid of body odor quickly.
  • No flowery or girly smell. Lots of gym rats and runners have confirmed that it keeps them smelling fresh. 
  • A great odor-neutralizing technology.
  • It lathers up quickly and nicely. And it does an excellent job cleaning your entire body from tip to toe.
  • Yes, you can use it to wash your hair and face too.
  • Completely free of paraben.


  • Some said the smell is too strong and some wished for a stronger scent.

Fiji Old Spice

Lots of people are already hooked on it. They can’t think anything else but Fiji Old Spice. The scent is so good that your wife can’t stop sniffing you. And the scent lasts for several hours. Apart from the scent, it cleans well too.

Fiji Old Spice
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The crisp scent is not strong at all. You will love it most likely. You will notice the difference from day one. And then there is no going back. You will keep recording it again and again. 

It cleans really good and it’s a verified fact. It’s a verified fact too that the smell lasts for a longer time. You can easily verify those facts yourself too. Just read some actual reviews from lots of men’s feedback about it.

Your skin will always be clean, smooth, and nice. The difference it brings to your skin is easily noticeable. Everybody surrounding you will see it, and you will feel the difference yourself. Totally worths the money.

Fiji Old Spice is a nice way to clean yourself. It’s a confidence booster knowing you are smelling nice wherever you go. Get it yourself for you or your son. I am pretty confident you will get hooked on it forever.

It will work to its full potential if you apply just a little in your shower. The price is very decent and it will definitely cost you a lot less than your local stores. Many have been using it for 10+ years and they have no plan to make a switch. 

Pros & More Features

  • Nice palm tree fresh and breezy scent that lasts for a long time. The smell is not overpowering at all.
  • It gives you the feeling of swimming through the sea.
  • Say goodbye to body odor. Highly effective to clean your body of dirt and sweat. No deodorant needed.
  • Manlier and fresh each time you get out of the shower. 
  • It lathers up easily and quickly. 
  • For the price, the body wash is really outstanding.
  • Your wife will be extremely pleased to sniff you around the whole day.
  • You have the option to buy in bulk to keep the cost at a minimum.


  • Have incidents of leaked delivery.

Cremo All Season

The smell is good. Nothing offensive or strong smell. Just a nice woodsy smell. And it does a great job cleaning your body. It makes your skin feel soft and all you need is just a little of it. Many have confirmed that it rinses clean and there is no confusion about it.

Cremo All Season
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If you have an oily face, you should get a face wash that works because it does not work great for oily faces. At Least that’s what many people with oily faces have reviewed.

You don’t have to worry about the summer or winter season. As you can see it’s suitable for all seasons. And many have confirmed the same. It eliminates the need for switching body washes for summer and winter.

A lot of men have tried different brands and somehow they came into this. They are now hooked on it permanently. You will be surprised to see how many Cremo fans are out there. Many have confirmed the bourbon and oak scent is so nice!

It does leave a moisturizing effect on your skin. Nothing like a greasy feeling though. Just like what you feel when you use any body lotion.

Take a shower today and feel the masculine but subtle scent. You will be in love with Cremo too.

Many of you may be familiar with Cremo shaving cream or face washes. Then you already know about its quality. Cremo has done a great job for the body wash too. The scent lingers for a while and it won’t overpower your cologne. 

Why Cremo?

  • Invigorating shower experience with smoked bourbon and oak scent. 
  • A true body wash for all seasons. In winter, your skin will be well-moisturized and in summer, it gives you a crisp feeling.
  • Moisturized but not any heavy wax feeling.
  • Works great as a shampoo for your hair too.
  • The calm rich smell is simply mesmerizing. 
  • No dry skin or itchy feeling.
  • It lathers up good too. 
  • A perfect choice to make the switch from bar soaps.
  • The scent won’t last for the whole day but last for a pretty good hour.
  • Lots of repeated buyers.


  • Not everyone likes the woodsy scent.


Another top-quality men’s body wash with huge recommendations. Many men just want something that cleans well with a good lather and that can offer a good scent. This is something you don’t get easily. But many men have found the same in RUGGED & DAPPER.

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Undoubtedly, it lathers up well and leaves a clean feeling. However, there are a few men who don’t like its sandalwood scent. But the vast majority love the smell and they consider it a good body wash for men.

Men love to use their shampoos as their body washes too. So, you need something that is truly multi-purpose. You will clearly notice big differences in your skin and it will make your hair a lot softer. This is exactly what you were looking for, right?

The gel itself is not viscous or thick, it has something like a watery consistency. Your skin will feel smooth and conditioned. While the manly scent is very light and pleasant to most, it does not linger much. 

After a few days of consistent usage, you will notice a big difference. There won’t be any dry spots anywhere and your skin will feel perfectly hydrated. People have tried many other brands but they could not achieve the same results!

It worked so well for many men that many of them have switched to other products like eye and facial cream. Again, the scent is not anything overwhelming but very subtle. Like many, you won’t regret having this.

Why Should You Get Rugged & Dapper?

  • Completely banishes body odor. A perfect solution for men with a strong odor.
  • The deodorizing cleaning agent is simply priceless.
  • Not just extraordinary cleanliness, it offers much-needed nutrients to your skin, hair, and scalp. 
  • Perfect for every skin type: sensitive, oily, dry, etc.
  • Yes, it does contain rose oil but it does not smell like potpourri.
  • Loofah or washcloth, you can use anything of your preference.
  • A smelling body wash that is recommended by a lot of men. It smells like high-quality cologne. 


  • May not be ideal for your beard. 

No. 63 Men’s Shower Gel

The same old long-lasting scent. Just like the original! And literally, the scent lasts for hours after you take a shower. To give you an estimate, the fragrance will last for 6+ hours on your skin. Many have reviewed to find more longevity of the scent.

No. 63 Men’s Shower Gel
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The longevity of the scent is what made lots of men hooked on it. They have never experienced anything like this. There is a high chance that you are familiar with No. 63  products. They have done a brilliant job with the shower gel too. 

Apart from the manly scent, only high-quality ingredients used to make this nice smelling body wash that lasts. That’s the reason it does not dry your skin. The deep and earthy scent lasts so long that you will get tired of it.

Within a very short time of application, it lathers up nice and offers you quick but deep clean. It moisturizes your skin great and heals your razor burn too. Yes, you heard it right. The razor bump or burns calm down very quickly.

It goes very smoothly on your skin and rubs very easily. The soft feeling it leaves is priceless. You can still feel the soft feeling the next morning too when you get up from sleep. Lots of happy customers and they are not switching anytime soon. 

More Features of No. 63

  • A large number of product lines just for men.
  • Great lathering body and hair wash only for men.
  • Your skin and hair keep hydrated for a long time with a long-lasting masculine scent.
  • Incredible and invigorating masculine scent. It won’t interfere with your cologne.
  • Free of paraben. 100% animal cruelty-free.


  • Not everyone likes the smell.
Final Verdict

We have come a long way to find the best smelling men’s body wash that lasts. And I believe you did find your pick. I am 100% confident that if you pick any one of them reviewed above, you won’t regret it. Let me know your thoughts in the comment box.

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