Mansfield 160 Vs. 210 Toilet: Which One Should You Choose?

If you’re in the market for a new toilet, you may be wondering about the differences between the Mansfield 160 and 210 models. Both toilets are manufactured by Mansfield Plumbing, which is known for making high-quality and durable bathroom fixtures.

In this article, we’ll compare the key features of the Mansfield 160 and 210 toilets to help you decide which one is right for your bathroom.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureMansfield 160Mansfield 210
Flushing SystemPressure-assisted, 1.6 GPFGravity flush, dual 1.6/0.8 GPF
Water Usage1.6 GPF0.8-1.6 GPF (dual flush)
Flushing PowerVery strongStrong
Noise LevelLouderQuieter
Rough-In Size12 inches12 or 14 inches
Bowl ShapeElongatedElongated
Seat HeightComfort heightComfort height
Warranty5-year limited on porcelain10-year limited on chinaware

Overview of the Mansfield 160 Toilet

The Mansfield 160 is a single flush two-piece elongated toilet. It has a contemporary high-profile design and is available in white, biscuit, and black color options. Some of the main features of the Mansfield 160 toilet include:

Mansfield 160  Toilet
  • Powerful Flushing System: The Mansfield 160 has a pressure-assisted flushing system that produces a strong siphon during flushing. This helps clear waste from the bowl efficiently in one flush.
  • Water Savings: With a flush volume of 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF), the Mansfield 160 meets EPA WaterSense criteria for high efficiency and water conservation.
  • Fully-Glazed Trapway: The trapway is completely glazed with a special antimicrobial coating to prevent odor and bacteria buildup.
  • Comfort Height Design: The elongated bowl and chair-height seat make this a comfortable toilet for most adult users.
  • 12″ Rough-In: Designed for a 12″ rough-in, which is a standard measurement for replacing existing toilets.
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty: Mansfield offers a 5-year limited warranty on porcelain parts of the Mansfield 160 toilet.

Overview of the Mansfield 210 Toilet

The Mansfield 210 is another two-piece elongated toilet from Mansfield Plumbing. Key features of this model include:

  • Dual Flush Option: The Mansfield 210 has a dual flush option of 1.6 GPF for solid waste and 0.8 GPF for liquid waste. This conserves more water than a standard single flush toilet.
  • Comfort Height: Like the 160 model, the 210 toilet has an elongated bowl and chair height seating for maximum comfort.
  • PowerWash Rim: The rim has specialized jets that create a powerful scouring action with each flush to clean the bowl.
  • Universal Height: Designed to work with both 12″ and 14″ rough-ins, making it easier to install and replace existing toilets.
  • Slow-Close Seat: The soft-close seat and lid prevent slamming for a quieter bathroom environment.
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty: Mansfield offers an extensive 10-year limited warranty on the chinaware of the 210 model.

Key Differences Between Mansfield 160 And 210 Toilets

Now that we’ve looked at the key features of each toilet, let’s compare them across some important criteria for shoppers.

  • Flushing Performance

Both the Mansfield 160 and 210 toilets have robust flushing systems designed to clear waste efficiently. However, they use different mechanisms.

The pressure-assisted system on the Mansfield 160 produces a very powerful siphon during flushing. This makes the Mansfield 160 an excellent choice if you want maximum flush power to handle heavy usage and challenging waste.

Mansfield 210 Toilet
Mansfield 210 Toilet

The forceful flush is effective at cleaning the bowl, but some users find the noise of the flush too loud.

With its dual flush option, the Mansfield 210 conserves more water than the single flush 160 model.

The PowerWash rim creates good siphon action to effectively clean the bowl with each flush.

The Mansfield 210 has substantial flush power, but not quite as vigorous as the 160.

The noise level of the flush is also quieter, which some users may prefer.

For sheer flush strength, the Mansfield 160 pressure-assisted system takes the lead. But the Mansfield 210 offers more water conservation along with decent power, so neither toilet has a clear advantage.

  • Water Efficiency

Due to its 1.6 GPF single flush, the Mansfield 160 toilet meets EPA criteria for high water efficiency. However, with the dual flush option, the Mansfield 210 can save even more water.

The 210 model has two flush buttons on top – a 1.6 GPF button for flushing solid waste and 0.8 GPF button for just liquid waste. Using the lower volume flush for liquids can conserve a significant amount of water over time.

If water savings are your top priority, the Mansfield 210 dual flush gives it the advantage over the Mansfield 160 single flush toilet.

  • Comfort and Convenience

Both the Mansfield 160 and 210 toilets share some convenience and comfort features that users appreciate. These include the elongated bowl, comfort height seating, slow-close seat, and fully-glazed trapway.

The elongated bowl shape and chair height seat combine to provide exceptional comfort for most adult users. The slow-close seat prevents annoying slams, while the glazed trapway helps maintain cleanliness.

For installation flexibility, the Mansfield 210 has the edge with its universal 12″ and 14″ rough-in compatibility. The Mansfield 160 is designed solely for 12″ rough-ins.

Overall for comfort and convenience, buyers will be satisfied with either Mansfield model. But the 210 has greater rough-in flexibility.

  • Durability and Warranty

As popular Mansfield Plumbing models, both the 160 and 210 toilets are designed and built to last. Key durability features include:

  • Vitreous china material resists chips, stains, and fading
  • Fully-glazed trapway prevents leaks and corrosion
  • Reinforced tank, bowl, and seat attachments provide added strength

In terms of warranty coverage, the Mansfield 210 model comes out ahead:

  • Mansfield 160: 5-year limited warranty on porcelain parts
  • Mansfield 210: 10-year limited warranty on chinaware

The longer 10-year coverage provides more peace of mind and indicates even greater expected durability from the 210 model. Both toilets will provide years of reliable performance, but the 210 may have the edge in longevity.

  • Price Comparison

As you may expect given the differences we’ve covered, the Mansfield 210 toilet typically costs more than the Mansfield 160 model. Here are some example retail prices:

  • Mansfield 160 1-piece toilet: $320-$450
  • Mansfield 210 2-piece toilet: $470-$700

There is some overlap in prices, but the 210 is generally priced about $150-$200 higher than the comparable 160 version. The price difference reflects the enhanced water savings, warranty, and flexibility of rough-in size offered by the more advanced 210 model.

For shoppers on a tight bathroom remodel budget, the Mansfield 160 provides a quality Mansfield toilet at a lower price point. But buyers focused on maximum water conservation and long-term durability may find the 210 worth the extra investment.

  • Aesthetics

In terms of style, the Mansfield 160 and 210 are quite similar. Both models have a sleek, contemporary high-profile tank with subtle curves and clean lines. They come in standard white, biscuit, and black color options.

The toilets share the same elongated bowl design as well. Visually, the only major difference is the dual flush push buttons on top of the Mansfield 210 tank versus the single flush lever on the 160 model.

Overall, either Mansfield toilet will provide an attractive high-end look for your bathroom. They have similar modern styling in a range of fresh color choices that should coordinate well with most bathrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you replace a Mansfield 160 flush valve seal?

Replacing the flush valve seal on a Mansfield 160 toilet is a straightforward process:
1. Turn off the water supply to the toilet. Flush to empty the tank.
2. Disconnect and remove the old tank-to-bowl gasket. Clean any residue from the flush valve opening.
3. Apply plumber’s grease around the new flush valve seal. Insert it into the flush valve opening and press into place.
4. Reconnect the water supply and test flush several times to check for leaks.

How do I know what model Mansfield toilet I have?

If you aren’t sure what specific model Mansfield toilet you have, check for a manufacturer stamp or engraved markings inside the tank or bowl. You may need to remove the tank lid to find identification markings. The label should clearly state the Mansfield model number, such as 160, 210, Alto, or others. If you cannot find any model information, measure your toilet’s rough-in distance from the wall to determine compatibility with new parts or seats. Contacting Mansfield customer service with a description of your toilet may also help identify the specific model.


The Mansfield 160 and 210 represent two of the brand’s most popular toilet models. While both toilets offer robust flushing power, comfort height seating, and sleek styling, the Mansfield 210 sets itself apart with enhanced water conservation, flexibility, warranty coverage, and durability.

However, these advantages also push the 210 into a higher price bracket.

Ultimately, the Mansfield 160 provides a quality pressure-assisted toilet at an affordable price point for many budgets. But for shoppers who want maximum water savings and long-term performance, the Mansfield 210 is likely worth the extra investment.

Carefully considering your needs and bathroom environment will help determine if the 160 or 210 Mansfield toilet is the right fit for your home.

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